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Another Year...

Another year has come and gone and I know we just blinked twice!  ;o)  It has been an awesome year full of God's amazing blessings. 

I am not one to make resolutions for the new year.  I do good to make it through each day with some success!  LOL

If I were to put in print my Top 10 areas of change I would LIKE to accomplish for myself they would include:

1. Start running

2. Drink more water

3. Do more for others

4. Show more patience

5. Take an online class

6. Learn how a camera works

7. Paint more

8. Care more

9. Pray more and...

10. Stay in the Word more


This little blessing, full of love, is such a joy! Might I suggest independent?  LOL  We have had lots of fun times this year and I look forward to 2011 enjoying she and her sister due soon!



2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new!

I do not know the plans God has for me tomorrow, but I want to be his new creation every day!

May each of you be blessed in 2011 and in your blessings find peace through serving others! Joy, peace, hope, to you my friends!


Can't open that jar?  This Fresh Find will be your muscle!


In the Oven...

Our sweet Baby D is "in the oven" as they say and she likes snuggling with her mommy.  They let me go with them to see her in three & 4-D and she stayed very close to mommy for protection! 

I just find it amazing that you can actually see inside so clearly.  Back in the day, when I was with child, sonograms were brand new.  We did not have them at all with our first and only one with our second.  Some doctors do them every month.  Chrissa's doctor is very conservative with any peeping ;o) 

So, we know she is a girl. a sister, for our Miss 'A' and I think they look alike in lots of ways!  Of course, only God knows at this point.  This little beauty might just have red hair! :O)

Here she wakes up.  Probably is thinking..."I'm trying to SLEEP in here!"  LOL  Her foot is about 2" long and she is about 14" long.  2 more months.  She is starting her putting on weight by leaps and bounds time!

We are blessed!


12282010_2 bw 


I like clean lined things.  Today, my Fresh Find fits that bill.  Coat rack, extra storage, whatever hangs!  Nice!



I feel a little wishy-washy today.  I did tons of laundry before I left to go to Dallas in our wishy-washy machine.  In Dallas, I did up Miss A's laundry in their wishy-washy machine and now I'm home working the wishy-washy machine again!  WISHY-WASHY has no end!

I am VERY thankful to have a wishy-washy machine.  My grandmother walked to the wash house with every load and then hung most things on the line to dry for years.  She finally did get her a matched set, but still housed out in the wash house! 

Boy, that wash house was warm, too!  On cool or cold days it sure felt nice to go warm up inside the little closet.  In the summer it wasn't quite so much fun!

"Anners", that lived across the street from my grandparents took their laundry to the laundry mat on 11th Street her whole life.  I guess my grandmother was lucky or maybe "Anners" just didn't want a machine at home.  Who knows?

I was sure afraid that our grand girl was going to be needing a wishy-washy machine for her clothes (and I was hoping the stains would come out) after I let her put on lip gloss for the first time!  LOL


She actually did very well with directing it to her lips!  She sure had fun!!!

Notice her orange nails.  Yes, we had to do a mani and a pedi.  Every morning she needs them touched up, too!  I think we have created us a glamour queen!

She went with her mommy & daddy (they let me tag along) to the 3 & 4-D sonogram.  She wasn't too interested in seeing Baby "D" on the TV, but as we were leaving she waved and said, "Bye-bye baby D_ _ _ _!"  The cutest thing!

We have such fun with her!


On the wishy-washy note...this Fresh Find is a re-freshing artist.  I love her wishy-washy clown!






I bet I'm not the only one who spent an afternoon throwing Jacks.  The game of Jacks might also be called jackstones, jackrocks, fivestones, onesies, knucklebones, snobs, and many other names depending on what country you are in.  The game of Jacks, in one form or another, has been around for over a hundred years.

I remember onsies, twosies, up to tensies.  Do you?

The game is between two people, but I remember playing by myself.  I might just get me a set of Jacks to go along with my Pogo Stick!  LOL


I want my Fresh Find today!  Wow, memories!


Tie One On...

Martha Stewart knows her stuff, like her or not.  She was not born knowing it.  She knows WHERE to find the information and then adds her creative design star element to it. 

Today I was looking at bow ties.  Don't ask me why.  I don't know why!  LOL  I guess I was curious to see how to tie one on!  :O)



A few years ago I painted a picture entitled 'Tie One On' and it hangs in our son's room.


