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Christmas Long Ago...

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This was our home at 313 Irene Street in Plainview, Texas.  This picture was taken in 1956, so I was about one year of age.  In the picture is our cousin Vicky Cox with my brother John H. Dayton.  He loved that big rocking horse from the stories I remember hearing.  I'm guessing that is my little horse on the right.  I must have really wanted to get on my brother's big horse so they got me my own little one!  LOL

I love the Christmas tree.  Remember icicles?  How beautiful they were when the lights reflected off of them!  Remember what a pain they were to hang?  ;o)  I remember many years later when artificial trees were created and we hung the icicles on them...what a pain to take off!  Still, so pretty.  I have not seen icicles in the stores for quite some time.  Do they still make them?

I like the sparseness of the tree, too.  Poor skinny Christmas tree!  :O)

Christmas decorations sure have changed since my childhood.  If you wanted something decorative to sit around at Christmastime you had to make it!  Remember making Reader's Digest Christmas trees?  What a hoot! Some we spray painted gold, too!



Fresh Find: I LOVE these new tapes.  What fun to take several and created a cute border around an area!



Word Dynamics...

It never ceases to amaze me the power of spoken words and how they change the dynamics of anothers life, for good or bad.  "The path from words spoken is like the fork in the leads to love and acceptance and one leads away." 


Ephesians 4:29 says, "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen."


No one is without this sin.  There is gossip in all circles.  If someone says they are not, then ... hmmm.  There can be edifying talk about others and that is what we must have become a habit of our hearts.

I know I have hurt and I have been hurt.  It is in the overcoming.  As the poem below shares ... some hurt is so deep that it takes longer to find the way back.  I find for me it is a process that God walks me through.  Once he brings me to forgiveness it may or may not include a relationship at that point and time or maybe ever.  The peace that comes when you are walking with the Father holding you when you hurt is indescribable.




Sticks and stones may break our bones
But our bones can all be healed
When hurtful words are spoken to us
The brokenness is often concealed
Hidden away deep down inside
Where nobody can ever reach in
Only God’s hand can heal the hurt
If we allow His love to come in

Lord please help us speak the words
That will build up and edify
Words that will bring comfort and hope
That will truly unify
It’s so easy to come out with words
Filled with anger and hurt
Words that divide sisters and brothers
That hasn’t been laced with God’s word

How easy it is to speak the words
That discourages one another
Giving our own opinions and advice
Without understanding each other
Lord I pray you’ll speak through us
With words that truly uplift
Words that always encourages
And hearts willing to forgive

Help us Lord to realize our words
Can bruise the human soul
And can build a wall of indifference
Where our spirits slowly grow cold
Help us Lord to realize the pain
That others can feel inside
When we speak negativity
And discouragement into their lives

We must be ever mindful of
The words we come to speak
And ask ourselves – ‘Will they build up’
For words can cut so deep
If we could only grasp this
We would only speak words of hope
That brings blessing and encouragement
And helps one another to grow.


"Word dynamics create in our world the difference between life and death."


Fresh Find: I love this cheery Christmas Tree!  As I browsed today at Old World Antiques I was reminded that they have pretty much everything we see in the catalogs, plus some, and they are in Plainview!  Shop locally!

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Pretty Party...

I went to a pretty party a month ago.  It was the wedding of our one time neighbor Debbie Sheetz.  The wedding, held in Dallas, was lovely.  A day Debbie will remember forever.  Of course, Miss "A" went with her mommy and me.  She was ready for another pretty party and the opportunity to dance!






and...this one says it all!  We love our girls!



Fresh Find:  I love these Santa boots!


Picture Perfect...

Isn't this a precious picture?  This is one of the sweetest little girls!  Picture perfect in the eyes of God who created her!  She acted out the story of Hannah from 1 Samuel during Sunday School.  She did not want me to video her (can't blame her), but she did an awesome job.


Fresh Find: I love Balsamic vinegar!!!


Sunday School...



This is one of the many special young people that God has blessed me to know.  "M" was in second grade many years ago :O)  She was in junior high I think here, or maybe even 6th grade.  Now she is in high school.  What a huge responsibility we have to show them God's unending love for them.  God has richly blessed us with the opportunity to share his Word with these kids. I know that every child that comes through the second grade is uniquely and wonderfully made.  I love watching them grow in their faith.  What an amazing God we serve!

Have a wonderful new week!!!



Fresh Find: Loving this crossover cashmere sweater.


Happy Birthday...

Each one of us has a birthday.  They are exciting days.  Some like big parties and some like to spend a quite day celebrating.  No matter how we celebrate our day, birthdays are a day to reflect on our lives to that point.

Everyday is somebodies birth date.  Today just happens to be our daughters.  So, Happy Birthday to a wonderful daughter!!! :O)


229 - Copy

Fresh Find: What an interesting idea.  A cell phone that is just a phone.  Hello, good-bye!



Records, as in 45s. 




500 arrived today.  I do have my own collection of 45s and I do listen to them and my vinyl albums from time to time.  I do not need 500 45s though.  So, you ask, Why did you get them?  Well, a fellow volunteer with the American Cancer Society needs some to decorate with.  Now, we have a few for them to use.  I'll browse through these to see if there are any that I want to keep to listen to.  I'm guessing there might be 10 or less.  Then, they can use what they want.  After that...we might need to get crafty!  LOL


Fresh Find:  I love this set of five round mirrors!






Every day I am thankful for many things.  Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the year's many, many blessings.  Even in times of turmoil we can be thankful. 

So many in our world are struggling. We don't know what is going on in the lives of those we meet each day, in person or virtually.  We must be sensitive to others actions and words to understand and give.  We are in such a hurry in our lives.  It is an opportunity missed when we don't pay attention and move into action. 

I have been so blessed by those God has placed in my life.  Some for a season, some for many seasons.

Enjoy your family this thanksgiving.  Family doesn't always have to be the traditional family either.  Family is someone who needs you and allows you to feel needed.


Fresh Find: Love these earrings. I always wear the same earrings.  I'm so boring, but I do like these!!! :O)


City Girl . Country Boy...

If you know my mother then you know she loves to have fun.  She loves to dress up and create a special costume party for their dance group at Halloween time.  I have posted her angel costume (one of my favorite pictures of her) on this blog.  Some costumes, I can't even describe!  LOL  This year she and Robert went as City Girl & Country Boy.


Here is their picture ...



She is in her 80s and has more energy than I do!  I hope she always has fun!!!

Fresh Find:  I love these Vera Wand sweater boots, black or brown!