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It is well...

It is well, it is well.  With my soul, with my soul.  It is well, it is well, with my soul.

I have been wondering why others feel like they can say whatever they want about others on the internet.  I have had that a lot lately on a particular site.  It would be one thing if the ones saying things knew me, but that don't.  They only know what they create in their minds. 

The internet, social media in particular, is NOT the place to air negativity.  It always goes back to the saying, "If you don't have something good to say then just don't say anything at all."  That's what my momma taught me!!! :O)


Fresh Find: These slippers make me smile!!!


Dirt in the Air...

Dirt in the air

Dirt in the air

Blowin' like a fool with yourself in the air

With your sharp edges

Hittin' my face

Dirt in the air

Dirt in the air

Thinkin' you are somethin' special

With yourself in the air

Blockin' my view here in Plainview

Blowin in the wind

Just blowin' in the wind

Dirt in the air

Dirt in the air


Fresh Find: Everyone needs a head for their hat!


Little Black Sambo...

When I was a kid I remember loving the book Little Black Sambo.  It never once entered my mind that there was anything racial about it.  As a matter-of-fact I had to read much latter in life why it was no longer available.  To me the book was about a little boy and tigers and the little boy won in the end with yummy pancakes.  I found a copy of this book recently and I still love the story.  I love it more because of how Little Black Sambo created change!!!




Fresh Find: This is what a porch is all about!



An addiction to me is anything I can't stop. Technology is a tough call because our lives are filled with technology.  Devices of every kind and shape infiltrate our forms.  I decided that I needed to take a 7 day technology fast. 

The first two days were the toughest because I was here at home and found that I had to communicate to others regarding several things.  Very legit, but still I felt like I had fallen off of the wagon.

The last five days were spent with the grand-sisters which could be considered cheating because I don't have time or even want to communicate with the world.  The time belongs to them :o)  Still, after bedtime, I had the desire to check in, but I didn't!

After this week and lots of thinking I have a different outlook on my technology pulse.  It isn't all bad.  Technology is good when it is used for good.  I'm glad I took the time to step back and look at its [technology] purpose in my life.


The itsy-bitsy spider is going to get me!



Our little "Boogie Monster" (from the book) doing her boogie!



Fresh Find: We have the wind.  We just need the kite!  Like this one...




Reading a gift book written by Amelia (Millie) Bishop she says this, "We get done what we spend our time doing."

What a simple, but powerful statement.


I'm taking some time off from posting.  I just need to take some time.  I will return and we'll see what I've learned.  Have a great week, and see you around!


Fresh Find: Love someone?  Celebrating an anniversary?  What a great goft this is!!!


Tools for Sale...

This was sent to me today.  I wanted to share it with you all:



It was advertised that the devil was going to put his tools up for sale.  On the date of the sale, the tools were placed for public inspection; each tool being marked with its sale price. They were a treacherous lot of implements...Hatred, Envy, Jealousy, Deceit, Lying, Pride, and so on. 

Laid apart from the rest was a harmless looking tool, well worn and priced very high.  "What is the name of this tool?" asked one of the purchasers, pointing to it. 

That is Discouragement", replied the devil.  "Why have you priced it so high?"  "Because it is more useful to me than the others. I can pry open and get inside a man's heart with that when I cannot get near him with my other tools. Once I get inside, I can make him do what I choose. It is badly worn because I use it on almost everyone, since very few people know that it belongs to me." 

My friend, don't let Satan discourage you in anyway. You are God's child and have the victory already won. All you have to do is keep your faith on the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ. The devil will not have a chance to discourage you, even with his best tools!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


Fresh Find:  Love this chambray dress.  Actually, love this wjhole site!  Fun things!!!


I learned...

I'm learning every day.  Today I learned all about the term murderobilia.  Pretty disturbing.  I learned that an item can be packed perfectly by someone and USPS can crush the box and then they still deliver it.  I learned that customs can do whatever they want with USPS mail. I learned... 

I learned I really have nothing to say so I'll be still and listen :O)

Fresh Find:  I love, love creating my own abstract art here!!!


Just Thoughts...

I have not felt great and this has given me some time to stop and think.  You know, just thoughts floating through the hollow space within my head.


  • Rules are most often created to protect not hurt.
  • If you sit by the road thinking that people will get out and walk over to you to give you money, well...I could say get a job, but then I wonder who really will get out, walk over, and be kind?
  • Sometimes it is really okay to get upset because it creates change.
  • Prayer honestly does change things!
  • When we tell others we will do something we should.
  • I never have enough time in my day for all I don't do.
  • If I got to live my life again I would still be the me God created.
  • My bucket list consists of one thing...whatever God has for me this day!
  • I wish I did not have so many nightmares.
  • I really like my weirdness...others, not so much I'm guessing.
  • I'm TV challenged.
  • Water is so good.
  • Anyone doing anything is going to be criticized by those who do nothing.
  • I'm about ready to organize something.  Life is good.


Fresh Find:  Personalize a clipboard for him or her!


Spa & Chocolate...

We had a women's worship spa & chocolate party tonight.  It was such fun.  I rarely venture out to evening events, but I must say this one intrigued me.  I mean, spa AND chocolate!

We had a couple of teamwork games and lots of laughs!  A wonderful little devotional and lots of chocolate.  There were stops for hair creations, nails, soft hands, lips, face make-up, back massage, warm neck therapy, and facial.  Did I mention chocolate? ;o)

There were women of all lots of "buzz" was going on.  It was so good to see all of these Godly women!!!

I have a few pictures of some of the fun!!! An evening of being pampered.  The names have been omitted to protect the innocent!  LOL


025 copy


028 copy


029 copy


027 copy


031 copy


032 copy


035 copy

033 copy


037 copy


036 copy


038 copy


This greeted me tonight as I entered...loved it!

024 copy


What a wonderful evening.  Thank you WOW committee!!!