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Wall GKs +


IMG016 (14)


What a fun vintage photo of the TC Wall GKs (grandkids) plus two foster children, that Clinton's sister had at the time. FL2R s Chrissa, holding Allen (fc), Koltin, Kasey, Anna (fc) and BL2R are Brant, Brock, TC, Peggy, and Aaron.



Fresh Find: Great shorts pattern.







Polaroids. TC always took the pictures of Wall family events with his Polaroid camera. He was taking this birthday party picture in 1983. Aaron was turning six and Chrissa was three. 

In this picture are L2R, Peggy, Kathy, Clinton, Chrissa, Phyllis, Bill, Donna, Beverly, Aaron, and Bert.





Fresh Find: Adorable little market baskets.




Straightened Out


Have you ever found yourself with what seemed like too many towels or linens, notebooks or pictures, etc. in a drawer and it is hard to close or won't close at all? Sometimes, we have to take it all out, straighten it and get it orderly, maybe discard some. Then it all fits in the space just fine. We find that everything is better. 

This is how the Holy Spirit works within us. He takes everything burdensome to our service in following him, straightens out, discards, and organizes our heart and mind. Then, everything is right again, and we move forward in hope.

1 Thessalonians 5:19, Don’t stop the work of the Holy Spirit.


Our wildflower bed. It is beginning to bloom!



Pretty little bloom.


Philippians 4:13...It is true.




Fresh Find: Cute round crossbody handbag.





I enjoy art. I would say we enjoy art, but my better half would like it if it did not cost money. It does, so it is me that spends it. Anyway, we have some art that we enjoy. We have nothing worth much. Most in our art collection are pieces that we have from new artists or Plainview area artists. I love to find unique art using a variety of mediums, as well.

Like these light switches. I love them!






Fresh Find: I so LOVE this dress. Not the boots. I want to wear it with flip-flops. It looks so comfortable!





Well, the book, Ushka-isms, is being printed. The other three self-published books were printed outside of Plainview. This one, I decided to have done here in a more hand-assembled fashion. Excited that it is done. Full of eyes to see gifts from God and thoughts that he has given me. All of the books are assembled in honor of our beautiful grandgirls.


Miss B...



Miss J creating movement.



Miss D is trying on her dance recital costume.



Miss A is trying on her dance costume.



I need to start writing down their "isms." Some are wise, and some are downright hilarious!!!




Fresh Find: Cute kissing bench.



October Fireflies


October Fireflies in April? Yes, my friend, Donnet Evans of Plainview, has published her first book. Check it out.

October Fireflies by D. M. Evans; There's a serial killer on a spree. The police have one suspect: All-American high school sharpshooter CC Montgomery. CC has more pressing worries: moving to a new school senior year, falling in love for the first time and being the unknowing obsession of the killer. As the killer escalates, CC's nearly perfect world is on a collision course with disaster.






Fresh Find: Cute shorts!




We're Not in Kansas Anymore


This is a picture of my grandparents, Lucy & Hugh Etter's, home sweet home, in 1928.

This picture reminds me of Dorothy's Kansas home in the Wizard of Oz. I'm not sure why I always think this when I see this picture. I know the Wicked Witch will show up any moment in the picture on her bicycle with her wicked laugh. Watch out Toto!!!





Fresh Find: Sweet Swedish clogs.



Potty Breaks


I don't typically share my opinions on issues that might be controversial because I don't enjoy how free people feel with posting hateful things on social media targeted at those they disagree with. Politics is the worst, and yet, we find ourselves in a political arena year again! What I want to share is not about politics, well it might be, but I choose to ignore it if it is, but it is about potty breaks.

The thought of transgenders having a choice of which restroom to use, according to their comfort zone, isn't the issue. The issue is that a company felt they needed to announce it as a policy. 

