China Draggin'
It is what it is...

DiVa SiStAs & GuRlZ

We had our Diva night for Deniz tonight and it was such fun.  Fusun drove Ilhan's "bus" for us so we could all ride together.  Carolyn, Debby, Deniz, Fusun, Hope and myself loaded in the "bus" and off we went to the Clay Cafe in Lubbock.  Deniz had a 2 foot black mortar board that she had to wear for us on the way (and at the cafe)!  We were suppose to stop at the rest stop for a field trip but Fusun stepped on the gas about that time...wonder why?  Ellyn met us at the cafe and she came in with her shirt tied up and all looking young and, I set her straight!  She didn't listen, does anyone???  We let Deniz select her Yale dishes and pick out the glaze colors and tell us exactly what to do.  We did what she said but with a little spin on it.  The damp sponge kept disappearing and the artist hidden in us had a hard time stepping up to the plate.  After we got some dinner in our tummies we became much more creative.  All our boo-boos turned out okay and I think the Everything is Bigger in Texas theme will fit right in at Harvard (private joke), I mean YALE!!!  We cleaned up our mess...oh they gave a door prize and each table got to draw for one.  Deniz drew for our table and she drew HER number!!!  Could that not have been more perfect?  I don't think so!  So, we finished cleaning up and headed out and stopped by Brad & Kayla's cute house.  We looked at the baby (picture) and the new bedding for the crib.  It was a nice visit!  Cute couple.  Then we headed to the Sonic...imagine that...and Deniz checked out the firemen.  Fusun tried to get carded but failed!  We dragged or drug or drove down 50th Street for fun and headed home.  The conversation turned to a confrontation and non of us fought.  We let Deniz win because it WAS her party :o)  It was a fun night for a fun girl and we wish her the very best from the Sistas!!!010009 024 

There is a photo album in the sidebar if you want to look!!!