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DiVa SiStAs & GuRlZ

China Draggin'

Today I had lunch with my friend Fusun.  She is from Turkey originally but now she is from Texas.  Yes, she has a TexTurk accent!!!  I tease her sometimes on how she pronounces certain hill-ar-ious.  You know we say we might be a redneck.  Actually, she talks better than we do!!!  She was craving Chinese food and we decided to meet.  I have not felt well at all the past few days and today was the worst.  I was really draggin' but I had so much to get done that I could not slow down!  So, I went to China draggin'!  Well, we went to the China Dragon and the food was good.  We had the nicest visit.  I learned so much about her.  Of course, she already knows I'm crazy so anything she might have learned about me was just icing on the already lopsided cake!  At least lopsided cakes are all the rage these days...makes me popular in some strange way!!!  My friend Fusun is moving to Louisiana to live on the bajou and catch alligators off her porch.  Growing up on the Mediterranean she and her doctor husband, Ilhan, feel the need to "retire" on the water.  Of course he is not retiring but opening his practice there.  They are getting a boat and I think they should name it Sistas Load? or maybe, Red-Med??? Anyway, she will be grabbing gators and drinking Dr. Pepper wine from the deck of their yacht!  Her "sistas" will feel the need to go visit her from time to time to get our "Turkish" fixins'!  She sings...I'm leavin on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again...oh sistas, I hate to go.


Remember our Diva Party for our graduate is tomorrow.  I'll be gettin' back to you on the fun, fun, fun time we have at this event!!!