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You are your company!

Do you think if you hang out with smart people you will become smart?  Or, if you hang around not so smart people you will become not so smart?  Both of these are true in that, when you hang around smart people you want to improve your knowledge and they lead you there.  If you hang around those that don't know, but talk like they do...and it is obvious they don't, you will lower yourself to that level.  Well, I try to surround myself with people who build me up in my knowledge, not try to take me down.  Not only "book smarts knowledge", but a well rounded knowledge.  A useful knowledge.  One that allows me to take in information and come to my own conclusions.  One that keeps me searching.  One that makes me serve.  These are the people that God helps me to search out, that he blesses me with in my life.  You know who you are.  You are in my life for a reason...not a season. 


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Special Saturday...

Today was a special Saturday.  If you read this blog regularly you know that I have not been feeling well.  I had thought I would not go to the wedding of a twirler friend of ours (Chrissa's).  Anyway, I really felt I needed to go.  I decided I would.  I was feeling pretty good I went to Amarillo.  Now, you also know that I do not like to "travel."  It was a nice leisurely drive to and from and I'm so glad I was there to see Pepper get married!  I've added a new photo album of her wedding pix that I took in the left sidebar under, "Pepper's Wedding."


Then I got a cool postcard from my Turkish friend, Fusun...372a little blurry, sorry!  It is a mausoleum in Bursa...and this isn't in Texas honey!!! ;o)



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Leadership Summit

Today, I had the privilege to attend the Leadership Summit at Wayland Baptist University.  This year they had student leaders to attend.  It looked like there were about 40 students there.  They had an adult "leader" to sit at each table of students.  I sat with 4 young ladies.  I could tell from the moment I met them that they were on top of things.  They were talkative, but not rude.  They were fun in their conservation.  They enjoyed the food and their manners were good.  It was evident that each one was a leader by how she presented herself in that short time.  They were all very different & serving in different areas, but they presented themselves with an air of confidence that led me to know that they had something within them that was different.  I told them I would not be able to remember their names...and I am true to my word there! 

Rodney Wallace, a WBU alum, spoke.  He is a 7th grade math teacher here in Plainview.  He ran track, was a cheerleader and was pretty involved in WBU.  He said something today in his talk that made me think.  I came up with this statement from what he said, "Sometimes you may be leading the wrong group or you may be following the wrong leader."  Be very careful who you lead and where you lead them because you WILL be accountable to God.  Be careful who you follow because Satan comes in many guises.  I hope this makes you stop and think.

Have a great weekend!!!

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I'm having a party!

I'm having a party.  No invitations, no place, no time, no food, you got one is invited!  It isn't a fun party either!  It is a "poor me" party.  Every once in a while I actually do allow what others say to hurt my feelings.  I'm hard, but it is just a cover!  I do have feelings.  That is why I'm having me a party.  Just me trying to work through the pain!  Oh, boo-hoo!  GET OVER IT!!!  You know the best thing for these times is...HELPING others!  Degree of Difference Day is Saturday for Wayland, but why not make it OUR day to make a difference, too!  Surely you can find someone to help???  I know I can.   Happy Friday!!!

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I'll have no part...

in anything to do with riding in a patrol car...for any reason!

in voting for a person who I feel cannot negotiate with the rest of the is bigger than us.

in anything reptile or insecty (yes, that IS a word!!!)

dams or large bodies of water associated with dams.

in people who want you to think they are important or powerful (although they are typically very insecure and most often nice one-to-one).

of raw fish or raw-any kind of meat-for that matter ;o) (although both our kids enjoy it!!!)

of attitudes of people not willing to serve.

in voting for something that I know will cause heartache or pain.

in where I'm not wanted.

in bad customer service.

Well, I'm sure I could go on and on...but, for your sanity I will stop!

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7:30 am i late??? or is it early???

Well, our internet was down again last night.  This is about the 6th time in the last few weeks.  I've called Suddenlink.  They don't see a problem.  I guess it is time to get "mean" about it.  Instead of calling and staying on hold for abn hour, I think I'll go in the office here.  Hopefully it will get fixed.  Anyway, I couldn't blog on this blog last night!  I had just done the myplainview blog and down she went!  It makes me so mad, but then it is just a computer!


We met again yesterday on the Centennial Circle of Honor and we are moving forward with the PR on it so, soon you will be hearing more.  I want you to see a drawing of what it will look like...not to scale of course.  If you know some one who you feel needs to be on this historical legacy of Plainview, be sure and get a nomination form to the committee.  The forms will soon be available online at KKYN and the Herald and at several local businesses plus the Chamber.  Anyway, we are excited to see this project happen in our city.  There are some very worthy people who have walked our streets, bi\oth when they were dirt and now the Interstate.  Let's take the time and spend the money to leave this wonderful monument for future generations!

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Today I had someone tell me where to go.  Many of you have wished you could tell me, but today someone did!  It was a lady that told me where to turn, how far to go and then a "ding" would sound when it was the perfect time to actually turn.  I experienced a navigation system.  Wow, that is pretty cool for those who get lost all the time...especially in big cities!  What a cool "toy" to have to help you.  It is amazing at all that they have to help us with technology these days!  Speaking of cars...what about this GM strike.  It surely will hurt their sales if they don't get it settled soon.  Think of all those cars, just stopped in mid-production,  and all the folks waiting.  Then, on the other hand...people often have to push for their rights.  Crazy world!  I heard a thought on this...  It is between you and God.  If you are giving it your best effort and are not rewarded, you have a good attitude and others see this in you and you are seeking God's leadership,  God will bless that.  It may not be in our timing, but he blesses those who are humble.

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Are you headed the right way?

I came across thRowboatis cartoon (click on it to enlarge) .  It is so true.  If we are headed in the wrong direction, then no matter how hard we might try, it just isn't going to work.  We will just spin our "oars" and still fall.  That's why it is so important to be sensitive to the plan God has for our lives.  If we are going in the right direction then God will provide us with what we need to get through the turbulence we face.

Frogweb and then...I like this because those who say hurtful things about us don't know just what the future holds!!!



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Daddy's Foot Stool

I think one of the things I remember most about my father is that when he got home from a long day working at Sears, he would sit in his chair with his feet propped up on this foot stool.  Stool It was also the stopping spot for the daily newspaper.  It was always right there under his feet.  The style of the stool is very primitive.  I love that about things.  Simple, clean lines, not too much fuss!  Which brings me to this.  I am tired of fussing over make-up.  I have never worn a base make-up.  I use a moisturizer and a little blush.  That isn't so bad.  I always wear mascara.  Most days I wear eye shadow. It is just getting to me that when I wake-up each day that it isn't just about washing my face and using some is about a ritual of 30 minutes of getting ready to see people...whom I don't like anyway! ;o)  You know I do not like large groups of people so, that's why I say I don't like people!  I like you!  I may go on strike soon so that my life will become simple and clean like the lines of this stool.  It could be scary...I don't know...should I dare?

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I was sent this Momsense video by Anita Renfroe and it is so funny and TRUE.  All the clips I find online don't have the beginning.  Here is the uTube copy  You will get the idea.  If you want the full clip I can email it to ya!  And, you can visit her site at

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