Sick, sick, sick...

Fall, fall, fall...

It sure fFall_leaves_lgeels like Fall outside.  It is cool and the leaves are falling in our yard.  We only have a couple of trees, but our side yard catches the leaves from every tree in the neighborhood!  Not really!  There are enough leaves that when spring comes I fill several "contractor" bags full!  I think that is the thing I like least about Fall.  The thing I like best is that Spring will be here shortly!!! ;o)

I wanted to update you on Ilhan Yildiz.  He went in today for a procedure.  I think it is called a balloon pump.  It is something they needed to do.  Now, they wait for a heart donor.  It might be within 2 days, 2 weeks...maybe a month.  The sooner the better.  We need him on the road to recovery!

On organ donation.  It is never easy to lose a loved one, but it is such a beautiful gift to donate an organ to someone who can't live without it.  I am an organ donor, carry the card in my wallet.  (I know you would be pretty desperate to want my organs, but if you were desperate???)  ;o)

Pray for Fusun, Ilhan and the girls as they travel the transplant journey.  Pray for the perfect heart to give Ilhan's body the best match.  A reminder...Ilhan (transplant patients) can't be around fresh flowers!   

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