Touch & Go





Today, I sat in the backyard watching this Western Kingbird do touch and goes. Up and fly, turn and land. It did it over and over with different dips and patterns. It had to work with the wind today, too. I think it had a great evening of learning.

I feel like I do touch and goes quite often. I take off and then find I must return quickly to my area of comfort. I go and then return, then go and return. It has been nearly three years since God revealed the name of my operating system. I don't dwell much on the fact that I am wired with exceptionality through Aspergers, but knowing has helped me to understand more about myself. It is a joy to honor him for creating me with such beautiful artistry. I am still learning and being sensitive to where the Holy Spirit calls me to share.



Fresh Find: Great two-spoon rest.





Fresh Find: