Allow ...
Peach ...

Messed Up ...

Well, things are messed up.  I bought three pair of boots from the Salvation Army in Plainview.  They are in two Walmart bags with three boots to a bag.  I put them in the car.  Now, they are nowhere to be found!!!  The mystery of the lost cowboy boots!

I need them.  I need to paint them.  I need to find the paint one has the color I want.  That's just messed up!  LOL

I need the lighted stems, too.  No one has them.  I'll have to order them.  Now, that's just messed up!

I went to the doctor this morning in Lubbock at 8:30.  I had to leave here by 7:30.  I got there and they did not have me down.  Guess I forgot to clear this appointment when they rescheduled.  I'm just messed up! ;o)  (she did see me anyway and was so nice)

The birds are pulling the peaches off of the tree and flying off with them.  That is messed up, unless you are the bird loving the peach it picked!

I'm looking for a messed up fixer-upper.  Anyone know where I can get one?  LOL


Fresh Find:  Someone NEEDS this vintage typewriter keyboard!!!