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What it's all about...

 It has been 4 years since we had Michele in 2nd grade Sunday School.  She is now in 6th grade Sunday School and will move into the youth area next year.  When she was in first grade (across the hall) she became my special little friend.  Every Sunday since that time she stops by our classroom when she gets there.  She comes early because her parents teach an adult class so, I get to spend an extra few minutes with her each Sunday.  Here we are this morning.


It has been so fun watching her grow into the beautiful young lady she is becoming.  I am so proud of her.  Just like I'm proud of all our kids.  Everyone that comes through becomes special in my heart.  I love to keep up with them and watch God work in their lives!!!  Awesome.


My Fresh Find is this game table.  I love air hockey!!!  It is on sale, too!!!



In a faraway land there is a group of children that are dear to me.  They are dear because God has brought us together. 

At the beginning of this year our FBC, 2nd grade children (and a few others) gave money for candy that would go to a mission project.  It got me to thinking how our children could meet the children from the school that had become dear to me.  We will decide what our collected money can do to help this school as our next part of this project!!!

The children were sent lots of paper, that they could use for a variety of school projects. and a box of crayons per child.  V. M., the school director, and I had discussed this project and he was eager to assist.  Each child would color a picture for our children.  They would place their picture on it so our children could identify them and pray for them.  The school had the children write the picture word in Kiswahili and in English.  I can't wait to give these to our children!!!


Here are a few of the children from Africa.  I will not give their location to protect them since their names are here.


I remember singing this song as a child.  It was only as I grew in my faith that it became very important in my life. 

Jesus Loves the little children

All the children of the world

Red and yellow, black and white

They are precious in his sight

Jesus loves the little children of the world.

My Fresh Find today I want.  I hope they come with someone to massage them!



Today was a kick-back day.  Well, all my days are pretty much that way.  Not because I don't do anything, but because I make the choice to enjoy every moment.  I try to see the little things.  Maybe I miss some things...I don't know. 

I saw this today...


and this...


Here is a part of one of our flower beds.  A better way to use a birdbath...


Speaking of the little things.  Here is a great picture with my "little" wrinkles.  Yes, I realize there are many...we aren't talking numbers here.  I have earned everyone of these wrinkles!  Hahaha!  I actually kind of love them.  They are me and I like me.



"Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name."  Psalm 91:14


My Fresh Find are these great phrase stencils.  You can have now say it where all can see!


Glasgow Reunion...

Here is a picture of Ross and Nellie Glasgow.  He was born in Rome, Texas and she was born in Aleck, Oklahoma.  They both died in Temple, Cotton County, Oklahoma. 


They had some really interesting children.  Each one is alike, but very different.  I know that does not make sense.  Some look like Ross and some look like Nellie and some look like both.  I bet some have a personality like him and some like her and a few a little of both.  Isn't it so miraculous how God designs us for a particular place in time within a particular family. 

I think it would have been great to have come from a large family.  Lots of stories to tell!!!


My Fresh Find is this thumb book rest for the avid reader.


I love my life...

I love my life.  I meet the nicest people each day.  I try hard to do what God directs me to do each and every day.  I hope I have the chance to make a difference in a life.  It may be through writing a silly blog that God uses me.  It might be walking through Wal-Mart or it might be out taking pictures and I get the chance to see someone and encourage them.  The people I see bless my life!

I often wonder why I have this life to live and a woman in the back woods has no food to eat.  I live this life and a woman has no clothes to call her own.  I live this life and a woman gets hit in the face for the hundredth time.  I don't know why.  I'm just thankful to my God for each day I live.  He created me before my mother and daddy knew me.  He made me exactly like I am to serve him.  So, I can't waste time wondering.  I must look around me and do my best to serve, to give, to care.

My life has not been an easy one.  I have many, many struggles that most I see will never know about.  That is God's plan.  In him I am pillar of strength.  In him I can do all things for he alone is my strength...Philippians 4:13.

One of my greatest blessings is Adelyn.  You won't see many pictures of me, but I'm bending a little so that she will have some with us together.  Now that is true love!!! :O)



My Fresh Find is this great baby wrap called a Noonie.


Mrs. Camps...

