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Cucumber Relish...

Rita says it sounds gross! LOL  Doesn't matter.  It is made and getting cold and crisp!  Let me tell you what's in this Cucumber Relish.

10 medium cucumber

1 bag midget tiny carrot

1 bunch green onion

1 bunch celery

8 vine grown tomatoes

9 Jalapeno

I cut each one of these into about 1/4 sized pieces, fairly small.  They then went in a large bowl of ice cold water and salt to have their salt bath for 4 hours.

In a large metal pan I place the 3 cups sugar, 2 1/2 cups apple cider vinegar, mustard seed, cunin seed and some garlic pepper grated cooking until boiling.  At that time I took the drained and towel dried salt bath veggies and placed then in the boilng sugar water to simmer for 10 minutes.

I made sure the jars were hot and waiting.  Stirred up the ingredients and then poured them in, sealed the top and screwed on the band as tight as I could.  They were hot!  Then they were put in hot water to set for a bit and finally ended up in the refrigerator to get cold and done ;o)


This was an all day afair.  It made 8 quarts.  I like I hope the others do, too!  Now, I'm not sure what I'm cooking next, but get ready!  It will be another great recipe from Plainview's past!


My Fresh Find is this wonderful dish drainer.  Nice and neat and practical!



Luscious Red...

Last Sunday as we arrived at church God took me across the street to this redness of his creation.

 001 copy

002 copy 

003 copy 

In worship Sunday Dr. Hart was talking about how we know that God is.  It was an excellent sermon.  One thing that I had thought about in my times of question is what he said...If there is a creation or things are created there must be a Creator. 

Every time he leads me to what he wants me to photograph I am amazed at its beauty.  God is the Creator. Thank you God!!!

Today my Fresh Find is just cute and oh so educational!  Look at this great puzzle of the United States and in its own cute carry case!


The Only Thing...

The Only Thing

THE ONLY THING by Ronnie Freeman

I heard someone say the other day
They'd seen in me true love displayed
Blessed by something I had done for them
No sooner had they said these words
I found myself somehow disturbed
Uneasy as I took their compliment
Cause I know the heart inside this man
I know the truth of who I am...

The only thing that's good in me is Jesus
The only thing that's good in me is Jesus
I know me well enough to know
No matter what this life may show
The only thing that's good in me is Jesus

If you could walk the hallways of my heart
And see things as they really are
I wonder if you might be surprised
Seeing faded walls of pride and fear
Rooms I've filled with faithless tears
And corners where I've stood in compromise
But you'd see the work His grace has done
You'd know just how far I've come

In a thousand years
When the dust of this world clears
And I look back on my life
And see in perfect light

The only thing that's good in me is Jesus
The only thing that's good in me is Jesus
I know me well enough to know
No matter what this life may show
The only thing that's good in me is Jesus

The only thing that's good in me is Jesus
The only thing that's good in me is Jesus
I know me well enough to know
No matter what this life may show
The only thing that's good in me is Jesus



A sweet, dear, longtime friend of mine, LaGay, told me about this song this morning in worship.  You know, I don't believe she told me about this song, but I believe God used her as a vessel to share with me something I needed to know, needed to hear, needed to feel.

Do we act on things as messages from God?  I think we should do that more.  We should listen to the Holy Spirit as he leads us.  We need to look past the humanness of those that God places in our lives to see the spiritual reason or purpose for us being at that place in time together.

The only thing good in me is Jesus.  When I look in the mirror I know there are flaws.  I know the things I've done that are not pleasing, that I still do to this day.  God sees and knows.  When we see ourselves reflected it brings us closer to the only one who knows us because he created us.  I find this peaceful in that God knew me, knows me and forgives me in spite of my bad choices.  I can have this grace because of my acceptance of Jesus.

I am so not perfect and when others look at me. I pray they know that I am just like them with all the temptations of the world knocking at my door.  The difference is the only good in me is Jesus.  I know I was born again in him and I know where my after life is through him.  There is no way to the Father (God) but through him (Jesus) and I rest in this scripture. (John 14:6)

Please forgive me when I fail, I am only human. God forgives me and I pray that I can do for others what he does for me. I struggle with many issues, as I know everyone does.  I always have to go back to my Rock, my Fortress, my Foundation and leave it there, at the cross. At the cross, at the cross, where I first saw the light, and the burden of my heart rolled away, it was there by faith I received my sight, and now I am happy all the day!

The only thing good in me is Jesus.  I am happy in whatever comes?  I am blessed in everything!


My Fresh Find are these Texas Tech logo bandz!  Cute!!!



