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Easter ...

Easter is such a beautiful gift.  God loves us so much.  We love our grand-sisters, that's for sure :O)  We are so thankful for their complete preciousness!!!


Miss A reveals the inside of this egg!


Miss D eats her first Rolo!


Before Sunday School & Easter worship ...


Fresh Find:  A really cute dress.


Proof ...

There is proof on the mirror that they are here :O)



The grand-sisters had their pictures taken with the bunnies today with Don, Chris, Deeda, and Charlcey @ Don's Photography...




They wore their pink and white striped "farmer girl" cover-alls.  Miss A did not like them at all.  Miss D loved them because they had pockets!  The pictures turned out really cute.  We will get them next week.


More to come on our Easter week-end adventures!  We are already worn out.  The girls played & played outside this afternoon.  Such a beautiful day.  Uncle Bert gave us Unkie Aaron's bread so we stopped by the duck pond, too.  Will post a few of those later on.  Time for sleep ;o)  Love these girls!!!


Fresh Find:  Like this puzzle!


Let the Easter Fun Begin...


School Easter Egg Hunt and play day for Miss A.



Our precious Miss D and her bag.



The grand-sisters after school, party, and fun!  One lets mommy dress her and one picks out everything she wears herself.  Both look precious!!!

Miss D LOVES to paint, too!!!


Fresh Find:  Love wood items.Wood is so diverse in its lines.  We could learn something from wood.  Hang something on these!


Wallet ...

This is one of the special things I get to look at each day as a reminder of my wonderful grandmother, Lucy May Etter.


34 copy

This penny was in the pocket. 1962...I was 7 years old that year.  Pretty molded.

33 copy


32 copy


In another spot I found this stamp. Our Cranny bought almost everything with stamps.  I licked my share of those yucky things.

31 copy


Fresh Find:  Love this peace dove beaded/leather cuff.  Awesome!


True Story ...

The True Night Before Easter by Timothy Penland


‘Twas the night before Easter

Peter lay in his bed,

He just couldn’t sleep

For the thoughts in his head.


So much had happened

In the last several days.

Now it all ran together,

It seemed like a maze.


He met this man ~ Jesus

Through Andrew his brother

Jesus traveled the country

Along with His mother.


Some called him the Christ

Some thought He was lazy,

Some said He was wise

Others said, “That man’s crazy.”


Wherever He went

Folks crowded the street,

When He stopped anywhere

Children flocked to His feet.


Most everyone liked Him

And thought He was good,

But a few got so mad

They’d kill if they could.


He healed many sick

Raised some that were dead,

Said, “Don’t hate each other ~

Love others instead.”


Then a few days ago

As He rode into town,

Many came out to greet Him,

Some even bowed down.


People laid down palm branches

Children sang joyful songs,

But the leaders were angry

They were scared of the throngs.


They said, “This man’s evil.”

They thought He should die,

They had a fake trial

And paid some men to lie.


Then they sent Him to Pilate

Saying, “Kill Him for us.”

“It’s you we will follow,

It’s you that we trust.”


“Don’t hurt this good man,”

Pilate heard from his wife.

So he tried to find some way

To save Jesus’ life.


But the Chief Priest and Scribes

Had started a riot.

The people were shouting

And would not be quiet.


They screamed, “Just kill Jesus

That’s what you should do

You can blame it on us,

He’s no King of the Jews.”


Pilate finally gave in

He sent Jesus to die.

He’d be nailed to a cross

That was raised to the sky.


And Jesus died on that day

And was laid in a tomb.

As Peter remembered

His heart filled with gloom.


He also recalled

That Jesus had said,

He would die for our sins

But He would not stay dead.


He said he was dying

To pay for our sin

And, that if He was right

They’d see Him again.


Now three days had passed,

Peter was there when He died.

And he started to wonder

If Jesus had lied.


Then just before dawn

He heard someone outside.

He wanted to see

But he thought he should hide.


When he went to the door

There stood his friend Mary

She was screaming and yelling

The story was scary.


She had been to the tomb

She shared what she found

The stone had been moved,

There was no one around.


Peter stood there bewildered

By what Mary said,

Then John yelled, “Let’s see!”

And he took off ahead.


When they got to the tomb

Both men went inside,

Jesus’ body was gone

That could not be denied.


Mary also came back

To the garden grave

She was crying and sad

As she looked in the cave.


Then she noticed a man

A gardener she thought

She went to tell him

It was Jesus she sought.


The man looked at Mary

“Please help me!” she said.

Then He whispered her name

And she lifted her head.


Could it really be Jesus?

Was He standing this close?

She just fell at His feet.

He’s alive! He arose!


He has risen! He has risen!

The disciples soon heard

And they told everyone

This glorious word!


Jesus died for our sins

But then He arose

He was really God’s Son

Now everyone knows.


