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I get my stitches out tomorrow. I'm super excited about this. It reminds me of when I was pregnant and could not sleep on my stomach. I sleep on that cheek, so it has been interesting. It will feel good when it isn't swollen and stitchy. Of course no baby, but the good news is no cancer cells left there.

It is time for my three-year colonoscopy this week. I'm sure not looking forward to that at all. I'm so sensitive to textures, and especially beverage textures and this process is difficult. Since my brother died from colon cancer, it is important that I do this. I've switched the procedure to a Plainview doctor, and at least I will be close to home. Weighing this, stitches or colonoscopy...they are both important. I do hope you see a dermatologist each year for a skin check and you have a preventative colonoscopy scheduled if you are over 50. Both save lives.

I had a couple of bottles of Roaming Buffalo Smoked Palisade Peach BBQ Sauce delivered to the house today. I'm excited to give it a try. I'm hoping that one day we will dine at the Roaming Buffalo in Denver, CO.


I am pretty nervous. I'm going to cook a turkey for the very first time in my 60+ years of life. It is going down later this week. I know my mother must have cooked a turkey in my life, but I really don't remember it. Our kids can say the same thing!

I prefer spicy foods and think turkey is only worthy of after Thanksgiving sandwiches! 

Today, while grocery shopping, a turkey caught my eye and I thought, I need to try this. It is too close to Thanksgiving to be cooking it, but it is in my head to do it so, I will. I guess I can slice and freeze it.

Clinton's mother, Peggy Wall, always cooked Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving 2015, was the last holiday she would spend with her family all together. November 1st, tomorrow, she would have been 82. She celebrates where there are no birthdays. Heaven is her home. Happy Birthday, Peggy.

One of my favorite Peggy pictures.





Fresh Find: Looks interesting, this auto air phone holder.





Things I'm not


I'm sitting here thinking about all of the things I'm not. You are probably thinking that I should not be thinking about things I'm not and should be thinking things I am, but I'm not.

Things I'm not...

I'm not going to post all my problems on social media

I'm not going to take a cruise

I'm not going to live where it is cold

I'm not ever going to enjoy the taste of most fish, cow tongue, pig nose, although I think I have been called a pig nose before

I'm not going to wear a girdle or spanx

I'm not going to argue politics

I'm not going to pay to watch movies that aren't happy

I'm not coloring my hair

I'm not traveling abroad

I'm not going in a cavern or cave

I'm not singing for you (I know, whew!)

I'm not dancing either

I'm not trying to be funny

I'm not ignoring you

I'm not ... there are a lot of things I'm not unless God says I am, and then, I will. Romans 12:2  Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

And then, I know there are things I am not and will never be, but I do know, and God has proven this to me over and over again in my life, that I can do ANYTHING through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13.


026 copy




Fresh Find: I love this jewelry designer's work. I like this necklace because we could hang my glasses from it.





I have been rereading the Book of Matthew. Three chapters each day. I have found a good set of videos on You Tube that read it aloud and have the words printed there, too. They go right along as I read my Bible. There isn't a much better time in life than to sit in peace with the Father Creator. I have hymns and praise & worship music in the air and read to find what God wants me to discover or to be reminded of through the stories.

"Do what you came for, friend." Matthew 26:50


We are so quick to judge Judas. Yes, what he did was horrible. Abhorrible, I question because this would include a personal emotion of judging another and it isn't my place to judge.  Jesus looked at him and said, "Do what you came for, friend."

Judas was a close friend/companion to Jesus and the others. I don't find anywhere that he had a pattern of being a bad guy. Jesus knew him, so I think we can agree that he was a sinner in need of the grace gift. Notice how the others asked if it was them who would betray Jesus. Only Judas and Jesus knew the truth. Jesus, by calling him "friend" was still seeking in love to save him from a tragic life course changer. All he had to do was accept and change his plan of action.

005 (2)

(This is a paint by number art piece of the Last Supper that we acquired many years ago.)

Judas was included in this group of the Twelve. Judas had faith, but it was not true saving faith. Judas was not saved, but he was a follower of Jesus Christ until...

Don't you know that Judas was sorry for his betrayal? So sad, but he could not take back his actions. We don't pretend to know the sin that was tumultuous within him. We just know that Jesus called him, friend. Jesus deeply cared more for the soul of the one that was about to betray him than what was about to happen to him at Calvary. In Him we find hope.

Today, Jesus leads us through the Holy Spirit in love to warn us to come back to him in our sin moments. When we stray, in body, mind, and spirit, He is right there.

Our Friend, Companion, Father, Savior wants us to believe; to open up the superhighway of His love for us.

There is a lesson here. Do you know the one, Jesus Christ, who calls us, friend?




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Not So Long Ago


Not so long ago, 60 years or so, this is how an infant swing looked.



And, a bouncy seat.


Little boy clothes...with a precious smile.


It is the truth, see it here, kids really did have water play in galvanized tubs.


Look at the raw wooden high chair!