I know those of you from our area will think I'm crazy, but I've never been into Carlsbad Caverns.  Well, I've been by there, but I refuse to go down IN the caverns.

I know...I hear it is beautiful.  I just don't think I would enjoy it.  One year we all stopped at Fantastic Caverns.  It is a really small one as far as caverns go.  Someone talked me into going under.  All I wanted to see was light at the end to get out.  Can I say miserable?  LOL

What I saw was okay, pretty I guess.  It was just deep and dark and no air...or at least that is how I felt.

Here is a picture of part of our group.  My grandmother, "Cranny" on the left front of the wagon, followed by my mother, Lorena, and my dad, John.  My grandfather, "Bo" on the right side, Chelsie, my niece right behind him, and then Aaron behind Chelsie.



My Fresh Find is this wonderful even egg cracker for hard boiled egg peeling.


What I learned...


What I learned today is that some people are just not honest, but most are.  There is still hope.  I learned that I can't do anything about them...only me.  We all will have to answer to God Almighty.  Wow, I have a bunch of answering to do ;o) 

What I learned yesterday was that when life is going crazy I can't remember what day of the week it is and I don't like that.

What I learned last week is that God is forming "D" Baby "B" in a wonderful person, our daughter!

What I learned last month is that I went to school with some really wonderful people and I wish I had been more social then so I could have know them better.  I'm blessed to have them as friends now!!!

What I learned last year is that every time I hear our son answer the phone, "High Plains Concrete," I am proud of him!


This Fresh Find is a leetle creepy!  But in a strange way "office-ially" pretty.



Do you ever feel like you are on a perpetual slide?  That is how I feel today.  I'm sliding and I cannot see the end and I'm not in control.  Yikes!  Life slow down!!! ;o)

Here is a cute picture of Adelyn on the slide.  She loves the park and is getting so brave!



My Fresh Find is this great table cloth and napkins.  Teaching proper table setting while we eat! :O)



One of God's greatest miracles is new life.  There is nothing sweeter than a new baby. Have you ever thought about all that happens from the moment the egg is fertilized?  A baby is created.  There is no doubt in my mind that life begins from fertilization.

If you have ever miscarried within the first weeks of pregnancy you will understand this.  The human eye may not be able to tell that there was a life there, but the human emotions feel it.

My mother miscarried between my brother and my birth. I miscarried between Aaron & Chrissa's birth.  Chrissa miscarried between Adelyn and ??? birth.  Even in the first weeks, we felt the emotional loss.

Now we have a new miracle coming.  Adelyn has a sibling about 12 weeks old, due to this world, March 9th.


Okay, I always have said that I can only handle spoiling one grand, but God is in control and I know that this one on the way is going to get loved by Ushka & Paw-paw, too!  How exciting!


My Fresh Find is this wonderful little hanging piece.  With so many parents sending their kids off to school this year...I find it fitting!



Who doesn't love a good rocking chair?  I know we have a little rocker at my Mother's house that my brother and I rocked in for years.  As a matter of fact, I could still fit my seat-end in it until I got pregnant with our first child.  Down hill from there! LOL


This circa 1961 picture shows my brother sitting in it.  There is me with my Kitten doll.


Here is Adelyn in her rocking chair that was a gift from Grandma & Grandpa Wall. (sorry it isn't very clear it was via mobile phone)  Still precious though!



My Fresh Find are these corded Tom shoes. Shop on-line or just make a pit stop in Plainview @ It's a Girl Thing!


Sunday Sings...

Today was promotion Sunday and we had a brand new group of 2nd graders at Sunday School.  Oh my, they are precious!  It is sad to see our last year's kids move on, but it is what they should do.  Then, we get new smiling faces; bouncy, happy, talkative and full of energy faces!

This morning in worship I got to see two of our precious young girls (former 2nd graders) be baptized...AMEN! I am so proud of Kaitlyn's and Kaitlyn's decision!!!

Then I got to hear the Three "G's" sing.  AMAZING!!! The Three "G's" are Dr. Gary Abercrombie, Gary Lloyd and Dr. Gary Manning and they sang "Sweet, Sweet Spirit."

After that I rushed back to the pre-school suite for my extended session duty.  It was TWIN day!  I got to see the Barnett twins AND the English twins!  Boy & girl and boy & boy! Plus, we had 4 other babies!  They are all so cute!

After worship we headed to 7th Street park for the 4th grade pizza party (Clinton teaches 4th grade).  It was nice!

I missed the sermon today, but am glad to know that it can be seen on Tuesday evenings on TV or here.


I think these quick & fun clutches are really cute!!!  My Fresh Find that you can grab in a hurry! LOL