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Etter Family...

Today I got a nice surprise in the mail.  A picture of my great-great grandparents on the Etter side.  This is their 50th Wedding Anniversary picture from 1915!  Ellen Marie and Cleon Moore Etter... She looks like she was the sweetest person.  I wish I had known her!!!  I bet he could tell a whopper of a story!  I wish I could have listened!!!



My Fresh Find are these great number necklaces.  Say you have 4 children...wear a 4 or there are 6 in your family, you wear 6.  Maybe your daughter turns 5 so you give her a 5 necklace.  Or you could be 54 and wear a 5 and a 4!!!  Pretty cute!


Road Kill...

Today on facebook I made this comment. 

We all have a little 'road kill' in our lives. We didn't mean to. What to do. Go back and check it out? Leave it there for others to hit on? Seek forgiveness? 

I found it interesting that most that commented wanted to know what I had run over.  I guess they have riden with me! LOL

Had one confession: "How did you know? I was only 18 and it all happened so fast! One night I think I hit a cat crossing Quincy between the high school and Allsup's because there was a furry black spot on the street the next day."

My neighbors wanted to know if I hit their dog. Several others got on the goat, the scapegoat, the old scapegoat theory.

But, the winner of understanding my thoughts said, "I thought this was about life...I thought it was about mistakes...making mistakes without making things right."

Life is short, very short.


My Fresh Find today is this handy magnetic measuring scoop.  Where is it?  Well, right where you stuck it!






Theta Delphin...

I came across this picture of several of our Theta Delphin study club members from a few years back.  We all had bucket hats with 'Yo-Yo Sisterhood' on the back and the Greek letters for 'I ata pi' and Around the World on the front.  We were a hoot for sure! (one in this picture, a past member, is having a birthday this week...HAPPY BIRTHDAY you!!!)




Theta was started in 1986 by our sister club Omega Delphin for the younger women. We are 23 now!!!

We enjoy a wonderful time of fellowship and study each month. We may not see each other except when we gather together as life long friends.  This is truly a blessing!

Once each year we gather with our sister club.  They are such an inspiration to us!!

This year we are going to be studying "Healthy Choices...", but it won't be the kind if programs you might imagine.  Oh no, not this group!!!  We do have our fun!!!


My Fresh Find is this great toddler bed!  I like!!!


Precious kids...

We have two very precious children.  Blessed, blessed we are!  I came across these two pictures from a trip years ago and they are two of my favorites of all pictures we have!










and now I can add this precious blessing to my heart!!!






My Fresh Find is this wonderful new remote with a new generation TV!!!



People Pleasing...

I am a people pleaser.  I do not like to disappoint.  I think there are many of us with this type of personality. Some of the greatest pain I have suffered has been from me attempting the impossible...pleasing others.  We all want to feel approval or feel the affirmation stroke.  I realized long ago that Jesus set me free from this self-inflicted pain. 

"But with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged by you or by any human court. In fact, I do not even judge myself." I Corinthians 4:3

My life here is not to please, but to be the person God created me to be.  I am worthy ONLY in him.  I find that just absolutely AMAZING!!!


My Fresh Findis this easy lemon juice pour-er.  Like it very much.



Freestyle rap is when a rapper just picks words off the top of their head as the go through the rap.

Freestyle yap is when a person talks just to be talking or as I hear often...idle chatter!

And, freestyle is a type of swimming where the swimmer can select the strokes they want...

That is what Adelyn was doing today.  She is a water lover.




I like light and so when I saw this lights pop-up book I knew it would be my Fresh Find for today.  I collect pop-up books and this may need to be in my library! :O)



I heard this quote and I had to stop and really think about it.

"Hope is an excuse for doing nothing." When I think about the word hope I think to feel that something desired may happen. In this context I can see where hoping doesn't get things done.  Doing something does.

In 1 Peter 3:15 the Bible says, But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord.  Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.  But do this with gentleness and respect."

To know Hope we have to do something.  We have to accept this gift [Hope] of grace.  That's it. 

I wish I may

I wish I might

Be filled with Hope

To serve with Might!


Adelyn and one of her many faces...



My Fresh Find today are these great shoes!!!


Rose Colored Glasses...

Today I visited a retina eye specialist in Lubbock.  My family has big eye issues and I wanted to be proactive instead of reactive.  Both my mother and mother-in-law see this doctor.  I really like him.

Of course you get your eyes dilated. Then you wait.  One thing they do is insert dye through your vein that makes everything rose colored.  It is really very cool.  I told them today that I felt kind of like I was back in the psychedelic 70s!  LOL

It got me to thinking.  How often do we find ourselves looking through rose colored "glasses" and not really seeing the truth?

Funny, this song just appeared tonight.  Perfect for this blog!


Rose Coloured Glasses  by Wayne Watson

Heavenly Father--Have You got a moment
There's something I don't understand
How from Your window--Watchin' Your children
You hold back the wrath of Your hand
Does Your window pane--Bear a lasting stain
That a sinful rain can't wash away

His gaze always passes thru rose coloured glasses
Every time He looks on my heart
And thru love's forgiveness
Thru purity's fire
I am my God's desire

Heavenly Father--Just one more question
I don't mean to take so much time
But tell me--How much did it hurt You
To give from Your garden
The most lovely rose from Your vine
When the petals fell--When the colours ran
Was it then and there You first saw me holy?


Here is precious Adelyn...



My Fresh Find is this clouds painting.  I really like several things from this Etsy artist.


Great site...

Today on Facebook, one time Plainview resident Regina James shared a video of Joni Eareckson Tada speaking at the Dallas Theological Seminary.  They have some great media clips of speakers/lectures on this site.  I thought I would share it with you.


My Fresh Find is this revolver cane.  It doesn't really fit wit the theme of my blog tonight. Hmmm, some old person will like this though.

Gun stick

Concrete Plant...

It is amazing how a ready-mix concrete plant works.  A few years back High Plains Concrete got a new "plant."  Here is a shot of it getting set into place.  Oh, I climbed this silo not long ago. I think you would be quite amazed at the behind the scenes working of this type of industry. 



My Fresh Find are these little thumb wrestling masks.  Kids, young & old alike, will love them!