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My mind is closed. It is so past overload that the power switch has sizzled. Sometimes I find myself here. I bend, but I won't break. I can't do anything without the power of Christ to give me the strength and determination to run the race. I'm on the last leg in more ways than one. I find that knowing when my brain blinds are closed is better than not, right?

Onward and upward into a new day dawning. Gotta look for beauty in the puddles!







Fresh Find: Cute swimsuit





I often share with you the many sentimental things we have been entrusted with. They were important enough for our parents and grandparents to hold on to and then, they are left to us.

One of the things that my grandfather, Hugh Robert Etter, held onto was his family collection of the Arm & Hammer "Useful Birds of America" card sets.




He entrusted me with this treasure. What I know about them is this. The first ARM & HAMMER® cards, 2X3 inches in size, were entitled Beautiful Birds of America. In the beginning, the Church and Dwight Company, Inc. packed a nature card in each box of baking soda. The earliest cards were printed in 1888 with the legend, "For the Good of All, Do Not Destroy the Birds." Fish, Bird, and Dog cards were offered at the turn of the century printed from the works of Bufford, Eaton, Arnolt and Hintermeister. The majority of the bird cards were from the works of M.E. Eaton. My grandfather's collection was most likely gathered in the early 1900s.

The back of each card gives instruction for how to get a complete set of that particular set. The First Series, for a set of 30, will be sent on receipt of six cents in coin or stamps. Second Series, a full set of 30, will be sent on receipt of three-two cent stamps. Third Series, a full set of 30 cards, sent upon receipt of ten cents in coin or stamps. The New Series of Birds, you could get a full set (30) for six cents in coin or stamps. Their legend reads, Do Not Destroy the Birds. Obey the Game Laws.

It was suggested when I wrote Arm & Hammer asking about the history of these in September of 1987, that I should have an antique dealer appraise them. 

If I could sell them for enough to get a splash park for Plainview, I just might consider selling them!!! Of course, they are not worth that much, but for my "Bo" who loved birds and nature...they were cherished. I'm honored to be the entrusted keeper.




Fresh Find: What a sweet Cardinal!









I have been studying a bit about traditional acupuncture. I have sought out who God had prepared for me to see. I came across HWY108 and Yusai Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine. I made an appointment with Jamie Nichols, L.Ac., MSTCM, and he was perfect for what I had in my mind that I needed.

He did a thorough background and formed a plan of how to approach my concerns. I saw improvement in one session. I'm excited to return and see where God takes it.

Several have asked me about alternative medicine, and this is just one area for me. I believe God has provided everything we need to be healthy and become healthy. I'm not against traditional medicine. I use it, too. I just try really hard to do what I can to stay away from finding myself there. I love my health & wellness team, all on the spectrum of helping me to keep me healthy.




A sweet friend quilted this hot pad, and it lays by my workstation, and I enjoy it all of the time. The mug came from her, as well. It was a Susan kind of day!




Fresh Find: Adorable hand painted ukelele.





I can see how one might get discouraged when one feels they have nothing to offer. If one felt they did have something to offer and said as much, then other ones would label them as proud, boastful, self-centered or even with narcissistic tendencies.

I always say my worthiness comes from God. It does. Maybe this is my cover for my lack of anything that I might be able to boast about? I've always wanted to be good at just one thing. Just one thing. Is that too much to ask? I think it is.

Many people want to be good at something. Maybe it isn't so much about being good at something, but more along the lines of being appreciated for what it is they do that will propel them with a desire to continue moving forward. It is easy to become discouraged when others judge, roll their eyes, name call, or even ignore someone and what they are doing that is good in the world. They may not be the best, but they are there. 

People need to be encouraged, so they aren't lost.

I'm not lost, I'm found. There are many who appear to be functioning but are so lost. They are searching for what society says is needed to be successful when in fact, it is a dead-end road. Sometimes it is a dead-end road with a huge drop-off into a vast pool of nothingness.

I am honestly not good at anything. It is too much to ask to be good at one thing. That would be self-serving. How I understand my life is that I am as good as my desire to give God my day. I see clearly how it works. I'm not good at one thing, but the One gives me worthiness to do whatever he calls me to do.

Yes, I often think about why I'm me, and I'm always reminded that I'm willing to be used and that is the one thing I do well. Lord, I'm willing. Blessed!







Fresh Find: Sometimes we need to give out awards for those just existing.



Stay in Touch


Facebook is where you will find me. God has called me to a ministry there. I support several pages that you can see, and some private pages you can't for confidentiality. Following the Holy Spirit's lead, it is my honor to connect, share, encourage and spread the message of Jesus Christ.

Here are the links to most of the pages that I'm involved with:


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Snack Pak 4 Kids

Relay For Life Hale County

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PHS Class of 1973

Cotton Barons Ball

I Live [Lived] in Plainview Texas

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Mark Marley's Go Big Event

Adult Aspergers: My Revelation of Exceptionality



Facebook is where I post the pictures that God allows my "eyes to see" ... Blessed!

