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I got this picture of Jeane Pennell and myself about a month ago.  Vicki Ray, Jeanie's best friend, from Ft. Worth took it at the Centennial Circle of Honor dedication.  Jeanie is honored on that 100 year legacy for future generations!

What I love about this picture is the smiling going on.  Jeanie has been a big part of my life since Chrissa (our daughter) started taking baton twirling lessons at about 5 years of age.  You can imagine the good times we have had in our 20+ years!!! 

Jeanie chooses to be happy and make the best of every moment.  I love that about her.  She certainly has had her valleys in life.  I tell her that she should write a book!!!  It is good to surround ourselves with people who choose to be happy and who love to smile! 

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.  Phyllis Diller

This next quote is my excuse for wrinkles ;o)

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.  Mark Twain

This next quote is my challenge to us all.  Let's go out and confuse!!!

A smile confuses an approaching frown!

Jeanie and I are doing our part...even when life isn't easy.



My Fresh Find are these colorful measuring spoons.  How cute!


Happy 1000th Blog...

Today I write my 1000th personal blog.  It seems impossible that I could actually have lasted this long doing anything!  It is the kind people who read this that encourage me to continue.  It is my prayer that God will use this blog site to glorify Him. 


As I thought about writing this for the 1000th time I thought about how to celebrate this accomplishment.  I could write 1000 words,give a great prize, post 1000 pictures, but instead in celebration I want to strive to help 1000 people by doing something special for them.  I do not have to spend money, but I can.  I just have to be willing to help 1000 people.  How long will this take???  God knows.  I hope you will make a commitment to help others, too.  Search your heart for things you can do.

Aware by Salvador

Even in the little things
That never seem too big to me
And the things that I thought
Didn’t matter much at all

As simple as my daily bread
To the strength I need to get out of bed
When I fly, when I’m about to Fall

It’s you in me
That I fail to see

Make me aware, make me see
Everything I am is not all about me
Take my world, turn it around
So that the obvious can finally be found

Make me aware, make me aware

When my life is hanging from a thread
And I think about the things you said
In this moment seems so far away

Help me see the guarantees
That first brought me to believe
So I can make it through another day

Oh, it’s you in me
That helps me to breathe

Make me aware, make me see

Everything I am is not all about me
Take my world, turn it around
So that the obvious can finally be found

Make me aware
I have been missing so much
Not recognizing your touch
All acknowledging you’re the reason I’m even here

I have been missing so much
Not recognizing your touch

Make me aware, make me aware

Help me see, Everything I am is not all about me
Take my world, turn it around
So that the obvious can finally be found
Make me aware, make me aware


Look how sweet she looks...


My Fresh Find doesn't have a thousand leather circles, but it sure is pretty!!!


Some Funnies...

Eric, from the City, sent me these.  Too cute!!!

Q. What kind of man was Boaz before he married Ruth? 
A. Ruthless. 

Q. What do they call pastors in Germany ? 
A. German Shepherds.

Q. Who was the greatest financier in the Bible? 
A. Noah He was floating his stock while everyone else was in liquidation. 

Q. Who was the greatest female financier in the Bible? 
A. Pharaoh's daughter. She went down to the bank of the Nile and drew
out a Little prophet. 

Q. What kind of motor vehicles are in the Bible? 
A. Jehovah drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden in a Fury. David's Triumph was heard throughout the land. Also, probably a Honda, because the apostles were all in one Accord. 

Q. Who was the greatest comedian in the Bible? 
A. Samson. He brought the house down. 

Q. What excuse did Adam give to his children as to why he no longer lived in Eden ? 
A. Your mother ate us out of house and home. 

Q. Which servant of God was the most flagrant lawbreaker in the Bible? 
A. Moses. He broke all 10 commandments at once. 

Q. Which area of Palestine was especially wealthy? 
A. The area around Jordan . The banks were always overflowing. 

Q. Who is the greatest babysitter mentioned in the Bible? 
A. David He rocked Goliath to a very deep sleep. 

Q. Which Bible character had no parents? 
A. Joshua, son of Nun. 

Q. Why didn't they play cards on the Ark? 
A. Because Noah was standing on the deck. (.) 

PS... Did you know it's a sin for a woman to make coffee? 
Yup, it's in the Bible. It says . . 'He-brews' 


Is this not the cutest!!!



