DiVa SiStAs & GuRlZ

It is what it is...

It is what it is!  When I do watch TV I am always looking for what I can learn from what I am watching.  I know there is a lesson for me.  Maybe it is to show me how blessed I am, like when I watch Extreme Home Make Over.  Maybe it is to show me a new fashion trend as I watch America's Next Top Model or  Project Runway.  Or, a quote from someone on Deal or No Deal...like this one a mother always told her daughter, "it is what it is".  It is what it is and what we do with it is what makes or breaks us.  Attitude  or my new word e-dut-it-ta!


So, if I see you and say, "e-dut-it-ta"  you will know I am encouraging you...with at-ti-tud-e!


Speaking of attitude.  God has attitude!  He has a fun one...he made me didn't he?  He has a serious one...he leads me.  He has a beautiful one and I saw it again tonight in the clouds and today in my flowers.  Enjoy!!!


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