Eyes To See




First let me say, thank you to the families of those who lost their loved ones fighting for my freedoms!!! Memorial Day 2015!


When my mother passed away, I decided I wanted to try a few things to improve my aging health choices. Since my mother died from pancreatic cancer and my brother died from colon cancer I knew that I needed to be more progressive and aggressive if I wanted to change my chances of not dying from these types of cancer. My father died from heart disease, and I tend to be more like him in personality, but my mother and I were twins in so many ways. Same height, same weight, same shoe size, same clothing size, same sleep habits, same nervous energy, etc. So, my focus is on trying a few things just to see. At the very least I hoped I would feel better overall.

I have all of my regular tests that are needed for someone my age. I have a colonoscopy every three years because of the family history and do have the type of polyps that are cancerous. Thank goodness we have this test and method of removal! There is no early warning test for pancreatic cancer that I am aware of.

I have had an extreme bone loss that is normal for a small boned redhead that is fair complected and took a once a month pill for this for several years just to maintain that level.

So, I started out my new regime with two prunes every day. Lucky for me, I like prunes. They really are very tasty. The texture often gets to people but overcoming that is worth the results. When I went back in for my bone density test, they were amazed that my bones had improved greatly, and I no longer needed the prescription medication. They wanted to know any changes. Yes, two prunes a day. Of course, we know prunes help regulate bowel, as well. So many health benefits!

I decided to add one teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar each day to help purify my system. We have a "purifying sprayer" that kills bad things before it goes into our system and as we age it slows down and stress turns it off because the brain's needs must be met before the sprayer's. Makes no sense, right? Well, read up on it.

The big cancer info talks about the alkaline balance vs. cancer. So, I decided to use pure (all natural) baking soda to rinse with and allow a small trace into my system. 

I take one triple strength fish oil 1400 along with this prunes, vinegar and baking soda regime.

I was taking Ambien to help me sleep & God led me to stop taking it. I loved that pill. To be honest, I sleep better now. It has been three months. I don't go to bed easily, but once I do I find I can go to sleep. I am on no prescription medicines at all.

Another area that I am trying to avoid is preservatives. This is almost impossible to avoid totally in today's world. I am avoiding drinking water from plastic water bottles because of the danger there. It is the shipping and sitting on docks in the heat that create the hazard. I enjoyed my little Ozarka's! I am drinking tap water. Depending on the great City of Plainview here! (getting ready to do a water test and comparison. Will blog my findings.)

Anyway, this is what I have tried to create a change in my health. I tell people that when I'm 120 and toothless and they interview me from a drone to ask me how I have lived so long, I will raise my hands and say my faith, my prunes, my vinegar, baking soda, fish oil and, of course, my determination...I mean dermatologist! LOL

I do have Squamous Cell Carcinoma that we continually fight. It was "tripped" by my short time in a tanning bed. Not everyone will have this issue, but it is kind of like alcohol, you don't know you are addicted till you are. I had no idea I was a candidate for this type of skin cancer. I'm a sun lover, and now I'm a shade prisoner. Just my warning to you.



I feel better. I need to get my exercise plan in order, but overall, I'm feeling great. 


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