My  Fresh Find  is the fingers protector for slicing and dicing!!!


My All in All...

I came across the video today and I loved it because it reminds me of a God of old and a God of ne.  A God that is all sufficient.  A God who is reachable through the blood of Jesus Christ for those who choose to believe.  Wow, I needed this today!!!

Just click on the video to see it in a larger format.


My Fresh Find is this fun medal for those who have done something special!!!


A Bumpy Day...

Today was a bumpy day for me.  Tonight I actually feel like I have been hit by a Mack truck! The day started out with a confrontation that brought me to tears.  Then as my God does every day, he took care of me!  A call came from the church to distract me.  I got to go buy coats at Wal-Mart for our 'coats for kids' at First Baptist.  The coats were on sale & it was a blessing to buy them knowing that next Fall a child will be warmed by them!

I had lunch with Jeanie, who recently lost her husband, and we had such a lovely visit.  We can get nitty-gritty and never solve a single thing!  We are funny, but can be very serious.

After lunch I saw the scissors cutting my hair.  That all was fine.  Delivered the coats to the church, took an auction item for the Plainview Christian auction by their campus and stopped by my mom's to drop off a couple of things.

Got a call and the drama continued...more tears. 

Put on my sunglasses and headed to the golf course to ride with Aaron and watch Clinton and him play.  Took a few pictures.  This is my favorite!


Got home and another call from another relative.  It was a nice visit.  We had the opportunity to share stories about our growing up days.

I do not like talking on the phone, but today it was all I did!

Then, after that call I had to check in with my mom because the last she saw I was crying a river ;o)

Even though the day was bumpy it turned out to be a day of healing and a refreshing new start for a relationship.  As I say so often..."It is what it was and it can be what it is when we move forward and not step in the hole that stops us where we were."


My Fresh Find are these sweet magnetic frames. 


Me repeated...

I blogged on this a while back, but I want to write it again because I have updated my "Friendstones" story.

I was born to Lorena Etter & John Phillip Dayton on July 13, 1955.  Born with red hair (yes, I am a true redhead & I tan more than burn), green eyes and teeth that would one day need braces…I was a cutie!  You might think I might be Irish but our Dayton ancestors come from England.

My first years were spent in a small house we called the “little house” behind my mother’s parent’s home on Nassau Street.  I never knew my father’s parents although I blame my early wrinkling face to my dad’s mom!  My mother’s parents, Hugh & Lucy Etter were huge influences in my life; We called them Bo & Cranny.  Bo called me Pete and my brother he called Bosco…go figure that one out!   

Across the street from my grandparents lived DJ & Clariece Anderson nicknamed by us kids…DJ and Anners.  They had a daughter Marie who took great care of me as a young child.  I spent lots of time crossing Nassau Street.  You may know Marie through her kids Heather, Nicholle & David Tom from TV and movies.    Marie taught me to swim at, what we call these days, the “old” Westridge pool where she was the lifeguard.  I loved the smell of the cedar as it heated in the sun.  I’d watch for hours as she showed kids how to love and respect the water.

I “grew up” on Irene Street in a 2 bedroom, one bath home.  I shared a bedroom with my brother, John.  John is 7 years older and we both lived to aggravate each other…we still do, the stories we can tell. 

My mom worked in retail from the time she was 14…at the Dixie Shop, Nan’s and finally at Marse & Son.  My dad worked in the appliance department of Sears for years & years & years.  Everyone thought he was Porter Wagner.  I grew up in these stores.  I got every new record that came in at Sears and I finally grew into the Dixie Shop clothes.  What fun times. 

In today’s world you would call me a “latchkey kid”.  Both my parents worked and so each day I would walk the mile home from College Hill to our house.  We didn’t lock our doors and never thought about it being dangerous!  In the springtime I had to dig a bucket of dandelions each day when I got home.  I learned to fluff the bucket!  I did not like to dig weeds& I still don’t!

