This morning I went to the First Baptist Church's ~ Women of Worship ~ Brunch.  Each table has a table host and I sat at Cindy Olson's table.   I just love her faith!  There were so many there that they had to bring in a couple of extra tables.  The Ladies Ensemble provided our music and they are so blessed to have a voice to share!  Janie Hart provided our devotional time.  She shared several things regarding growing in our faith but, I want to share a few things that stood out to me from her talk.  She asked us if we really wanted wisdom.  That to gain wisdom we had to go through situations that are very difficult at times.  She laughingly talked about maybe God is providing advanced in school, only for believers.  It made me think about all those I know who are in these "classes" know the ones who have gone through extremely difficult situations and handled them in a manner that glorifies God?  They gained wisdom!  We heard some wonderful scriptures that led us to know that the Word is our strength.  As believers we understand that we in the ultimate war...between God and Satan, here on earth and in our lives.

Blanket Another thing she talked about was being covered by a blanket of grace when we go through trials/valleys.  You could just see what she described as an actual blanket of believers that God gathers together, knitted by him, and how he lays it over us when we suffer. I decided to draw my blanket for you..with Jesus Christ as my center.  The initials are of those who have been there for me during difficult times in my my blanket of grace.  It was a wonderful time of growth.