The Best Thing



Last weekend, the first leg of my flight was from Lubbock to Dallas. I ran into the mom of our son's classmate. I had not seen her since they moved away over 20 years ago. She asked if "they" could sit with me. Of course, and they sat down & buckled up. The "they" was a wonderful young woman who attends Texas Tech and is a toxicologist. Her home country is India. The two of them had met waiting on the plane.

She and I talked the entire flight. I learned so many interesting things about her and her husband, who is also a toxicologist that graduated from Tech, but is practicing in Chicago. She was on her way to see him for summer vacation. He is from India, too.

One of the many things we talked about was the use of Copper to purify water. I have started drinking a lot more water than I use to. I was very interested in what she had to say on many subjects, but this one was one I wanted to try.

I bought a Copper pitcher to keep my water in overnight to purify it. There are health benefits from Copper, too. 

Research it to see if it is something you might want to try. Someone asked if it tasted metallic. It does not. I was surprised at the amount of discoloration that our water did to the Copper when it reacted to our city water. The Copper will react to each water differently. Interesting.





Fresh FindCopper drinking straws instead of plastic or paper. Interesting!