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Beauty ...

Today when I saw this old pick-up truck the first thing I thought was that I HAD to turn around and go back and take its picture. The colors were just too perfect to miss sharing.

It reminded me that even in our old age with our shattered windows and the wear and tear of life's ups and downs that we still should see beauty in our lives. God has a purpose and a plan!

Titus 2:3-5 ...  "Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God."


102 copy

Fresh Find: I like watching earth cameras. Kind of fun traveling around. I was in Austin today.


Ushka ...

Many have asked how my grandmother name became Ushka. is the background.

Many years ago I was blessed to travel to the Ukraine on a mission trip representing God and supported by First Baptist Church Plainview.

There were many things I loved about the experience and a few things that made me realize how much I should appreciate our blessings.

It was through very special, God led, relationships that I was able to survive this trip. He placed the perfect people in my path throughout the time to encourage and support me. I can't say that I did anything of significance on this trip because I am not gifted in many ways that we used, but I know God can use the tiniest gift of willingness to reach others.


029 copy

Nadia was our interpreter. She touched my heart and life in such a beautiful way. We remain in touch still today. She is beautiful inside and out and she was my link to everything while we were there. Not only language but how I should "handle" situations there as a woman, and an American woman.


One day we were in a downtown area that had beautiful raised garden areas. There were older women with kerchief scarves, babushkas, on their heads with straw brooms sweeping up the area, almost seeming to be in colorful costume but not really. They looked to be the age of grandmothers and they seemed to love what they were doing.


023 copy

As I watched them an older woman was pushing a child in a pram. This would not be unusual since we were in a park setting but this woman had lavender hair, a lavender dress, and a lavender stroller, with a baby dressed in lavender. Yes, the baby was real! LOL Then there was one in blue that strolled through, then pink. It was a show of sorts when really it wasn't. It was grandmothers having fun, being young, and enjoying life with their grandchild!


036 copy

I had many opportunities to watch grandmothers with their grandchildren as we traveled around the Ukraine. The grandmothers played a key role in their grand-children's lives. 

I decided that if and when I ever became a grandmother that I wanted to be a babushka, the urban name for grandmother in Russia.

God did bring a grand into our lives and a Babushka I was! My friend, Fusun, told me one day, "You know that Miss A is going to shorten Babushka to something and if you don't want to be a Babu then you should be an Ushka." I was and it stuck.

Being an Ushka is the best. After Miss A came Miss D and Ushka continues to be blessed!

And, this is my story and I'm stickin' to it!


Fresh Find: Duck Dynasty you need? Walmart has it. Why? I'm baffled but I bet they can sell you anything Duck Dynasty! LOL Bandages...door mat...





Special Thoughts ...

I am a sentimental person. Most things in our home were brought here by people who matter in our lives. When I walk through it, and I focus in on a piece, the memories of that person bring a warmth into my heart. Oftentimes I say a prayer for them and I always thank God for bringing them into my life for his purpose.


002 copy

This morning as I passed this area memories of my sweet momma were foremost in my mind. The elephant lamp came from her home as did the bottle that I remember us finding buried under my grandparent's home. The little birds remind me of my mother's love of birds and her fun personality. The little brick that says grandparents was a gift from a sweet friend. The painting is by a local artist, painted on the ice cream box top from the old Quick Lunch cafe of one of our amazing sunsets. The felt art piece was done by me for the Lottie Moon Christmas emphasis as the first letter of a banner that hung across the balcony of First Baptist Church about 30 years ago. The calligraphy was done by another talented friend. The trunk belonged to family. All in all, special thoughts.


Fresh Find: I love office supplies. I'm not sure why, but I do. We have several spots in Plainview to purchase office supplies: Eaton-craig, England's Supplies, Oswald's, and Walmart. There are other places that carry selected items, too. Anyway, online I came across a trendy spiral. Fun!


Fingers ...

Most of us take our fingers for granted. Even when mine hurt I am so thankful. My grandfather lived most of his adult life with hands with partial fingers. He froze during a hunting accident and lost his legs below the knee and most of his fingers. Here are three pictures of his hands before the accident.






Here is one of him that shows his "stubs" afterwards... I believe this is the only picture of him with this big smile. I love this!!!


Fresh Find: Like this light fixture!


Another Time ...

Another time ...

Our grandfather, Hugh Robert Etter, the day he returned home from ??? after recovering from Typhoid Fever. He was about 13 years old.



A ranch where our grandfather hunted...Lucy May standing outside the dugouts.



Hugh & Lucy out on the lake. In a dress, no less!


Fresh Find: I love this clip-on coffee spoon. Think gift on bags of fresh coffee!!!


Scan ...

It has been a scan kind of day. Not my favorite thing to do but one that needed to be done. 

I scanned the pictures from the huge cardboard paged book my mother made for our grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. It was full of family pictures throughout their years together. Whew! Glad that is done.


I love this picture of my mother, Lorena Etter Dayton, and her mother, Lucy May Hopkins Etter!


Thanksgiving...that REALLY IS the china! Wow, I don't remember us ever eating off of it. I guess we did ;o)



"Cranny" get your gun!!! LOL



Scooter fun on Nassau Street! (Is Cranny's hair bleached blond???) Virginia on lright & Lorena on left.


Fresh Find: A fun nautical basket!


China ...

When I was 16 my grandmother, Lucy May Etter, gave me her Fostoria Americana pattern glassware. There are dinner plates, glasses, cups, saucers, serving pieces of every size and shape, plus a huge punch bowl and platter base. At the time I found it a strange gift but I have always cherished it. I have used it through the years from time to time. We don't entertain like we use to. It is in the beautiful antique hutch she bought us from the old Old World Antiques as a house warming gift 23 years ago.

Growing up, I admired our mother's china. There is a service for 8 and several serving pieces. She kept it in a glass front secretary piece that she refinished. I so want to keep that piece of furniture but I just have not found the perfect place in our home for it. Maybe it will come to me yet though. :O)

I did keep her china. It is the most beautiful pattern and I love it. Maybe one day I'll use it...maybe not, but maybe one of the grand-sisters will love the pattern like their Ushka does!


017 copy


Fresh Find: Get your pets ready for Halloween at Walmart!


Free Labels ...

Photo 2

I wonder just how long it might take someone to accumulate boxes of free labels? I'm pretty sure my mother was giving to many of these "free label" organizations. :O)


Found a card I sent mother. I love it! Mom ~ I was running through the house with scissors, wearing a pair of dirty underwear, I realized I needed to get you a Mother's Day card. (My actual words were, "Darn, I need to pick up a freakin' card for Mom!") So, with messy hair and unbrushed teeth, I hitched a ride to the store with a nice stranger who gave me some candy. And without the sales clerk (who I think you know from church) noticing I stole this card for you! Well, anyways, I gotta go... My no-good friends are jumping off a bridge, and of course, I have to, too! Happy Mother's Day (Did I mention I was sitting too close to the TV?)


Fresh Find: Wrist warmers...LOVE!