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Happy Costume Day ...

Some of our family loves to dress up in costume and some well, not so much!  This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom in an angel costume...

Mother angel


Our nephews enjoy wearing costumes...

Brock & Brant Wall


Aaron, a few years ago ...


the grand-sisters ...

234 - Copy

Me, as a cowgirl???  LOL

Phyllis Longhorn 2011

and the one time I can really remember Clinton dressing in costume was in 1992...


Happy costume day!!!


Fresh Find:  I want to be the kid who gets this for Christmas!!!




Family Portraits ...

In September we had planned to take our family picture with my mother, her friend, Robert, my brother, my sister-in-law, my husband, and me.  The 6 of us.  I had such cute props all ready.  Then, my brother fell.  Then he was diagnosed with Cancer.  Needless to say other priorities have moved into our lives.

One of the props was to be each of us holding a "painting" of ourselves.  Here are our family "potraits" ...


Our mom, Lorena (Nanny)...



Mother's friend, Robert...


My brother, John...



My sister-in-law, Debby...



My husband, Clinton...



and, me...

Phyl wallFB
(Love the smirk!  LOL)

Fresh Find:  For that wonderful new bar soap!


Dress-up ...

I went through the attic tubs and delivered all of Chrissa's dance and twirling costumes to the grand-sisters for their dress-up room closet.  We took them two rubbons, too.  They had a blast!!!







We also played parrot...




Adorable and fun to play dress up!!!

Fresh Find:  I love these cargo pants!!!


Pumpkin Patch ...

We saw the grand-sisters.  We were sad because we thought it was going to be too cold for our pumpkin patch visit.   It turned out sunshiny and slightly cool, but a beautiful day!


Come on in to the maze!



Sister is getting us Kettle Corn!!!





Always a wonderful trip.  We had so much fun.  We are all pooped, but we love playing together!!!


Fresh Find:  I love raw wood furniture & I especially like this piece!


America ...

It is election time.  I voted.  Speaking of America ...  I was getting a few things from the attic and came across this dress.  It was created for our daughter.  It is a replica of one I saw at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C..



There was a color front page picture in the Plainview Daily Herald years ago of our daughter wearing this dress.  It did stir up a little talk because some thought she was actually wearing a flag.  It is most certainly NOT an American flag.  Flag etiquette states that we are not to wear ANYTHING that resembles the flag or has flags on it.  I'm not certain of the story of this Smithsonian Museum dress so I can't say if it is right or wrong.  I loved it and I still love it.  Our children ARE our Nation.  We must protect BOTH!!!


Fresh Find:  I LOVE this dining table!!!


Brother ...

I have one brother, John, who is seven years my senior. I still hear from people who do not know that I have a sibling. I think it is because of the age difference and him already being an adult in the time when I was just growing up. He moved from Plainview and I'm still here. I do not wear a picture of the two of us on my sweatshirt, maybe I should?  I'm pretty certain my brother wants to remain anonymous.  I'll do my best to honor his wishes, after I share a picture.



I was a one year old, in the nursery, while my brother John enjoyed the teaching of Mayesie Burke in Sunday School at First Baptist Church.  He is on the left.  Such a precious treasure of a picture that was sent to me by Karen, Mrs. Harvey Burke's daughter.  Priceless!

Fresh Find:  Like building snowmen?  No snow?  No worry!


Hobo ...



Since it is nearing Halloween and we are all seeing costumes everywhere, I will share a favorite picture of my grandparents on my mother's side, Lucy & Hugh Etter...going hobo! :O)

I'm not one that likes to dress up too much unless it is to make kids smile.  I have been a clown many times and the Cat in the Hat, too.  I loved being Auntie Claus from that favorite Christmas storybook.  We are suppose to dress up for our bowling league on Monday night...hmmmm, will I???


Fresh Find:  This rolling luggage is trending!


Gazpacho ...

I made Gazpacho today.  It is so refreshing!!!  I suppose you could heat this, but I'm not sure why you would want to :O)


2 large can tomato juice

1 large can plum tomatoes

1 large hothouse cucumber

1 red bell pepper

1 bundle green onions

1 bundle cilantro

1 bundle parsley

3 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice

2 medium jalapenos (seeded)

1 Teaspoon fresh garlic (from jar)

1 large container chicken broth (use for desired consistency)


Dice all vegetable ingredients; place small amounts into processor/blender to puree.  In a very large bowl, add to tomato juice and mix.  Season with salt & pepper.  Add broth to desired consistency.  Cover, chill for at least 2 hours before serving.  Garnish with ripe avacado chunks.

(you can decide how much of what you want of each ingredient...a pretty flexible recipe)


Fresh Find: Even the dogs can have Christmas pajamas!!!


Covers ...

"Love covers a multitude of sins."  Remember hearing this?  In 1 Peter 4:8 we find it ... Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.

Just me thinking...  :O)

To cover something is an action.  Love is the "cover action" over the sins. We are not to in any way hide them [sins], but cover the pain/suffering through comfort, guidance, and compassion found ONLY through Jesus Christ, the creator of love. (in other for others as Jesus cares for us)


Another Miss Spidery Tea Party picture.  Dylan and her daddy.



Adelyn and her mommy ...


PRICELESS!!! Love them ALL!!!

Fresh Find:  I'm lovin' this little rain jacket.  Maybe we will have rain if I buy it???