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A little over a year ago Dr. Marrow of First Baptist Church Plainview taught a study on Frequently Asked Questions about the Bible.  The last in the series was, "What Happens When We Die?"  The lesson scripture was Hebrews 9:27.

I found it to be very good and wanted to give you the outline from it...


What happens AFTER we die depends on what happens BEFORE we die.

1. Questions and Answers about death.

    A. Is there a "Second Chance" after death? ~ Hebrews 9:27

    B. What about "Near Death Experiences?" ~ Acts 7:55-56

    C. What happens to children/infants who die? ~ Romans 5:20

    D. Can we contact the dead after they are gone? ~ (Galations 5:19-21)

    E. What do you say to someone who has lost a loved one?


2. What happens at the moment of death?

    A. For the SAVED ~ Luke 23:43; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17

        *Our soul goes into the consious presence of the Lord

        *Our body is buried until the day of resurrection

        *When Christ returns, we will be raised bodily from the grave

        * Body & soul reunite; we will be with the Lord forever

    B. For the LOST

        * The soul of the lost is sent to hell where it is in consious torment. ~ Luke 16:19-31

        * Punishment is eternal ~ Mark 9:43-48

        *The body is raised at the Great White Throne Judgement ~ Revelation 20:11-15

        *The unsaved are cast into the lake of fire where they will reside forever eternally seperated from the presence of the Almighty God.


 ( ) is a scripture I have added


Now, you can believe this or you won't.  It is a choice, everything is a choice.  I personally know what a difference accepting Christ made in my life.  Yes, there have been times that I have questioned what eternity really is, what it means, will we care, are we wrong, but you know what?  The eternity question is what comes after our work on earth is done. Our purpose as believers is to show others the difference God has made in our lives through his love (Jesus) for us enough so that they want it, too. 

I think we fail on a good day and miserably fail on the bad ones.  We are too self-centered to really care about what someone else might face when they die.  I'm as guilty as the next person. 

Our prayer should be:  God use me to bring others into your fold.


Ecclesiastes 9:5 ... For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward, and even their name is forgotten. I do not want you to be forgotten!!!


Fresh Find:  I want this.  It is only 5" x 5" x 7" but I like it!!!  Art!