His promise is simple

His message is true

The tomb now is empty

He’s alive just for you!


Fresh Find: Forgiven Nail.


Today ...

Today started out early.  Well, early for me.  I was up just before 7:30 to begin cleaning the house.  I had decided it was okay not to deep clean since I really was not in the mood.  Plus, whatever I did had to be done before 10 a.m. because I had an appointment here at the house.

Right off I sat the wooden magazine holder up on the toilet so I would be able to vacuum where it sits.  I then decided to dust the baseboards.  I forgot the magazine holder was there and as I rushingly leaned down to the baseboard my left eye caught the corner of the wood.  I saw stars and was stunned but no time to slow down :O)  I did get done what I set out to do.  Yay!

I did have a nagging headache all day.  I took some Tylenol and then finally three Advil later to kick it.  I even went bowling and bowled okay, fair, and better than okay.  LOL  I do believe I will survive.  My pity party is over.  Onward Christian soldier!!!

I even have everything ready for our new shelves under the workbench.  They are to be installed Thursday morning.  Very excited.  I love organization.  I sure hope everything fits!!!

Well, the skirt I made Adelyn never reached her.  It is one of the few times I have just mailed without printing the label.  I used old stamps.  Otherwise there would be a tracking number.  So sad!!!  It did have our return, it best be returned USPS...just sayin'!!!

I'm sad the Kristi's is closing.  I've known that it was coming.  It is as big a part of Plainview history as any business ever was! :O(

It is suppose to be nice weather for Easter.  I sure hope so...our girls are coming :O)


Fresh Find: Cute green sandals!


Growth ... ...


Here is my final journey Bible.  I bought it several years ago for that purpose.  It is large print.  I still need "readers" to read it.  This year's color is orange to underline the words God shows me each day.  It represents growth for me in my spiritual life.


Miss A is growing up.  She went to a friends for pizza and a movie!!!





As I was thinking about Palm Sunday today 2 things popped into my crazy head.  The first is this; even while Jesus was suffering on the cross, in his darkest time, his heart was on the salvation of others.  (remember the others hanging on their crosses?)  Second is this.  God created shock value before shock value was cool!  A virgin birth...a horrific death for others wrongs...darkness...a stone rolled empty tomb...HE AROSE...Holy Spirit!!!  I love this story!!!  Easter is such a wonderful time to focus on new growth!!!

Fresh Find:  Love this chair!!!  Need a bunch for outside!


Focus ...

Some days it just doesn't get better.  It seems to get worse.  These are the days I hate.  I don't hate anything or anyone but some is hard when I stop and realize that I'll never measure up to the expectations, I'll never make all of the right choices, and I certainly will never please those who deserve it most, no matter how hard I try. 

Focus: The truth is though ... I can't dwell on all of my imperfections and shortcomings that I feel others see in me for that gives Satan the opportunity to keep my focus on doubt.  There is never a doubt in my mind that the debt that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, paid on the cross for me is my saving grace.  I am so blessed to be called his child and into his service.

I have always known that I was created a wee-bit (okay a way-bit) different.  I love knowing that God knew this before anyone else.  I find strength there.

Psalm 139:13-14 ... For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.


I must stay focused on God's plan for my life.  His spirit dwells within me.  Some days Satan allows me to focus on my hurts, my disappointments to others, my failures, all of the earthly things that take my focus away from my service to the Lord ... who is eternal. 

1 Corinthians 3:16 ... Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?


I know I am not alone with this self doubt issue.  I pray that if you are reading this that you know where your worthiness comes from.  It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done, God created you for his purpose.  He created a bridge in Jesus Christ so that we can feel secure in our future through simply accepting his gift of grace.


I AM a very blessed Child of God.  I understand that.  Is every day rosey?  I wish it were but I often make it difficult.

Hebrews 4:16 Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.


Focus ... It isn't about me.  It is about others and what God is leading me to see and do.

Fresh Find:  I like this artist's garden art.


Life ...

For a happy life ...

Life is like manure.  When used in a garden, manure is fertilizer.  It is effective and inexpensive, it provides nourishment to the soil and helps the garden to become beautiful.  On the other hand, when found in a pasture and stepped on inadvertently, manure is nothing but messy crap.  Life is like that.  It is in how we choose to look at our experiences.


Life for the parent...

Every time you do something crazy, I can feel my little hairs committing suicide by jumping right out of my head and plunging all the way to their death on my shoulders. If you listen carefully you can sometimes hear them screaming all the way down.


Life for the child of the parent ...

You may have thought you learned something as you grew but you will soon discover that the parent will always be correct.  First because you are their child.  Later out of respect.


Fresh Find:  I so absolutely want this ring.  I want the date of when I accepted Christ on it.  It would make an awesome birth, Mother's Day, or wedding gift, too.  Many options!!!