I grew up in Girl Scouts and was a Senior Cadet Scout.  My first hike I showed up wearing little gold pixie flats, like is back in style now…thin soles and comfy!  Mrs. Walker & Mrs. Leach, our leaders, just laughed.  I made it fine.  I like cute shoes to this day!!!  Through Girl Scouts, I became good friends with Suzy Leach and her dad, Alton, flew us to Knox City every other weekend to stay at her grandparents.   He did all kinds of stunts with that airplane.  Upside down, sideways, loops; Joy riding in the sky!  I remember it like it was yesterday.  That is a bad sign, when you remember the past more than the present, right?

I spent every day each summer at the Plainview Country Club Pool…unless I was traveling all over the country with my grandparents in the back of a pickup under a camper!  My cousin & I grew up singing songs like Swing Low Sweet Chariot & Jeremiah was a Bullfrog at the top of our lungs as we traveled through all the Western United States and stopped at every historical marker along the way!!!  One of the most beautiful places we ever visited was Yellowstone National Park.  I just can’t even describe the beauty.  The colors are magnificent!  If you have visited there, you know.

I grew up attending First Baptist Church where I accepted Christ at a young age. I remember special teachers who made a difference in my life.  My faith was very important to me as a teenager and it was through prayer that God led me to meet Clinton Wall, son of TC and Peggy Wall (who I think you might know).

Clinton and I had our first date to a PHS football game.  I went to Kristi’s and bought the cutest hip-hugger, lavender, double knit-bell bottoms; a lavender turtleneck and an off white with lavender flowered crocheted belt and I was set to go!  This was our senior year,1973. After graduation, I went to West Texas State & he went to Tech to play baseball.  That distance didn’t work out well, and I did not enjoy college life so, I came back and worked at Gabriel’s until we were married in May of 1975.  We moved to Lubbock where I worked as a shoe buyer for Latham’s while Clinton finished school.  We lived in a brand new tiny efficiency apartment.  I remember that when I got my commission check we would splurge and eat at McDonald’s!  Clinton graduated from Tech in May 1977 and we moved back to Plainview and Aaron was born August 1st.  I remember standing on the porch with him and asking myself, what do I do now?  No manual came with him!  Three years later, in the snow storm of November 25, 1980, we had Chrissa.  We convinced Dr. Larry (Karrh) to let us go home for Thanksgiving Day.  Chrissa loves to tell the story of how we laid her on the living room floor while we all went into the kitchen to eat our Thanksgiving dinner!  Poor baby! 

I was then the part-time children’s director at First Baptist Church.  God made it very clear to me that I needed to be a stay at home mom, what a job!  The hardest job I have ever had but the most rewarding!

Clinton and I have continued our journey together for 34 years.  I know, you ask how he puts up with me.  I get that a lot!    I always say, how would you like to live with someone who is perfect?  I think Clinton is.  We laugh a lot and enjoy just being together. He continues to work with High Plains Concrete, a ready-mix concrete business…oh, and do you know the difference between cement and concrete?  What I do these days is live each day expecting the unexpected impulses that the Holy Spirit nudges me with.

Aaron Dayton Wall turns 32 this year and works at High Plains Concrete and has one dog, a Doberman, The Red Razor.  Chrissa J’rene Wall Botherton, 29 on her next birthday, married her high school sweetheart Brandon (also soon to be 29).  They have a Pit Bull, Kane, a princess Maltese, Zoey Belle, and a huge black cat named Shadow that now follow the lead of Adelyn Reine, our first granddaughter!

So many opportunities have been provided to me through the years.  In my faith I strive to be sensitive every day to the Holy Spirit and to those he places in my life.  God has blessed my family and I owe it all to him.  My gift is faith. There is a song I listened to as a youth called, I’ve Got Confidence by a group called Revelation.  It starts like this, “I’ve got confidence, God is going to see me through, no matter what the case may be, I know he’s going to fix it for me”…and he does.

