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Okay, I am sure that white chocolate mocha is my enemy, as is mocha frappe or frappacino.  It makes my life miserable.  I blamed my pain on pretzels and I apologize to the pretzel twisters! It all comes back to me now. Ugh!


I got a lot done this morning.  Vacuumed, mopped, cleaned bathrooms, etc.  Felt lousy though.  Even in not feeling grand I know I am blessed. 


What were your random acts of kindness today?  I know the official day is February 17th, but this is one celebration that we should do every day!  I just love doing RAK!!!  Such a blessing!


I'm so excited today because my damaged nails are finally out long enough that they don't give that weird sensation when you touch the loosened edges!  Whop-double whoop!


Some guy mowing down the street drove his riding mower into the ally and dumped all that grass into OUR dumpster.  Why?  Use the ones where you are mowing. It is illegal to put grass in regular dumpsters :O) Speaking of grass...nothing like the smell of rain on fresh cut grass!


Facebook is just one big techie soap opera.  I'm not big on soaps.  Then on the other hand, facebook allows us to start praying immediately for needs.  I love that.  I enjoy chatting with old friends and enjoy the new friends I've made.  I guess I'll keep you facebook.


This makes me smile:



Years ago I bought an oriental patio umbrella and it is in our sun-room.  I love it!  I'll never forget driving home with it from one end of the car to the other! LOL I found this site today and love their patio Fresh Find!


Dancing family...

Well, many of you know my mom has rhythm.  Chrissa has it, too.  Mother is not a trained dancer, but loves to have a great time and I might add is pretty good at it!  Chrissa is a ballerina.  She also has tap, jazz, hip-hop, etc. training.  The rhythm gene missed me totally.  REALLY!

So, now there is Adelyn...



I think she's got it!!! LOL


Remember necklace watches?  My Fresh Find is a time keeper!


Rainy Days and Mondays...

Rainy days and Mondays...  Remember that song made famous by the Carpenters?   

Talkin' to myself and feelin' old
Sometimes I'd like to quit
Nothing ever seems to fit
Hangin' around
Nothing to do but frown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

What I've got they used to call the blues
Nothin' is really wrong
Feelin' like I don't belong
Walkin' around
Some kind of lonely clown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

Funny but it seems I always wind up here with you
Nice to know somebody loves me
Funny but it seems that it's the only thing to do
Run and find the one who loves me.

What I feel has come and gone before
No need to talk it out
We know what it's all about
Hangin' around
Nothing to do but frown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

We had quite a rain last night.  We got about an inch and a half!  The yard loves it!  We have a bush that is not going to make it because it has had too much to drink!  Unusual for our parts, I know!

It was an odd day for me.  I had an aunt to pass away last week and her funeral was today.  I started not feeling well last evening.  I think it was something I ate so I was unable to attend the funeral in Littlefield today.  Rainy days & Mondays kind of got me down today.  It was a cloudy overcast sky day today and just gorgeous!  A wonderful day to lay to rest Aunt Fran.  Lots of wonderful memories made with her!  I wish there had been more!


Need a manhole for a quick escape?  My Fresh Find can help you!


What's that?

We have a talker.  Adelyn asks "what's that" for everything she sees and then repeats it.  She is into knowing! She is also into night-night for all her dolls & animals.  They all must sleep on their tummies! ;o)

I could tell you how smart she is, but I know you all would think I was just a bragging Ushka!

Speaking of Ushka.  Adelyn may have a different idea regarding what I should be called!  GaGa... From Ushka to Lady GaGa!!!  Opposite ends of the spectrum for sure! LOL  I'll be GaGa if she wants me to be though because she RULES! :O)



New photos in the album... 

I need this Fresh Find.  My own personal microdermabrasion machine!  Nice.



There has been a recall on our car.  It is funny because I had no clue that our car even did what they are recalling! LOL  There is potential for an electrical board fire  that pertains to the heated washer fluid system.  Hmm.  Guess it is good that I have not tried it! LOL  Anyway, now they will disconnect it and pay us for buying it and it not working. 

There is so much on cars these days.  I have not used most of the technology on ours!  I guess this is why I want an old Ford or Chevy pick-up with one of those great big steering wheels!  I do want air conditioning!  I want it to be pristine on the inside and outside, too.


If I was slower then.


I do admit to liking a nice ride.  I would like to pick and choose my options though!  If I won't use it then you can just save your time and money...


I like clouds & I like rings Fresh Findis this cloud ring! You can share your mood with your clouds!!! LOL



Look at this picture I found of my cousin Vicky.  It was in my grandmother's pictures that we had stored in the attic. Look at the cute glasses and that wishbone pin.  I remember pins being so popular!!! Our two families were close when we were growing up.  We don't see each other very often. I pray she is happy and healthy!


Look at this Fresh Find.  Cute storage shelf!!!


I must...

I heard a little phrase today that made me stop and think.

I must live to be thankful.

1 Thessalonian 5:18

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

This becomes a challenge when we are in the midst of destructive situations.  This is why being in the Word and having a strong relationship with Christ feeds our faith and keeps us strong! He gives us strength, direction and hope!


My Fresh Find is this cute table...


Bird watching...

I enjoy watching birds.  Not scientifically or seriously, but enjoyably!  Adelyn does, too!  She is more like me every day!  Can I apologize to her parents now? LOL


My sweet friend Gerald Dean sent me this little recipe.  I love it!!!





1 part of knowing who you are
1 part of knowing who you aren't
1 part of knowing what you want
1 part of knowing who you wish to be
1 part of knowing what you already have
1 part of choosing wisely from what you have
1 part of loving and thanking for ALL you have


Combine ingredients together gently and carefully, using faith and vision. Mix together with strong belief of the outcome until finely blended.


Use thoughts, words and actions for best results.


Bake until Blessed. Give thanks again


Yield: Unlimited service


I want this Fresh Findand I want a room to put it in! Am I getting it?  No.  If you do you will need to invite me over to play! LOL



When I was twelve I was a sixth grader at College Hill Elementary in Plainview . Texas.  Our principal was Mr. Chumrey.  He recently passed away.  He was the kindest man.  He touched many lives in a positive way!  Thank you Mr. Chumrey!!!

Here I am on a Sunday morning ready for church.



I remember in 6th grade we were playing around in class and some guy pulled my arms above my head trying to pull me out of my desk.  My garter belt & fishnet hose tops showed.  I was so embarassed!


Twelve pictures from today...















This Fresh Find is great for little pools, big pools or even sprinkler play!



I saw this sign when I was at a training the other day. I posted it on facebook right after because it is such a sign of the times.  People throw poopy diapers outside in the parking lot and now I find out they are wiping their boogers on the inside of bathroom stalls.  When I was in school they were carving bad words on the stall doors and eating boogers!  Gross! I know ;o) See, things may be looking up! LOL  I'm just baffled by these types of disrespect!!! 



In case you need to know just what a booger is (and I want this to be an educational blog!) Read more hear... BOOGER 


My Fresh Find today is this precious and colorful family necklace!