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This afternoon I picked up Jeanie Pennell and we headed to Turkey, Texas to see Erica Pigg's sister, Joanna, get married to a Walden!  Does this sound made up?  It isn't.  Erica and Chrissa twirled together and she really did marry a Pigg from Turkey and I might add he is a nice one, too. 035 At least Erica seems happy and they have two adorable children, Madison (in the picture here) and Chance.  Joanna was the "baby" in the twirling group and we could say she was spoiled???  Well, what else would a "baby" be! ;o)  Anyway, she was wed tonight in a Turkey city park ceremony.  It was a lovely little spot, right on Main Street; lovely arches filled with vines and chairs covered with white satin and fuschia bows.  Simple would be how I might best describe the area but with a lovely twist of class.  We did not get to attend the reception but we knew it would be lovely.  I have added a photo album of the Estes-Walden wedding in the left sidebar.  Be sure and click on the individual pictures to see the entire shot.  Enjoy!!!

001 When my grandmother passed away and we were cleaning their house out I decided I needed to check the attic because you just never know what could be there.  Well, we found a small box that had this old baseball mit and ball in it.  Click on the picture and take a closer look.  I don't know how old it is, if it was my grandfather's, his father's or even a friend's.  The fact that they (I know it would have been my grandfather's treasures) had this box with several items that seemed very important and with some value tucked away up there, down between the rafters, for only us to find at the right way cool!  It was all that was up there.  If I had not looked carefully I would have missed it.  Another item in the box was a very, very old beautiful glass thermometer or weather something or other...I don't remember.  Anyway, someone stole it before the auction started.  I sure hope they are enjoying it!!!  Being a little bit of a baseball fan, Clinton gets this treasure in his study.  Isn't it fun to reflect on things in our homes that hold special feelings?  See, I just thought about my grandparents again and it made me feel good!  They were courageous, kind and hard working!

Know anyone that is looking for an almond, side-by-side frig??? 

Just thinking...

I'm just thinking... I'm thinking that times are continuing to change..for the most part..for all us 50 somethings.  It is amazing how things have changed since I was young.  How we use to listen to the stories our grandparents told us (over & over) and thought they were really old! Now we are that age.  We tell stories and find we can't remember who we have told them to.  We have started focusing on our health (albiet a few years too late ;o)  Kids just aren't what they use to be!  Funny, my granddad always said that.  How they just didn't have the same work ethic.  Maybe times aren't so different???  I believe the one constant that never changes is the love of Christ.  Regardless of whether we are young and full of energy or old and no energy...he is there.  We might be experimenting with things we shouldn't as teens or trying to "beat" an illness that we don't understand; he is there to help us through those times.  We might have lost our best friend or we might be losing our partner and he is all around us.  I just think this is the most comforting thing in our world...that he is right here with us through the power of the Holy Spirit.  So, I might tell you this story over & over again and I will never tire of sharing my faith with you.  I pray you feel the same???

Iron Storage...

Ferritin1 This is Ferritin.  My levels are low so, I'm now on heavy iron.  It all makes sense to me now.  Well, not really but all the little things giving me fits figure into the storing of iron...and I'm not.  I know I will feel better when I get pumped with all the iron!!!  I am hopeful!!!

"Luce" report...she is home and healing.  Comntinue to pray for her. I'm going to try to go see her soon.  I don't want to disturb her rest but I really need to see her.  I'll keep you posted!

Paying our debts...

014 I have been labeled compulsive-obsessive by many, you decide:

Some of the common signs of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder include:

  • Perfectionism
  • Inflexibility
  • Preoccupation with details, rules, and lists
  • Reluctance to allow others to do things
  • Excessive devotion to work
  • Restricted expression of affection
  • Lack of generosity
  • Inability to throw things away, even when the objects have no value

Or Anal personality: a personality characterized by meticulous neatness and suspicion and reserve

Or Type A Personality:  being impatient, excessively time-conscious, insecure about one's status, highly competitive, hostile and aggressive, and incapable of relaxation.

One thing that I'll never understand is why people don't pay what they owe.  You have it, pay for it.  It is really easy to do!!!  Why would you want something so small as owing someone, in the scheme of all the good around you, to have over your head, your heart!  Life is too short and money is such a small part of it.  The ultimate debt Christ paid for us...he did it and so should we!!!

If this makes me one of these crazy personality things , then so be it 'cause I'm not changing my beliefs on this!

Your "feather"

You happen to see Oprah today?  I don't really care for her (she talks too much ;o) but as I flipped on the TV today she had a decorating guy on there who redid a living area for a young woman who lost her husband.  There was some special meaning about this feather so he framed it and placed it in the redesign.  They went on to talk about, "What is your feather"?  The one thing in your home that, if it were burning, you would want to grab.  We all know we would want our families, our Bibles and our picture collections.  Past that though...the one item that touches your heart with wonderful memories.  Do you have a "feather"???  I think if I could only have time to grab one thing... 

Okay, I just don't know.  Everything in my house is very sentimental; things given to me from special people who have come in and out of my life.  I could say I would grab something that was my dad's???  my grandparent's??? my mom's??? maybe something from Clinton's family???  Wow, can I box up all my childrens book collection and take those???  I think maybe one of the many paintings???  You see, I can't decide on my "feather", the one thing that stands out above all others.  Now I'm frustrated...teasing, not really.  Think about what your "feather" might be and why...

Liverwurst Pâté

Broadening my horizons in the knowledge area and wanted to share a fusunology! Liverwurst (leverwurst) , literally meaning "liver sausage," is a typical sausage served in Germany (German: Leberwurst) and the Netherlands (Dutch: leverworst). This sausage is usually made with pork. Only about 10-20 % of the sausage is actually pork liver, which is enough to give it a distinctive liver taste. Other ingredients are meat, fat and some other organs. Every region in Germany has its own recipe for Liverwurst, often adding ingredients like pieces of onion or bacon. Braunschweiger is a spreadable liver sausage that is sometimes called liverwurst or just liver sausage in North America.

Liverwurst is often served in North America in sandwiches, customarily served with red onion and Dijon mustard on a rye or whole grain bread. Often this is in a pâté (spreadable paste). Some of these products result in a meat texture which is difficult to smear, and often eaten in chunks or slices.  Like this...(looks "grainy" to me ;o)

Image:Liverwurst slices on bread..jpg

Over or under?

Tonight at dinner my mom was telling us about Dr. Phill today and how the subject on over or under was discussed.  The couple disagreed on whether the toilet tissue should roll over the roll or under the roll when placed on the holder.  I believe it should always roll over because when you fold the ends under to make the folds for fine display (like in your finest hotels) it will only work if it is over.  So, I have started to notice the 2 restrooms I had the opportunity to visit they both were over.  So, what is your thought on this??? Have you ever thought about it?  Is it an "issue" at your house?  Do we care?  It is all about presentation!!!

Light Show

002 005 008 

Today I found a light show in my own back yard!  I don't know about you, but it doesn't take much to entertain me.  When it comes to each second of every day I stand amazed at the beauty of God's creations!  Wow, and I will one day stand before him.  What do you think we will do on that day?  Will we stand amazed, worship at his feet, fall down in tears of joy??? 

"Luce" update!!!  Please continue to pray...she is being flown back to Dallas tonight.  She has a small problem that they need to see to.  Pray for complete healing.  Pray for rest for her family...