I love art.  I am very thankful that God allows me to see.  My eyesight is fading a little with age and I try to see each day all the beauty that God created.  I enjoy painting and I enjoy photography.  I love to read and play in the dirt and am amazed when seeds grow into plants that bloom beautiful flowers.  I write poetry from time to time, maintain a couple of blogs; one personal and one for the Herald.

A couple of years ago I wrote this little story.  Maybe one day I will try and get it published.  I recently personalized it for our Adelyn.  I hope you enjoy it!!!



Once upon a time there was a road that was filled with stones.  These stones were many sizes and shapes.  Some sparkled in the sun while others threw shadows upon the tiny ones that were close by.  As people traveled this road on their way to and from their daily chores they were unaware of the stones that gave them strength in their travels.  One day a young girl, named Adelyn, was traveling with her Babushka to the market to purchase a loaf of rye for tomorrow’s lunchtime sandwich.  The young girl knew that if she was a good little girl that a lollipop would be in store for her.  Just as she was thinking about her lollipop she noticed one of the stones on the road was moving.  Startled, she rubbed her eyes and wondered if she needed glasses!  No, there it was again, the stone moved!  Not just one but they all were shifting.  What was happening?  Was there an earthquake moving towards them?  Slowing, because of what her eyes saw, Adelyn knew she gave frustration to her Babushka.  "Hurry dear, for the market will close soon."  "But, Ushka, I think I'm not feeling well."  "Oh dear child, we have no time for nonsense!"  The young girl tried to walk faster.  The stones continued to move to and fro, moving as if they were going somewhere.  She took a closer look.  "Ushka, these stones are moving!"  "Child, child, it is your moving on them that causes them to shift."  The girl, rubbing her eyes again, took a closer look as she felt her Babushka tug on her hand and say, "hurry, hurry, Adelyn, time is short."  About the same time the girl notices something red, then green and she hears something.  What is it?  "Shhh Ushka."  I hear something.  "Listen Ushka, the stones, they are talking to each other."  Her Babushka listens.  Why, she hears something, as well.  She slows, and looks at what the young girl is now bending to see.  The stones, they really were moving up and down the road, slowly, ever so slowly, as to escape the notice of the travelers hurrying by.  "My, oh my, I'm feeling dizzy now, her Babushka exclaims!"  "Here Ushka, sit on this bench."  As the young girl helps her Babushka to the bench she catches out of the corner of her eye the red stone gathering the other nearby stones together.  With her Babushka seated on the bench, Adelyn leans down to get a closer look.  She finds the stone that caught her eye, the one with the red and green.  Focusing in she sees that the stone is not exactly a stone, but what is it?  Adelyn now notices that the other stones have features distinctive to their shapes.   She bends down close with her nose nearly touching the stones.  Adelyn sees it now.  The stones are not stones at all, they are people.  The one that caught her attention is a woman with red hair, green eyes and big red lips.  She watches for a minute.  The stones appear to be people helping the travelers by providing the road for them to walk on.  As Adelyn sits trying to take in what is happening before her very eyes, the redhead says, "Hi, sweet girl".  Adelyn, knowing what a polite young girl should do says, "Hello, I'm Adelyn Reine, what is your name?"  The redhead says, "My name is Hofulyn, the stone of friendship.  These are my friendstones.  We move along this path to provide support for the feet that travel upon us and to encourage those who take notice of our gift."  "Well, a-oh-okay," Adelyn stutters.  "So, I noticed you, what does this mean?"  Why Adelyn, it means that you have a heart for people, that you care deeply for those around you and that you will stop and notice the least of these.  Just look at how you have helped your Babushka.  She travels with a heavy load and you are a good girl to help her by sharing the load!  We watch you walk with her to the market each week and you make her smile along the way.  Upon your return you carry her bag for her because you care."  About this time the Babushka looks over to where Adelyn is sitting listening to the stone talk.  "Adelyn, what do they say?"  "Why Ushka, they say I have the most wonderful Babushka in the whole wide world!"  "Oh child, what would I do without your love?"  Adelyn leaves the stones and makes her way the few steps to the bench where her Babushka sits, tired from years of hard labor, and moves in beside her on the bench.  Adelyn looks at the stones on the road and they are now back into their rhythm of to and fro upon the road.  Adelyn sees the redheaded one as she moves along with the others.  "Ushka?"  "Yes, dear child."  "Let me help you up.  It is getting late and the market will close soon."  Adelyn helps her Babushka up and her Ushka leans down, right to her nose, and gives her a kiss.  Adelyn sees the stone Hofulyn and notices a quick wink.  Knowing a good little girl when she sees one, Hofulyn whispers to her friendstones, “Adelyn will get a big lollipop when they reach the market; she is a good girl, a fine girl, a girl every Babushka would wish for."