My Fresh Find are these great bow ties.  They deserve a come back with all the fabrics and colors we have today!  It is going to be a NEW YEAR!



Christmas 2010...all done!

Christmas 2010...all done!  Our house is quite and the normal routine will start again.  It is always so nice to see our kiddos.  Being with family is what Christmas is all about. 

Family is a broad spectrum word.  Because it is, no one has to be without a 'family' of some sort on any given day.  If only everyone who feels alone would realize this.  I pray that we might realize that God loves us so much that he delivered Jesus and then the Holy Spirit for us to accept so that we never ever are alone!

My favorite Christmas picture of "Miss A" is....drum roll


This girl has a mind of her own.  She enjoys being in charge and telling us what she wants and how we are to do it :O)  She is amazing at remembering names with faces.  In this picture she is a confident leader!!!

The necklace she is wearing was made by a 3rd grader from Snyder.  A little entrepreneur it looks like!  Too cute!  It was a gift.


Valentine's Day will be here soon and when I saw these TALL roses I thought you needed to see them, too!  My Fresh Find would make a great gift and I'm sure our local florists can get them for you!!!


A Baby Changes Everything...

A baby changes everything! As I listen to the purity in this song I am reminded that God used Mary as a vessel to bring our Savior to us.  How faithful she was.  My prayer is that I will be a faithful vessel for Jesus to use to share the hope that comes through accepting him as our Lord and Savior!  Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours!



My Fresh Find will be the coolest sweatshirt for techie geeks!


Christmas Eve...

Christmas Eve is a time of anticipation.  I wonder what the Bible days anticipation was like as they waited for the promised savior?  I think it must be like a child waiting for Santa Claus!  That feeling of excitement and expectation.  Sometimes children are let down at Christmas when they don't get what they wanted.  With Jesus, he is there for us.  He is the same today as he is tomorrow.  He IS!

Adelyn is here and she is precious!  I tell you what; God is amazing in how he creates children for us old people to enjoy just watching...playing and watching!  Adelyn wants us to read a book and then she reads another book out loud while we read ours out loud.  You do need to do things her way!  LOL  She is a tiny bit bossy.  Bossy must be hereditary!  LOL

She likes the Santa at our house okay now that she knocked on him and discovered he is NOT real! ;o)



She loves to take care of her babies.  I'm not sure how she is going to like her new baby that will be here in March, but she is a nurturing child.  Of course, her baby gets picked up by the heels and swings in the air!  LOL

Here she is this morning taking care of her baby...



Santa is checking his list, checking it twice!  Looking to see who has been naughty or nice.  Adelyn is on the nice list! ;o)



She is off to her granddad's for Christmas Eve day and night with her mommy & daddy.  I know she will have a fun day.


My Fresh Find are these wonderfully cute tea bags that hang over the edge of your cup!


Christmas 1959

This is a picture of me and my brother John in 1959.  I was 4 and he was 11. 

54 to 61 0122 

Johnny got a firetruck and Phyllis got a doll for Christmas. 

Notice my plaid pantsuit. What a fashion statement I was making at 4 years of age!  If you could see how grubby I dress now you would not believe I ever dressed so stunningly! LOL 

I'm guessing my brother just got a new Boy Scout shirt and pants because I don't think Boy Scout attire is the typical Christmas morning dress!  ;o)

Do you see the lone Santa boot just to the left of the doll trunk?  We have that old boot to this day.  It is one of my favorite Christmas decorations!  I have never understood why Santa just had one boot?  Who has the matching one to the pair?  I'll never know, but I am happy to have such sweet memories of my childhood with this lone Santa boot!


Don't you step on my cobalt blue suede boots...they ARE my Fresh Find and UGG!


Do you see what I see?...

Do you see what I see?

003 copy


006 copy 


God blessed me this morning in the form of the birds he created.

God blessed me this afternoon through faithful friends.

God blessed me tonight with sweet memories of a young girl named Becky.


My heart is heavy with the pain that so many are suffering right now.  I am going to list these by number and if you feel led, please pray for each one.  God knows who they are and what they need.















and I know there are so many more, but these God has placed on my heart tonight!

Please pray for our daughter, too.  She is not feeling well and I'm asking for complete healing for her right now!!!  Thank you for joining me in prayer!!!


I love the shape of my Fresh Find punch bowl & cups!  Too pretty!