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Elections & Opinions

There is a school board election coming up and boy am I glad it isn't mine!  I loved serving on the school board (for the most know, the kids!), but I did not like the "competition" part of it at all.  I just can't go door to door or around town & blatantly talk badly about another person.  I wish these candidates a nice election...if there can be one!  I wish that school board members would serve 4 years per term.  This is why.  The first year you are just learning.  There are lots & lots of things to learn, believe me.  Anyone who says they knew it all going in is not being truthful!!!  The second year, as a "rookie", you are getting the swing of things and are trained and have a better understanding of school business.  Your third year you become somewhat of a veteran and can make better determinations on what needs to be accomplished.  By your fourth year, you have both feet firmly planted and can become a real leader and see projects started become projects completed.  We have such a turnover that pretty much new people keep coming on board and go through the first few years and get to the "veteran" stage and then they are real stability.  Just my opinion!!!  I know, you didn't ask and most likely you don't care but...there it is!  It is what it is!!!