NBTA State Competition

The Best Thing


Today I went to the Go Skateboarding Day competition at Skatepark Plainview from about 10:30-4:30.

The best thing about today for me was having the Go Skateboarding Day competition organizer come to me and ask me to pray with him for today's event. My friend, Sally, and I had prayed for the day and seed planting together earlier, too.

The winner of today's competition stopped by during the event and shared how skateboarding had kept him out of trouble. He stayed focused on his sport and was not distracted by worldly things.

It is my honor to worship the one who blesses me over and over again. Today, as I watched these athletes, the Holy Spirit covered me with peace. Like everywhere, there are troubled young people in our midst, but I know that God has the plan to prosper them into beautiful testimonies.






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