Old, old tree...
What are your phobias?

Some thoughts today and what I saw...


v  You are only poor when you want more than you have

v  Wisdom consists of passing up non-essentials

v  Silence is the best and surest way to hide ignorance

v  If you have a good excuse, do not use it

v  Those who do the least, often say the most

v  Some folks are always punctual in being late

v  Nothing is dirt cheap except gossip

v  Swallow your pride often, it is non-fattening

v  The best thing to spend on children is your time

v  Prayer does not need proof, it needs practice

v  People who do a lot of kneeling don’t do much lying

v  It is easier to preach 10 sermons than to live one

v  When at a loss for the right words to say, try silence

v  The person who stands neutral stands for nothing

v  No one is too big to be courteous, but many are too small

v  The person with a closed mind usually has an open mouth

v  Nothing is discussed more and practiced less than prayer

v  When trouble comes a person’s true quality is revealed

v  No job is boring if you can see God’s purpose in it

v  Knowledge humbles great people, astonishes the common, and puffs up the small

v  Ulcers are a direct result of mountain climbing over mole hills

v  Not once has God said, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you”

v  Don’t worry about getting old for it is better to be “over the hill” than under it

v  Dignity is one thing that cannot be preserved in alcohol

v  If envy were a fever most the world would be ill





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