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In reading in the book of Genesis the words rule over were impressed on my mind and heart.  What is it to rule over? 

Why did God give us the power to rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and every living creature that moves on the ground?  He goes on to give us every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole and every tree that has a fruit with seed in it.  Everything, he gave us the power to rule over everything.

The exercise of authority or control is the definition of rule that I'm looking at here.  To me there are two ways to rule over something or someone.  We can rule with love or we can rule with pride/greed.  I don't think we can do both.  I believe that God's creation was created out of the purest love for us.  When he says we are to rule over his creation, I do believe he wanted us to follow his example of unconditional love, pure love and respect. 

My momma always said you can get a whole lot more outa folks by serving them honey 'stead of vinegar!


We had to move the bar up 6 inches.  Adelyn has really grown!

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Fresh Find:  Everyone loves beautiful marbles.  I came across an artist who creates amazing marbles.  Father's Day perhaps?