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From the Time


From the time I first can remember living in a particular house, we lived at 313 Irene Street. I have pictures of my family when we lived in what we called the "little house" out behind my grandparent's house. Their house was a two bedroom, one bath tiny house. It was 729 square feet. So, you can imagine that the "little house" was a tiny-er house before tiny houses gained recognition on HGTV! I guess the "little house" was about 350 or 400 square feet.

Before I was born, my father, mother, and brother, lived in the Crow's Nest Apartments, that once were located at 9th and Quincy Streets.

313 Irene Street was certainly a move up for my family. This house had 1,273 square feet. It had two bedrooms and one bath. I was by that house today, and it got me to thinking. I should look it up online and see if there are pictures of the inside. I have not been in it since the late 1990s. Wow, talk about a flood of memories in the few pictures that I found.


This picture of the house is very similar to how it looked growing up. We had a Dayton sign hanging on the front porch, though. There was a Mimosa Silk tree where the tree is now when I was young. It finally got so heavy it was leaning nearly to the ground and was difficult to mow under so, my dad took it out and planted this tree. I remember when my dad built the carport, and I remember sitting in the car on Sunday's looking at the paper just waiting on the neighborhood kids to come out to play.

313 1


We did not have central heat and cooling. We had evaporative air. Our windows were sealed. My parents turned off the cooler at night in fear of fire from a burned out motor. The hallway you see here is where I would often lay on the floor trying to catch a breeze from the air vent. The house was all carpeted. Look at the beautiful wood floors now!
313 1


This was my bedroom. The west bedroom. Well, my brother's and my bedroom until he moved out to go to college. He was seven years older than me. When I was young, his bed was butted up to the wall of windows shown in this picture. My bed was on the other wall with one window (sealed) behind the wrought iron headboard. When he left, my mother moved my bed to where his was and put in a loveseat sofa sleeper on the wall where my bed had been. The middle window in this picture inside the shutters is where I found my charm bracelet after many years of being lost. We had cornice boards and a roller shade with the shutters and a beautiful loosely woven curtain over top that my mother made.
313 1


This bedroom was on the east/front of the house and was my parent's room. It had the same window coverings as our bedroom. In front of that middle window was the old sewing machine that my mother sewed with. She was a meticulous seamstress.
313 1


Here is the kitchen. This cornice board was made by my father. I doubt it is still there but isn't it beautiful? The light over the sink looks like the original one. They took the doors off of the two top cabinets. The hole in that door is there because my dad drilled it to allow the hot water heater to ventilate better. There was no vent hood in those days.
313 1


Back in the day, all of the walls were painted a sweet and peaceful green. It is the only house I lived in until I got married. Here is the outside of the house today. I love their pop of turquoise!!!


There use to be an amazing rose garden behind that fire hydrant. We spent lots of summers playing in the fire hydrant water spray as the firemen tested it, too!

What a fun walk down memory lane!



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