My Fresh Find is this fun cabana.  Check it out.


Road Trip...

We left Plainview early this morning and drove to Abilene for a noon memorial graveside service for Clinton's mom's sister, Jo Ellen Lawler. 


Of course I needed to complain because I was having to leave home...I do not like being away.  I am so like my dad was!!!

Anyway, we did go and got there in plenty of time.  Went to a new Mardel's store because we had about 30 minutes to enjoy prior to the service starting.  It was a GREAT new store, too.  Could spend hours looking at books there!

The service was outside and it was plenty cold.  The sun was shining though and that made the freezing wind feel warmer ;o) It was a very sweet service.

After the service we traveled to the church and had lunch.  Clinton got to visit with his cousins, so that was good.

We headed home and I'm glad we went.

I want to share a little story that the Baptist minister shared.  It won't be the exact story, but you'll get the jest of it.

There are two shores, one near and one far.  On each shore there are people.  At one shore there is a huge ocean liner that leaves and is headed out to sea.  The people watch this huge vessel as it becomes smaller and smaller in the distance.  Finally, it is but a pin point as they blink and it disappears.  One person says to the others, "There she goes."

On the other shore there are people. In the far off distance they see something like a black pinpoint on the sea.  They rub their eyes and it appears larger.  Soon the ocean liner gets bigger and bigger until one person says to another, "Here she comes!"

This is how it is when we lose a loved one.  We are all saying, "there she/he goes." But, heaven is saying, "Here she/he comes!!!"


My Fresh Find are these great mirror edges that we can do ourselves to improve those frame less mirrors in our homes!


It started like this.

It started like this.  I got a Face Book message saying that the Plainview Daily Herald was having a Cutest Pet contest.

Plainview Daily Herald's Ryan: is putting the finishing touches on the Cutest Pet Photo Contest - Go Enter NOW!

and goes on...


 Phyllis Wall at 10:43am February 20
can I enter my face?
Plainview Daily Herald at 10:45am February 20
Sorry Phyllis we want to give others a chance to win.
 Phyllis Wall at 10:48am February 20
AND you know "Wrinkles" would win it hands down ;o) ha-ha-ha!!!
Plainview Daily Herald at 10:52am February 20
Charlotte Almon Schumacher at 10:54am February 20
oh, what a cut
 Phyllis Wall at 11:07am February 20
I love it!!!
and then...
As I'm reading our Herald e-edition I glance at today's Dennis the Menace comic...
I [email protected]!  If we can't laugh at ourselves then it is time to take a get over it pill!!! ;o)
Here is the link to enter your dog.
My Fresh Find is this great learning guitar from Yamaha.

Making fun...

I was talking with someone short Sunday about being short and how people made fun of people who were short and still do.  Then I said, "How would you like to have been short, redheaded, wore glasses, braces and were poor?"  Did I have a chance to find self worth as a child growing up?  If it were left up to the people at school the answer would be no.  I was teased relentlessly.  (by looking at my hair, you might add that to the reasons;o) Through my family providing me a foundation of faith I was redeemed.  I actually was a very happy child.  When I look at my pictures I know that my parents were successful!!!



Today my Fresh Find is this fun and disposable lemonade stand.  What a fun activity for our children.  Let them spend all morning decorating it and then all afternoon selling lemonade to the neighborhood!!!