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I think it is safe to post this picture of my grandmother, Lucy May Etter. She entered her eternal home in 1996. Why I share this picture is to say how very blessed we are to have toilets. With our water supply shrinking before our eyes we may find ourselves back in an outhouse type situation. If my grandmother could do it...I know I could, too. I really don't want to have to go there! Just feeling blessed to have had such an awesome Cranny & the indoor potty!


Fresh Find: I think I need this pen!!! I mean, how fun is this technology? Way great!


Ride a Little Pony





In another life I think I was a city cowgirl. I like to ride horses but I know nothing about the care of them. I first learned to ride with my high school friend Toka Monroe. I can remember the feeling of galloping through the field...especially when the horse turned towards home and there was nothing you could do but hold on. LOL

I so wish Plainview had a riding stable. Kids need the opportunity to ride a horse. Here are our children circa early 1980s in New Mexico getting to ride. Sweet memory!!!


Fresh Find: Loving this new music by David Crowder.





This is a picture from my cousin's wedding. It is one of my very favorite pictures of our daughter & her mother.



Nanny, Ushka, and Mommy of two grand-sisters. What a cherished memory!



I love this picture of our kids with Clinton's mother.


014 copy

and...for your Throw Back Thursday water skiing. Yes, I did. One time. I did snow ski one time, as well. This isn't beautiful but it is pretty...funny!


Fresh Find Il_570xN.523868140_fze2
: I may be pushing it, but I want this coat dress for Fall! Adore it!!!


I was out placing ARTWALK PLAINVIEW posters up on a block of Broadway Street today and I came across this great find, a vintage music/magazine holder. I don't know anything about it except that I knew when I saw it, I felt the need to create. It stands about 24" tall or so and is missing a bottom shelf but for 10 dollars I know I will have fun with it. Now to find the time.


What is your design idea?

Photo 3 copy


Oh, speaking of is one of Roberto Q. Garza's creations. Have it minimally-framed & hanging. The FAITH of Moses!!!



Fresh Find: Cutest selection of little Tom's around...

Photo 1_edited-1


Wagon +



My dad bought the kids this wagon just like the one he had. I don't know what happened to the kids wagon but we have my dad's wagon in our sun room. I have such sweet memories of pulling things in his wagon. circa early 1980s



This is a picture from an AM-BU-C'S (American Business Men's Club) convention in Washington DC. We look so tiny. circa early 1980s

Fresh Find: I love these sandals. I wish they did half sizes but still love the simplicity and leather in these.



Memorial Day to me is not about the battle, but the willingness to go forward and stand for something that we feel we must defend. Typically this involves a freedom; for our faith, our family, our country, etc. It involves heroes!

As I sit here this morning enjoying the safety of our home I want to thank those who have served our country, from the local level governmental positions to the federal ones; for their service, paid or volunteer. Heroes!

I want to honor those who have served our country in one of our military branches, in whatever capacity, because in Corinthians 12:4-6 we read, There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same Spirit; there are different forms of service but the same Lord, there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone.  Every person is created to be used and appreciated so, thank you heroes!!!

And then I pull from my memory this question, Who is standing up for those with mental health issues, the hungry, the homeless, the elderly, the children; those who need assistance in some way in order to find a brighter day? It isn't someone else's job to create change for our people, it is all of ours...yours and mine...let's be heroes!

It starts with each one of us seeing and reacting. This is what our military and our veterans have done throughout history, is to see and react. It is a learned instinct and we can create change from the lessons learned from watching a war hero.

I came across this video and I liked the message. I personally believe when they use the word reborn they are speaking about starting over. This isn't meant to be a spiritual video but one about us personally accepting the challenge:



Happy Memorial Day!!! Create memories that make a difference! Accept the challenge!!! Be someone's hero today!!!


Fresh Find: Cute leaf cable ties!




Remembering a long ago soldier. My 4th great-grandfather, Joshua Burkhalter. Thank you you for standing up for something & serving.


A couple of park pictures of our grand-sisters!!!

28 .  30



Fresh Find: I think this might come in handy for dieting.



I watched an amazing movie this afternoon called Gimme Shelter. Love is often found beyond society standards.

I often speak of being tolerant and people having tolerance but when I am reminded of the definition, I'm just not sure I can be tolerant in every situation.

Tolerance: a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward

opinions and practices that differ from one's own.


I agree that we should be fair. We all know that life is NOT fair, but we can try. We can easily be objective because being objective is a goal and we all have bucket lists of things we want to accomplish in life as well as within ourselves. 