Phyllis Wall 


Visit the pages and join me there! 




Fresh Find: What a fun memo pad gift!!! Red or Blue!!!






The Nellie & Ross Glasgow children by age: Geraldine, Lindel, Evelyne, Leta Mae, Jo Ellen, Peggy, Elsie Fay (not pictured), Gale, Dale, Glenda Kay.

Such special times with this family through the years. This is Clinton's mother's family.





Fresh Find: Love & so want this dress! Coach 1941.




I attended West Texas State University before it was an A & M. I wasn't there long because I was interested in marrying the guy I was dating and he was at Tech. I have been looking for a picture from when I attended WTSU where I was helping paint a big cardboard buffalo for homecoming. I can't find that picture anywhere, but I know I have it.

What I did do was go through the Le Mirage 1974 and look through the pictures.




Some headlines that caught my attention are: 

Poet Rod McKuen Captures Audience with Commentary

Judy Lynn Show Scheduled For Homecoming Appearance

Playboy Playmate Adds Spice To Homecoming Activities

Ike and Tina Turner Revue Tops Entertainment Card

Here are some pictures & my thoughts.


Timed typing. Look at the big typewriters compared to our keyboards now! Wow!!!



This young lady I meet at WTSU. She was a dorm suitemate. We are still friends today. Marijohn Motheral.



I roomed with a Plainview girl, Becky Leach, who I considered a friend then, and we are still friends today.


Another fun picture of Marijohn and me. I was most likely talking to Clinton, and she wanted me to go outside & play!


Remember music vinyl? Here was the radio station. They played music one record at a time.


I do believe this is Becky and her really good friend, Cathy.


Here is proof that I was there on picture day!!!


The big news that year was the streaking craze that was happening at most universities. Absolutely more streaker pictures in the annual than any other group. LOL






The most beautiful picture in the entire annual to me is this one. A-mazing!


This looks like Becky & me, but I am not sure.



Here is proof that Becky was there on picture day!


Anna Maria was a Who's Who and from Plainview!!!



What a fun stroll! Now, if I could only find that picture I'm looking for!



Fresh Find: Need to get a few Wemos!






I was at a meeting tonight, and Doug McDonough was telling me that one of his first journalism class pictures he was assigned to take was the PHS archery team winners and that I was in it. I had forgotten about the picture being in the 1972 PHS annual.

Seriously, why were there no editing programs then? LOL Why was I in my archery uniform and no one else was? 

I have good aim. I do remember that! 






Fresh Find: I think this wake-up light would be awesome for anyone having to get up and ready before the sun comes up.



God Words


God has given us words thru people for a long time. We have the old and new portions of the Bible where God used regular people, many broken, to share things he wanted to be shared for all of the generations.

I find that God gives me words to share from time to time. I'm not at any point comparing my words to God's Word. I'm just saying that if we are willing to share, he will use us. Through a willing heart, God imparts.

You see, as a Christian, I have the One gift with three different relationships; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God’s power in action. To be in a relationship with the Holy Spirit, I have to listen for my direction of seed planting. The Holy Spirit is much more than what I can possibly share here.

There is God who IS, there is Jesus who was born in my heart and graced me my eternal rebirth, and there is the holy spirit who lives in me and delivers Jesus to others through me.

Luke 24:49 I am going to send you what my Father has promised, but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.

When I accepted Christ as my Savior, I was clothed with the Holy Spirit.

The spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.Job 33:4

Life is a heart beating. The Holy Spirit living in me is my soul breath.

Today, I had a sweet conversation with a long-time friend. One of the thoughts that stirred within me is that when we have problems with someone, it will create bitterness in our soul. Imagine a little ulcer type rough spot in the holy place of your existence. Within this holy place, our soul, there is a war raging between Good and Evil. To heal this rough bitter place we must cover it with Jesus salve. If we don't the evil one will rub the rough place raw and keep it open and festering until it takes us down, in a spiral, to a place we don't want to be. Even then, God allows us a rescue.


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Share a word that God has given you here...






Fresh Find: Tree swing. I wish we had a bigger old tree!








I still have not cried. I feel like I need a downpour, but I have not been able to get it out. I'm happy, I'm busy, I'm very blessed, but deep within me, it is churning. 

I did have a couple of tears when I was talking to some sweet friends today about the brokenness of people, but that was it. 

I've decided it is the weather, the pull of the moon, the sunshine, lollipops, rainbows & everything that's beautiful that is stirring within me. God is on the move. What will he deliver? I'm expecting good things are on the horizon.


On another topic. Look at this little 3-year-old playing with his airplane! Thomas Clinton Wall!!!





Fresh Find: Cute handbag!