Then & Now...


Well, I started a quilt for our first grandbaby.  She will more than likely be the only one to ever get a handmade quilt from her "Babushka"!  Here are the first two rows.

042 .




I have some really great retro/contemporary fabrics to bring this 4" by 4" quilt together!  Both sides will be the same type of fabrics.  A miscellany!!!

I know she will love playing on the floor on this blanket!!!

Have you ever made a quilt for a grandbaby or is this something that really shows my age???

These are labors of love.  I appreciate and cherish those my grandmother and my dad made!  I made two denim from jeans quilts, one for each of our kids!!!  I thought that was it, but Adelyn is something pretty special ;o)


My Fresh Find is puzzling...literally! A rug that you can create into whatever shape you want!