So funny!!!

Precious, precious Saturday!

Our precious Adelyn stopped by to see us today.  Actually, we were lucky to get to love on her ALL day!  Nothing, outside my faith, is so special as that!

We stopped by her Nanny's house (my mom's) on our way to the Plainview Country Club.


Does she looks a little scared of her crazy Ushka & Nanny? LOL


We were walking and she was strolling ;o) ... so on to the PCC for lunch.  She ate and made a mess, how much fun she had!  Then, we went to the pool.  The great thing is they have a 1' pool for little ones.

Didn't matter, she really did not want to do water today, but she REALLY wanted to hang with the kids there and she loved the music!  She did get in, but really wanted to get out and walk all around the pool!

Here are a few pictures from our swim time. (more in her photo album in the sidebar...


. heading to the music & kids...


. she really does love the pool!

. There is nothing so beautiful in all the world!


Remember the days of drive-in movies?  My Fresh Find is a pretty in red, drive-in movie, dress!