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Moms ...

Moms are special.  Twirling moms are life long friends.  We may not see each other often but we are connected through hours and hours of twirling daughters.


Jeanie (best twirling teacher) and I met Linda of Amarillo (mom of Lockney & Baylor feature twirler, Tandi), in Tulia for Lunch. What a nice little outing!



How come I look like the oldest of us Three-Twirl-Mom Amigos?  (hint: no lipstick.  ok, be nice!)  


Fresh Find:  This linen display (napkin valet) piece is so fun.  You KNOW that I love the simplicity of it!!!  What fun to have one per place setting with their name & napkin on it. :O) Of course it would be a great display for old hankies, too.


Mush ...

My brain is mush. My friend got a new laptop from her friend and her friend asked me to be sure it was set up and ready for her friend to use.

Spent this afternoon getting that accomplished. Thank goodness our sweet daughter was able to take my calls!  LOL

My brain is mush...

The peach tree is gone. I moved the huge turquoise pot to where it sat & it looks nice.  It feels pretty naked to my eye there but it is what it is. I'm sure next season it will be all better!


Got the industrial wheels to create something fun out of something trashed. I hope it works out.


Our man that helped my mom and me around the house with yard or really whatever we couldn't accomplish moved. He was really such a blessing. I'm just sick about it. Needed: hardworking, trustworthy, helper...


Got 'sugared' today @ Radiant Lily. Awesome.


Since I'm not to be in the sun...trimmed all of the beds this evening.


Ran my mom's errands, Clinton's errands, my errands.


Did I say my brain was mush?  LOL


Fresh Find:  Look at this fun tray...Love One Another!!!


Beautiful ...

011 (3)

This picture is beautiful to me. As I stood watching the grand-sisters sleep under their Dr. Seuss sheets, I was reminded of how beautifully blessed we are. While being beautifully blessed we also have a responsibility to train up the grand-sisters in a way that is pleasing to God. 

Soon after I took this picture Miss A reached over with her hand and gently touched her sister's face showing such love for her. It is awesome to see their love for each other even when they argue and cry over wanting what the other has.  One day Dylan will be old enough to express this same type of love for her sister.  I think this sister thing is pretty cool to watch.


Fresh Find: Love the colors in this bedding.


Family ...

The grand-sisters got to spend some much needed (on our part) time with their West Texas family (minus a few):

Unkie A, Miss A, and Miss D...


Grandpa Wall, Miss D, and Miss A ...

014 - Copy


Grandma Wall, Miss D, and Miss A ...

016 - Copy

Nanny and Miss A ...


Nanny and Miss D ...

021 (2)


They were in town for their Great-Grandmother, Merle Mooney's, Celebration of Life service. What a wonderful legacy this woman started (thank you Gammy for the pictures)


The Bro-Brood ...


Fresh Find:  Love this clutch!


Blessed ...

010 copy

Many years ago I was blessed to be able to travel to the Ukraine on a mission trip.  I discovered while there that one day when I became a grandmother that I wanted to enjoy it like the babushkas of the country I visited.  I loved the grandmother's I met and watched. I enjoyed their hard work of life and that in it they took time and enjoyed their grandchildren above all else.

I did become a babushka, shortened to Ushka, and I'm honored and blessed to be connected in some small way to other grandmothers way around the world.

I have a friend who is a former Plainview High School classmate and frequent visitor to the Ukraine. She has shared several fun babushka items with me from her visits there through the years. This week I came home to a beautiful hand painted decorative plate set that she had delivered to me by another friend who had visited her city. Beyond blessed that anyone would think of me in our busy world, but especially with such a beautiful connective gift like these...beyond amazed!


Fresh Find:  A really fun bolero!


"Tornado" ...

Guess what?  We have had a perfect tornado to hit our house.  It whirls & is Miss A and Miss D! We had an artisan morning...




I took Miss A this morning for a mani & pedi...just us two.  It was so much fun to watch her get pampered!





She discovered how to shoot the space disks. What fun!!!


Unkie A stopped by on his lunch and let both girls shoot space disks at him!


Boy is it good to see the grand-sisters!


Fresh Find: Fun little sandal.

Andes_red multi_300s


Right ...

Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. Up right and do right make all right. 

Remember when we got in trouble at school and we had to write something 100 times on the board or on paper?  (of course I never had to do that...LOL)  Listen up teachers; here is your phrase to use.  Up right and do right make all right.

When my Father in Heaven looks upon my heart I pray he sees His child living upright, doing right, and being all right in my soul.


Pinecones, berries, & daisies.  My life is about as eclectic as this plastic flower arrangement. Gotta love unique!

007 copy

Fresh Find: Liking this tunic!


Between ...

003 copy

I feel like I am stuck between two worlds. The world of control where I determine the outcome of everything that brings peace to my world and the one where I know I have no control to fix things for everyone I love so deeply.

From my family who suffers to my dear friend's families who hurt. I am a fixer.  Not really.  God is THE fixer. He uses me sometimes to spread his love, but mostly he brings me to my knees to the place of total dependence on Him.

God wove me together in my mother's womb to be just like I am, which is a miracle in itself since my mother miscarried several times before me. God knew, God knew. He knows me like no one else does.  He knows my short-comings, my fears, my desires, my prayers, all the junk in my trunk (even though I have it all organized and categorized, LOL). 

There is nothing like the feeling of trying to find joy in a valley. I have discovered that it is not in the LOOKING FOR joy but in the inward knowing of Joy in a God who is there...always.


Fresh Find:  What a great grip flashlight!