I do not go to Lubbock often.  Rarely to shop.  Most of our trips are to doctor appointments.  There are a few places in Lubbock that I just love to go to.  Mrs. Camps Bakery is one of them.  I go there about twice a year if I am in the area.  They have been located on 34th and Nashville for as long as I can remember (31 years).  When I worked at Latham's in Lubbock we would go there for a sweet treat.  Today I stopped there and picked up a few cookies.  We (my mother and I) were on a sugar high after just a few minutes, but boy were they good!!!  Chocolate thumbprints, sand tarts, honey bars & peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies!!! 


My Fresh Find today is this travel pillow.  This looks like what every traveler will want for those long flights!!!




Glasgow reunion...

Yes, it is reunion time.  We attended the Glasgow reunion this weekend in Duncan, Oklahoma.  Clinton's mom's family is from Temple, Oklahoma. 

We headed to Dallas to pick up Chrissa, Brandon and Adelyn.  Spent the night there and enjoyed playing with Adelyn.

Glasgow Reunion 2009 (2)

The next morning we headed out in time to stop at Bill's Fish House in Waurika.  If you have never eaten fish at Bill's then I suggest you stop there soon!

We drove from Waurika to Duncan and listened to Clinton's stories for each small town we drove through.  We gave him a time limit per story.  City limit sign to city limit sign.  Hahaha!  Not much time for stories with towns the size of the ones we were driving through!!!

We arrived at the Simmons Center in Duncan and said a few hellos.  Grandpa Wall (TC) was first to greet Miss "A"...a PRICELESS picture if you ask me!!!

Glasgow Reunion 2009 (11)

We had dressed Adelyn in her swim suit and her daddy took her for her first swim in a big pool.  She loves the water and liked the water here.  She did not like the screaming kids and diving board popping.  She was not terrified though so I think that is great!

Clinton won an Ipod in the prize walk.  Whoo-hoo!  Chrissa got it because she made Clinton move to the number 12, Adelyn's birth month and date.

In the family auction we got a beautiful platter that belonged to Clinton's grandmother, Nellie.  Bought 2 flats of GREAT plants from Cole Nursery (Glasgow in laws :O) and a knives set.  Fun time.

On Sunday we drove to Temple and Clinton showed the kids all the places he fondly remembers from his growing up days.  We stopped at the junior high school to take a picture.

Glasgow Reunion 2009 (32) 

Glasgow Reunion 2009

We attended worship at First Baptist Church and Adelyn did so well.  After church we ate at the Temple Dairyland.  It had just opened and was a nice place for the community.

Here are my favorite two pictures from the weekend...

Glasgow Reunion 2009 (23) 

Glasgow Reunion 2009 (15)


My Fresh Find are these great rain boots that you can wear over any shoes and they come in colors!!! I saw these over at Mighty Goods.



Tonight I had dinner with a wonderful group of friends.  It was so nice to see their faces.  I do not see too many people these days and it is nice to have friendly faces sitting around a dinner table enjoying chi-chat!

We decided that every family has a few loose screws...  and some the screws are just missing ;o) 

It is so true that we all have those individuals that could be "You Might Be A Redneck If..." material!  

Some stories can make you roll with laughter and then grab a Kleenex to cry at the same time!  Often the stories are just too bizarre to even believe, but believe me they are true!

We should write a book and name it, "A Few Loose Screws and No Driver Named every family survives the remodel!"


My Fresh Find today is this great new video screen microscope.  I'm wanting this so I can look at stuff up really close!!!



We have been looking for a pen holder for quite some time for Chrissa.  She has been given several very lovely pens that she uses and wants to be able to display together on her desk.  She did not want a display box, too traditional.  We finally found one, a little pricey, but I ordered it for her.  Then, I got an email that they no longer could ship them.  UGH! 

So, I decided that I would just pull a do-it-yourselfer!  Since we are in the concrete business I have access to the ingredients to make concrete.  I thought...I can do this.  I had to find something that the pens would stand in.  I found this in the cosmetic section.  Blush brush lids! 

Then I needed a container for the base shape.  Found this in an aluminum cup with straight sides.

Here is a before it is finished picture...


Then, here is the finished product...

018 .

I'm not sure that she will like it, but it is a piece of art hand sculpted for her!  It will at least serve the purpose.


Here is Kaylee taking her first walk after her gallbladder surgery this week.  She wanted no pictures so...oops, sorry Kaylee! :O)



My Fresh Find is this great "Captain Kirk" chair.  Every dad needs this!!!