The word in the definition that is going to be my tolerance breaker is the use of the word "permissive" because it is defined as granting or expressing permission to the act that we perceive as being a detriment to the very issue that we are trying to wrap our hearts around.

My new word will be transferable; to cause to pass from one person to another, as thought, qualities, or power. I desire to be a transferring agent. I cannot make choices for others. I can only be concerned with my choices and consequences. I can make my life transferable through love, not accepting or giving permission but going beyond these to the bigger 

We all have opinions. We all have quirks. We all are on the spectrum somewhere and we all deserve to be loved. Love can be transferred in many ways. That's my objective.

The love we get may be transferred from the most unexpected people. Be ready!


This morning we had a bridal shower for the grand-daughter of my "other mother," Nan Ballinger. This woman has probably shown me more love than my heart can ever hold and thus it overflows with appreciation. She has always loved me for me. She has never questioned that I was anything but special in her life. A very simple love that I have carried with me for 40 plus years.

We took a selfie today at the shower. Thank you Nan (and Bill) for transferring your love to me through many "hand holding" moments and thoughts.

Nan ballinger 2014


Fresh Find: What a wonderful ceramic birdhouse! Love the color!


A Place for You

John 14:2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.



From the time that I was a very young girl I looked through the glass secretary door onto these dishes, my mother's china. I can remember loving the colors in the pieces and thinking they were beautiful. I knew they were special. 

The flatware belonged to my parents, as well. I imagine my father "won" this set from being a top sales person at Sear's. That's how they got the beautiful silver coffee service.

The Fostoria glassware belongs to the wonderful collection gifted to me on my 16th birthday from my grandmother.

Many precious memories as I set the table. Feeling blessed knowing that my eternal place is set. I know without a shadow of doubt that there is a place for me.


Fresh Find: I like this "for ladies" lounge chair!


Knowing About

We can go through this life just fine on our own. There is no question that there will be good days, great days, bad days, and worse days. We can be kind, good, compassionate, or not. We can have friends and we can be a friend. We can do all of this on our own. We can live big and we can lose bigger and do it through our own being...alone.

Or, we can live that same life with a best friend. The difference between knowing about God and knowing God is the words...personal relationship. I can know about Withelma "T" Ortiz Walker Pettigrew, but until I spend time with her and begin to build a relationship I cannot know her, know her love for the people and the cause she serves. The same is true in knowing about Jesus Christ and knowing Jesus Christ through a personal relationship. Through Jesus we can not only know about God but know God in a personal way.

It is our choice. It defines our eternal home. We can go through life and try to ignore that we will die, but we all will. We might never consider or even believe that we each have a soul within us that will never die, but we do and our soul is our working mechanism. When our "shell" stops breathing  our soul exists. It will either go to a dark place or a light place. The dark place is the "Inn of Satan" and the light place is the "Inn of God." 

Now this is where the most influential book of all time, the Bible, the Word of God comes in to play. It is not a book, it is the manual for life. A set of God inspired directives, penned by men, to bring us into a full and personal relationship with God.

Jesus Christ is God's love way to connect with his Creation. Jesus has always been with God. God connected with us through Jesus being born a boy and growing into a man because it is something we can comprehend, something familiar.

When Jesus was crucified and arose he fulfilled God's plan. The Bible is packed tight with the fulfillment and connectivity of the before Jesus and through Jesus story. Just knowing about Jesus, and going through our lives on our own accord, leaves us ultimately in the dark eternal "inn" but having a personal relationship with Jesus through accepting him as Lord of our lives delivers our souls to the "inn of light."

It is about submission. We live in a me world, a power seeking world. We can be "big" either way, on our own or in a personal relationship with Christ. The difference is that the "big" we seek is different. There are many things about following Jesus,to know God, that those who live their lives by their own power will never be allowed to understand because they don't have the Holy Spirit living within them to open up the beautiful story within their being. It is something we get when we make our reservation with the "Inn of Light". 

John 3:16 says, For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

This is the most profound commitment statement alive today. We all are given the very same words and can choose to know about God OR know about the Living God AND have a personal relationship with him. 

It is God's directive that these words are shared with you today. If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Savior and you feel nudged to know more about a Jesus relationship here are two Wiki sites that will direct you into God's inspired word, the Bible, for the answers to all things Holy.





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Go out and have a glorious day!!!


Fresh Find: This is a precious trash can. I see it flipped over and a wonderful pendant light fixture being made. Can't you just see the light pattern it would make? Fun!