Why are we afraid of transgenders using the same restroom as we do? Do we think they are not already using the same ones now? I have never seen restroom signs with a penis and a vagina sign outside the doors stating you must have one or the other to enter. In other countries, there are holes in the ground and everyone stands or squats for their potty break. I personally want my privacy in a stall, but I'm not so concerned about whether the others taking a potty break are standing or sitting. I certainly do not plan to stay in the potty break room long enough to care and if we are worried about our children, and we are, we should never send them to any location alone, concessions, restrooms, etc. without our supervision, ever.

Not all transgenders are pedophiles, perverts, or rapists, just like all men are not, all gays are not, and all women are not. Some are. It is sad, sick, and they are using the restrooms with us now. So, for me, the transgender issue is more about some people wanting attention for their choices and others pushing back in disagreement. 

In my opinion, there are typically three restroom choices that we can select from that make us feel most comfortable; you like dresses, you like pants, you have little kids and need more room. Oh, and remember to consider the fact that the dress restroom typically has the lids down and the pants one has them up or none at all. There are two potty break organs, the penis, and the vagina. Change the signs if you want. Go where you want, but don't take a stand for something that is already available. I've never been barred from a "pants" potty when I needed it, and I would never stop someone from using the "dress" potty if they prefer a private stall.

I understand that there are "bathroom laws" and I know that some will never be happy win or lose. I dunno. I suppose I'm rambling and I have not been kept from potty breaking where I want to, but I do think we need to concentrate on more important issues like curing cancer, or making sure that kids tummies are full enough to learn. Let's address this issue outside of politics and inside the hearts of humanity.



Fresh Find: Love these round beach towels.





Drummer Boy


Dr. Ricky Cross was one of my parent's favorite musicians. He was instrumental in the success of the Plainview Jamboree. Here is Dr. Ricky Cross on the drums at one of the 1990s Plainview Musical Jamborees...Plainview's drummer boy.



Here is Ricky helping get the sound just right for the performers at a Jamboree. The Ollie Liner Center would be packed for these monthly musical events.


Dr. Ricky Cross lost his battle with Diabetes too early in life. Ricky has two beautiful daughters; Lyndsay and Morgan. We have been blessed to watch them mature into women that Ricky was extremely proud of. Both girls are creating a positive Diabetes education awareness journey as a part of their father's legacy. Right now, Lyndsay is preparing to run a full marathon in June for JDRF, a Type 1 Diabetes charity organization.

She has a GoFundMe account where you can donate directly to her marathon run give-back event: Run for Drumatooth (cute name representing their daddy, the drummer & the dentist).

Or, she has had Ricky's cymbals (very special to him and them) cut into pieces and is assembling beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and bookmarks for those who might enjoy a special piece of Plainview history from the drummer boy.






These are $30.00 each with proceeds to Lyndsay's marathon run contribution in memory of Dr. Ricky Cross. You can email Lyndsay here: drumatoothgirl or, you can Facebook private message her. 

New cymbal pieces will be available to ship in May.

What a special honor to be involved in helping spread Diabetes awareness across the Nation in this way.



Fresh Find: Cute airmail lamp!


My Daddy


I wish I had been a different daughter for my daddy, but my Heavenly Father wired me differently for His purpose. I think back over the fifty-eight years that I did not understand that I was blessed with my Asperger's operating system and how I distanced myself to survive. It makes me a bit sad that those I loved and are now gone did not understand the reason why I respond to life like I do.

I know he (and my Mother, too) loved me in the ways that I would allow them to. They certainly provided me a home where I could find peace. They presented me my faith. I am eternally grateful.


This is my father at Sears.

John Dayton (3)e


This is John Phillip Dayton hitching up the trailer. Look at that messy trunk! Oh, my!!! I'm sure it was the electrical business work vehicle if it was that messy. My grandfather & father were meticulous in their work.
John Dayton (3)e


I love the look of this old photo of my dad at my grandparent's home. Everything around him is so feminine and pretty, and there he is smoking a cigarette and trying to look suave! We have that coffee table in our home today. I love it.
John Dayton (3)e



Fresh FindI love these baking necessities!