1st Car

Two More

God has certainly blessed my life through the direction of the Holy Spirit. He has blessed me in that I can self-publish a few books to share God's beauty through pictures and words with our near and dear.

A few years ago I published Ushka's Book for Christmas gifts. It is full of Eyes to See photographs, poetry, and quotes.

In 2014, two more books were shared, both for children. Friendstones is a story God gave me many years ago that was tweaked for this publication. It was a first for me, as well, to partner with a favorite local artist, Sally Gubser, to illustrate it for me. The story is about a young girl who travels to the market with her Babushka. Along the journey, the stones they walk on take life and the young girl and her Ushka discover how many help us along our way. In the end, there is a big lollipop in store for her because she is a good little girl; a girl every Babushka would want in her life.

The other book, My Learning Book About ... God, goes through the alphabet with scriptures and shares an Eyes to See picture that correspond with each letter.



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