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Christmas has been a little different for me this year.  Our Christmas family celebration was this weekend.  I certainly loved being with the grand-sisters and our family.I decided long ago that whenever I was able to be with those I care deeply for I would be blessed!  So, having our Christmas the weekend before Christmas was wonderful.  God had a plan for my Christmas morning and I knew that.  Having Christmas early allowed me to drive to Lubbock to see a dear friend in the hospital on Christmas morning.

I started out Christmas morning blowing up a 36" white balloon to place outside for our Savior's birthday party.  Brr, it was cold and snowing.  Beautiful!!!  Happy Birthday Jesus.  You are the strength and love in my mixed up world.  You are the peace that keeps me sane.  You are the joy that excites me to share your love with others.

With blowing snow I was hesitant to get on the road to Lubbock, but I knew that this was God's direction and he was with me.  The roads weren't too bad.  Lubbock roads were much worse than Plainview's.  If it had just been me traveling I would not have been so concerned, but I had a special mom.  She wanted to go say hello to my sweet friend, too!  We walked into to the hospital room to a bright pink sweater hatted lady.  The biggest smile came across her face and I knew that Christmas was happening in the best of ways.  It was so wonderful to see Jo Lively getting better.  Her smile is contagious and she loves those she loves deeply.  Her getting better is a Christmas miracle.  I'm so blessed to have Christmas morning to share God's love by making someone happy.  Of course, I was blessed and so was my mother.  It was a special memory.  Thank you God for helping me to listen always to your still small voice.

Today I saw a family in an ICU standing around a small child.  I stopped and thanked God that our sweet children are healthy and at home enjoying Christmas.  It isn't that way for so many today.  We are so very, very blessed!!!  Hold on to those you love.  Let your actions reflect the love in your heart.  We think people know we love them, but often they have no idea.  Actions speak louder than words never spoken.

Find Christmas every day in the smallest ways to create joy in the hearts of others.  You might just be the one who makes a difference to one with a hurting heart.  God uses his people to heal the heart at a time.  Merry Christmas!!!


Christmas 12

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