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I am thrilled.  I saw a fabulous painting several months back, almost a year now.  It just clicked with me.  I could not afford it plus I did not really need it ;o)  I continued to check the artist's other works, which are all great fun, but this one always popped out at me.  I thought, if I could have any painting right now it would be this one.  Long story short, I made an offer and today I was excited to get an email saying my offer was accepted.  My New Year is starting off wonderful!!!  From Nadim Art Studio, Here it is...


My Fresh Find is this wonderful paint brush mobile.  Too wonderful!!!


Adelyn's coffre in black

Pretty beautiful, don't you think?


I got two very special gifts this Christmas.  One, when I saw it I knew I wanted it for Adelyn.  It would become her special place to put whatever she wants when she visited Babu Phyllis.  It is Adelyn's coffre (chest).


The other gift was from Adelyn herself.  It is a wonderful black lounge set in the softest fabric ever and so snuggly warm.  I love it!


Need to stick something?  Well, my Fresh Find will take care of it for you and is on sale now, too!!!  Joe's Sticky Stuff!!!


Papa Clinton

I'm telling you that Papa Clinton has the Adelyn bug.  Aaron says he talks about her all the time.  He is getting worried that his dad's focus needs to get back to the little white ball (golf).  I love this picture!!!



My Fresh Find is this restaurant toaster.  If I win the lottery I am buying it!!!



Our 2nd grade Sunday School kids are GREAT!  Children are little drops of hope that God allows us to see and feel.

Before Sunday School started, Carol got a call from one of her daughters.  She reported that her dog had been hit by a car.  They were on the way to the vet.  I'm so glad that Carol's phone was on so that she could comfort her daughter!!!  After SS she called and the dog seemed to be okay.  The vet said he was testing for shock because the dog's front leg areas were not responsive.  Poor thing!!!

Annette asked me to help in the baby room during worship time.  We had 6 babies with three of them crying.  I just hate for parents to pick up unhappy children.  We finally got them happy.  We were sure tired after that workout!!! ;o)

After church we took our outside Christmas lights down.  Yes, Clinton helped!!!  Got the little bit of Christmas decor I put out put up from inside, too.  Now I'm ready to clean.  Yuck ;o)

Look at this cute picture Chrissa sent me last night.  GUARD DOG!!! 



My Fresh Find are these string art/sewing travel maps.  If we traveled I would love these to do and frame!!!

Usa Europe World


Yesterday morning we left Plainview at 4:30 am to travel to Dallas to surprise our daughter, son-in-law & new granddaughter with their CHRISTMAS!  It was fun to see them and to let them know they were not forgotten!!!  I added a new "Surprise" photo album if you want to look.


Isn't this birth plaque cute?  It is my Fresh Find today!


Merry Christmas!!!

Today was a lovely day filled with family memory making moments.  We sure missed having Chrissa, Brandon & Adelyn with us though.  Next year!!!

I have added a Christmas photo album for you to enjoy.

I think we will just kick back and relax this weekend.  How about you?

Oh, did I mention that Donna, Clinton's sister, touched Donnie Osmond's hand?  Does that make her famous or in Puppy Love?


Fresh Find finds little fishies!  Great on either side of the cookbooks!  Or in that law office holding up those dusty law books ;o)


Our Twas the Night Before Christmas...short version!

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, okay, maybe a mouse (I sure hope not though);

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that Christmas soon would be there;

The children were far away from home in their beds,

With visions of family dancing in their heads;

And Phyllis in her jammies, and Clinton tucked in bed,

Had just settled down for a short little nap,

When the clatter and racket of one giant snore,

It sounded like words, could it be more?

I heard him exclaim, ere he turned on his side,

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."


I love books.  I don't keep too many of the books I read.  I prefer to pass them on for others to read.  I do have a small collection of my grandfather's books and my children's book collection.  Enough to keep me busy dusting!  That is why I like my Fresh Find today. 


I'm thinking...

"Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be" Abraham Lincoln

I'm thinking about being happy.  You know we control our state of mind.  If we want to mope, we can.  If we want to be introspective, we can. If we want to be happy, well, that is something we can choose to do, too!!! 

I know, things happen that affect our moods every second of each day.  If it isn't hormonal it is something else that can move the emotional barometer up or down in a flash.

I think the important thing is that we need to be aware and prepared.  To be prepared I choose to rely on my faith to level myself out. It is important to MOVE into action.

The holidays affect a lot of people in a depressing way.  I know, that seems odd because it is such a wonderful time, but many are lonely, have great loss or tremendous burdens that seem to be magnified at this time of year.

God does not want us to feel low long.  He wants us to feel good. 

He wants us to keep our focus on bringing others to him through Christ.  To do this keeps us in a constant state of feeling blessed.  When we are feeling blessed, we feel better!


The Fresh Find is this great pan for baking individual squares of whatever.  I like this for cornbread!


Christmas week...

I find it hard to believe it is Christmas week.  It seems to come so fast each year.  I guess there is less down marketing tiime every year.  I think this is why we have really tried to keep our focus on why we celebrate.

All of our shopping has been done and all wrapped up for a couple of weeks at least.  It is noce to just be able to stay relaxed and do whatever without the rush.

Here is my dad as a package???  This was one of the last Christmases before he died.  I love this shot!!!



My Fresh Find is this 2009 tea towel calendar.  Remember these?  Every circa 70's home had one!!!