Times may have changed along with athletic shoe styles, but they do still like baseball!!!





Fresh Find: A fun gift for the baseball fan!!!



Lines Across my Face


I listened to this song today. It reminded me that no matter how many lines or scars that I have on my face in this world, that I was made for Him.



Fifteen stitches across my cheek and I'm cancer free! God is good. 



I want to urge you to make a dermatological appointment each year. You will not recognize most cancers yourself. It can save your life!!!



Fresh Find: Cute olive cardigan.



Miss Kickapoo


My Grandfather, Hugh Robert Etter, built boats. In his electric business, Hugh R. Etter Electric, he sold Evinrude outboard motors. This is a boat he built named Miss Kickapoo. Riding in it is my mother, Lorena Etter Dayton, so maybe circa 1935ish.



Lorena Etter dayton Kickapooe




Fresh Find: Fun and comfy pillows!






Today, I find my heart heavy, but on the hand rather free. I met Delma many years ago. I ended up in her chair for a haircut. From the first moment I met her, I felt her warm and caring spirit.

(I want to say that she loved her family. We would talk about our kids, their struggles, and overcoming. She trusted, and she loved her kids and grandchildren...more than to the moon and back.)

My Mother went to the same salon for a curler roll-up, long naptime under the dryer, and finished up with a tease and style by Jimmy. Delma loved my mom. That meant the world to me. Delma's spirit entered heaven today, her sweet and caring soul.

Delma found out that she had cancer not long after I started sitting in her chair. I don't find it a coincidence at all. God had a plan. I listened, she loved, the times were sweet. She fought, she cared, she grew weary, and she fought.

Then my Mother became ill. We did not know she had cancer, but we knew she was very ill. Of course, she tried for as long as she could to keep her 'get beautiful' appointment, it is a girl thing. Delma was so good to report to me about my mother and always shared her love for her.

I believe that they see each other today and in God's glory, they know peace.

Thank you, Delma.







Fresh Find: Fun wallet, card holder, cosmetic, techie, etc. case.



In the Time


I have followed Joey & Rory Feek since they were on the show, Can You Duet in 2008. 2008 is also the year I started to write my blog. 

When I first heard Joey & Rory on this show, I knew I was going to love their music and their life. They lived simply, and I love that about people. I buy digital music, and I have most all of theirs. It is pure. 

So much has happened in the last few years, and this sweet family was broken. They were broken open for Christ to shine through. On many occasions, Rory's writing has been a witness to my life. Little Indie is such a joy. I know she has a Momma Angel watching over her. She is her Daddy's Momma-love. This Momma was an inspiration to me in her God-beauty and wisdom.

The Feeks have done so much for so many, and their ministry has been to encourage.

Bradley Walker is a vocalist that they have encouraged along with their good friends, the Gaither's. In his song, In the Time That You Gave Me, we can see why they were encouraging.

In the time that you gave me, did I give all I could give?  I'm dwelling on this. Have I? Do I? Will I?




In John 17 verse 4 I read, I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do.

This is the desire of my heart. I won't know until I meet Jesus face-to-face and that is okay. I know I am not worthy to be in His presence, but I know that He died for me so that I would find worthiness through my Salvation in him.

I have a sin list a mile long. Will the blood of the cross wash it white as snow? Will I sweep the streets of gold? It doesn't matter because I will be in the presence of God. 

I want to encourage others to see something different in my life. I have special gifts; mercy and grace. You can have them, too.

Listen to more of Bradley Walker's songs here: The words just touch my heart. Bradley Walker



Fresh Find: Fun beaded birds and such!





They are here! Yes, the first one showed up today. It is fall migration for the Monarch butterfly.


Today was a hard day for me. My heart is breaking over the judgemental nature of humans. I had to get up and remove myself from my computer. I certainly do not mind people expressing what they like about their candidate's platform. What has me baffled is the 'hatred' shown for the candidate that isn't being voted for anyway. I guess the saying, bad press is a marketing gold mine is true, though.

I believe that we can argue platform and policy, but judging another's sins is a slippery slope. 

I was watching a video on the Freemasons. In this historical and secretive fraternity, there are two things never discussed; religion and politics. Although you must believe in a higher & supreme being to be a member, there is no mention of political affiliation involved. We could learn something from them.

Through my Asperger's wiring, I am reminded that I do not reach my conclusions the same way that others might. I'm trying hard to find my much needed calm, routine and peace in this election season where it is seen by most as a game of strategical political chess, a World Series of political proportion, or a movie entitled Name that Sin.

So, when I become overwhelmed by sadness, I remove myself and allow God to mend my heart and mind.

Today, it was that first Monarch that caught my eye. It is not by accident that I saw it. It was a gift. 

In Ecclesiastes 3:11, I find that He makes everything beautiful in its time. Just like the butterfly, I know that God is creating beauty, even in this political season.




 On an Asperger's note, here is a blog with a good description of our day. Ties That Bind




Fresh Find: I like this double cot tent. It looks like a great backyard outing location.