Sick, sick, sick...

Sitting & waiting...

Sitting & waiting is not something I do easily.  Today, that is just what I did.  I sat while the carpet guys put down pad, then carpet.  What a boring, useless day for me.  I could think of a zillion things to do, but since today was the first day for the job I felt I should hang around.  Tomorrow, another day, same thing.  I think Wednesday, too.  Maybe Thursday!  Who knows???  I think this will be a "not get much accomplished" week.  BUT, I am getting the house cleaned room-by-room after they leave.  I'm tired, but, hey, it is well worth it!!!

Find of the day...this neat little kit for a Momergency that I saw over at swissmiss!  Buy it from the Motherhood link in the right sidebar.