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Getting Ready...

Well, everyone is getting in high gear for Baby "D".  Grandmom is painting the room a wonderful shade of purple.  Adelyn is helping, too.  She told her mommy that she needed to get back to work!  LOL



Next is putting it all back together with a lovely blend of shades of purple and a light green.  She will be here in a month!  Yikes!  We better go shopping for a diaper bag!  LOL


I think this linen jacket is awesome.  This Fresh Find is what I call comfort clothing! ;o)


Dish Towels...

I have some very wonderful dish towels hand embroidered by my sweet Cranny (my grandmother).  I believe in using special things and not just storing them so...these get lots of use!

I so love these! They make me smile inside!!!

Why use paper towels so much?  Get those dish towels out and use them!  Do you have favorites?


I like the colors in my Fresh Find today.  Perfect bright colors on these dish towels for the cold dreary days headed our way! :O(  These would make us smile!



Let's see, how many of these people do you recognize?  What a great picture from the PHS annual from the early 70s.  I love the changes!  Many of these ladies I have contact with through facebook, but some I have no clue about them today.  Tell us your side of the story!  LOL

Several of these women still live in Plainview.  I wonder how they have used their VOE training through the years!


I love this scissor.  It is a right or left hand piece of art AND my Fresh Find!


Victor Moreno...


Victor Moreno was our daughter's ballet teacher when she danced with Ballet Lubbock.  He was a wonderful teacher and very caring and compassionate with our little dancer.  I really enjoyed knowing him. 

Many ballerinas were trained by him. When you Google him you see that he was prominent in the world of ballet.  I was saddened to read that Victor passed away in 2010.


Lots more to read about him.  He will be missed.  The dance world is better because of him.


My Fresh Find are these great kitchen steak knives. I don't know that I could pay this prive, but I do believe you get what you pay for.  I bet they are nice.  I would check out at Evalene's Gidts & More here in Plainview first to see what they offer!



My Today...

Today I had lunch and a visit with Carolyn, always enjoy seeing her.  Had coffee and a chat with Deb at the Brew...we got nothing accomplished and we did not change the world, but we just relaxed and chatted. 

Have a Vision Skatepark meeting in a bit and pray that we one day soon will have a skatepark complex for this sport and several others who can utilize the area!

I took a few pictures today as things popped into my eye's is a God thing :O)

Have a wonderful remainder of the week!  Feel blessed!


 002 copy .

Plainview's very own Stonehenge!


004 copy .

Running Water-less Draw...


006 copy .

Don't fall into my yard!  LOL


011 copy .

Peachy keen!


012 copy .

Don't try this! Hahaha!  Love it!  Go skaters!


013 copy .

"Orange" ya sure that you see what I see?


014 copy.

"Whooo-whooo" are you looking for? 

018 copy .

Why, I'm looking for you little birdie! ;o)


021 copy .

Spotted corrugate...

Today my Fresh Find is pretty hip!  LOL  A handbag, utility bag for the hip!  I think this would be great for hands free, save your shoulder shopping & travel!



Tweeting a New Song...

001 copy 

"I will sing unto the Lord for he has been good to me." Psalm 13:6

Clinton has a bad cold, poor thing.  He was not craving food like I was tonight.  As a matter of fact, he didn't want to eat. 

I decided I would keep food smells out of the house and I was hungry for an Amigos soft taco piled high with Cilantro & Pico.  Yum-yum!

When I parked at the store I could hear the little bird singing.  I think he was praising the Lord for providing a great tree to perch in, the sunshine to warm his feathers, something to eat, and protection for the cold night.  If God does this for the little bird he will do it for me.  I needed that sweet reminder of how God has richly blessed me!  I'm tweeting a new song!


My Fresh Find is a ribbon dream come true for the crafter!


Very Nature...

but made himself nothing taking the very nature of a servant, he humbled himself

philippians 2:7-8

So, I was thinking about these two words, very nature, and what they mean.  For most of us mothers I think we get it.  It is our very nature to nurture our children.  It is in us.  Do we know how to do it when we bring our first child home?  NO!  I can remember standing on the front porch of our sweet first home on Independence Street thinking, "What do I do?"  You know, it was the very nature within me, the desire within me, that allowed me to respond to our child and care for our child.

Jesus came and his very nature was to serve.  In a love that I cannot fathom he cares for me. 

I want my natural habits, my very nature, to honor him.

006 (18)_edited-1 

Today I found the best flosser EVER!  My Fresh Find is the Reach Access Daily Flosser.  It is shaped just like a typical toothbrush and you replace the flss head.  They snap off & on. What I really like is that your teeth biting down gently pushes the floss down between the teeth.  It is so easy to reach the back teeth, too!  I got mine at CVS, but I'm sure you can get them at many locations.



Happy 81st Birthday...

We celebrated our mother's 81st birthday tonight at the regular Monday night Seniors dance.  It was a perfect party.  Everyone was so nice and mother had a great time.  Her birthday is actually Wednesday, but we all know she loves a good dance and her friends so...doing this way was perfect!

A good time was had by all!

Here she is blowing out her candles!!!


It is snowing here in Plainview.Texas so I think a spot of tea would be nice.  I like the tea to steep but hate trying to keep up with the Fresh Find!


Pretty Is As...

Pretty is as pretty does!  And pretty Miss A has a pretty room!!!

Everything that could be shipped for the creation of Miss A's new big girl room was shipped the week prior to my scheduled arrival.  It all arrived in great shape, next day...thank you to UPS!

I had two over-sized pieces of luggage (over 40 pounds each) filled with tools and extra things we might need to do the work.  Plus, I carried on the plane a bag of framed art pieces that I was afraid to ship.

Really, this is sounding like it was a huge wasn't.  It was fun and my only real concern is that the kids would like it once it was done!  I had sent a design page with everything I was going to use pictured to be sure they liked it.  We had bought the bedding on an earlier trip when I visited.  So, we had colors planned.

We have the dresser that was my grandparents that was in the kids master bedroom until they recently redid that room.  The dresser is a great piece PLUS it is signed by my grandfather.


They put this dresser together in 1958, 53 years ago. "Bo" always signed his work and typically put something about the weather along with the date.  Such neat history!!!  It is still a very sturdy piece of furniture.  It has been refinished in a couple of ways through the years since Chrissa has had it.  For Miss A's room we added new pink legs and a touch of pink behind the drawer pulls.


Then we took a queen box spring and made our "queen" a platform.  This took a while because we took 2 twin comforters and hand stitched them together and then stapled.  It turned out really cute and perfect for a little 2 year old to step up on to get into her bed!


Here is she is in her pretty in pink bedroom.  Everything is soft and comfy for her!  She loves it.


This is her storage area.  This is a sleeping room not a play room so there are books, music and a few pretties!


So fun!  Oh, and we organized her closet, too!  :O)  Everything really went perfectly! 

Now, on to the nursery.  Grand-mom (Lana) will be painting it soon.  We got it all ready for that.  Got the closet remodel mess cleaned up and we know what we are doing in there will be a breeze to finish it up.  Then...on to...welcome Baby "D"!!!


My Fresh Find is the game, Spot It.  I think we would need to be fast!!!  Looks fun!


Living Outside In...

No wonder the world was so messed up.  We had everything backwords.  We were all living OUTSIDE IN with the hope that what we surrounded ourselves with would make us better people.  We needed to live INSIDE OUT with the hope that what came out of us would make the world better.

and a final tidbit...

In the handbook in my office desk I'm still classified as nonessential personnel.  I like that, too.  I like knowing that while I'm necessary, I'm not essential.  It's not all about me.


A long board for a Fresh Find!  Sweet!!!