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Who will win?

It isn't happening...

I'm sitting here and thinking that there is absolutely nothing I can write about today.  This happens more often than you might know.  Writing 2 blogs every day kindof stretches a mind that already has lost its stretching ability!  I could write about how you think you know people and then you realize you never really did but, that is boring.  I can tell you I bought another redheaded rock which is Hofulyn's Babushka.003 Hofulyn is on the right and the Babushka on the left.  That's short and sweet.  I've been eating some really great cherries from United.  I watched the final episode of The Bachelor and the officer picked Tessa over Bevin.  Tomorrow is the final American Idol.  That should be an interesting show.  I'm sure the girl will win.  I like the guy really well.  Today I was picking up the paper and I heard this "splat" sound.  I looked and caught a glimpse of a huge bird flying over the drive and looked down and saw that it had the runs!  ooo-gross!!!  At the library one time, a bird flew over and pooped right on John's head.  It can happen to anyone!  Oh, the library is having their blood drive this weekend.  Give blood!