Touch & Go



So much is tumbling through my head. My brain rarely rests. It is always creating, organizing, looking for ways to keep things going, improve on them, working, working...except for dusting!

First, I want to share that I had the opportunity to deliver something to a beautiful friend, Sonny Coffey. She has always been a delightful inspiration in my life. I certainly was the one blessed on Wednesday! I got to see her daughter, too. Doubly blessed!

Growing up on Irene Street, we had a pink Mimosa Silk Tree. I always loved those pink blooms. You don't find many Mimosa Silk Trees in nurseries these days. I have always wanted to plant a Mimosa Silk Tree, but in 25 years here in our home, I never did.

I was visiting with my dear friend Stephanie B. about her yard and trees, and she mentioned a Chocolate Mimosa Silk Tree. That was it. I knew I wanted one. Of course, they were not to be found. I called nurseries all over the state of Texas. Then, I found one online. They had two and only sold them in the Spring season. I wasn't sure if they would ship it since it was so late into the season, but they did. I knew it would be tiny, and I wanted one that was big, but beggars can't be choosers! I got a nice stick with a stick to secure it to. 

I carefully planted it according to their instructions. She is doing well.

I'm in love with our little Chocolate Mimosa Silk Tree!




This is what it will look like as it grows up!





Fresh Find: I like these purple Ball jars!