A Memorial Day Prayer
A reminder...


Habitually orderly and clean in appearance or habits:

This is one of the definitions for neatness.  I think our "original" cemetery is in need of some neatness redux!  This is a picture of a loved ones marker.061 First it is covered by a weed/tree that drinks lots of water and has trash all around it...A cat's tail, a vulture (both dead) and who knows what else!  At the cemetery some plots are under perpetual care and some are not...thus weeds vs. not so much weeds!  I think that we need to change it all to...we will care for your loved ones...so, our cemetery will look good all the time!  I know that there is not ever enough money to pay quality workers to keep the area beautifully landscaped!  I wonder if we can get the prisoners over there to fix fallen markers, edge, etc.???  I think I'll see about that.  The people who work at the cemetery are doing as good a job as they can with not many resources.  Maybe we can adopt a "block"???