Sort of...

Well, my stationery software does not like Vista and it is creating some great distress for me.  The wind blew today, huh?  Blowing wind just exhausts me!  The study on Revelation today was awesome, as always.  Theta was a good meeting with some cool ideas (you can check that out on the blog).  The senior "fun-lovin'" dance group will now meet at St. Alice Catholic Church and they are pumped about that.  Cindy is super nice and they are ready to get over there.  This is an answer to a prayer for this group.  They have NEEDED a good place where they are WANTED!!! Watched American Idol tonight and I'm just not that into it.  They are singing songs that don't grab my attention!  I'm not sure why I have TV???  I do catch the news, do you?  Well, he told us so!  Larry B. IS the father.  I just want this little girl to have a normal life...out of the spot light!!!  So, not much more to say today.  Here is a parting shot...Scan0003my dad!!!  Being funny!!!