We ALL Need a LAUGH...
Empty + Road +Way

Work, work, work...

It is 11:30 pm and I am still working.  I have 2 jobs left to get done tonight.  I had a senior girl call wanting an invitation for tomorrow.  She is such a sweet girl that I said yes!  She works out at it's a girl thing for one of my friends, DeLynn.  That's where I met her.  Very sweet girl.  I'm 'bout done with her invites.  I wish you could see all the fun one's I've had the honor to create this year.  It certainly has been fun.  From showers, to graduation, to senior parties...just all kinds of fun events invites or announcements!!!


I forgot to mention that you missed a real treat Sunday if you weren't sittin' in a pew at First Baptist Church Plainview Texas USA!!!  Susan Browning sang and Martin Duckett played the piano.  Chance McMillan was on drums and Jeremy Harriss was on either guitar or bass...not sure now that I think about it.  I'll pay more attention!  Anyway the song was great, great!!!  She should really be a professional singer!!!  A lot of talent in that mom!!!


I just got back from Wal-Mart.  Had a nice visit with Bryson.  He is a GREAT young man!!!  We have been friends since high school days.  He went to school with Chrissa and B.  Ran into an old literacy kid, Kolby.  It was good to see him.  I really miss working with high school kids.  They are at such a great age.  A tough age, but a great stage in their lives!!!


Well, gotta go get busy or I won't ever get to bed.  Take care and have a wonderful day where you stop long enough to realize even the smallest of blessings!!!