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The Reaper

Can you believe this movie coming out that has to do with Revelation!  They should be very careful in interpeting God's Word.  We are held accountable for how we share God with others!!!  On the other hand, many will get a small glimpse of the wrath of God, which is great!


Check out the new photo album in the sidebar called "Cool Cars"!  The Lion's Club had their show today and did a great job!!!

Just Soggy!

Dscn1053_2 Dscn1055


Today was a "soggy" day.  I was going to mow the yard but, that did not happen.  It rained ALL day.  The yard is drenched.  I'm hoping we have sunshine on Saturday!  The Runningwater draw is looking great, full and flowing!  Get your boats out!!!

China for lunch

Today I had lunch with my good friend Ersa.  We met in China...Dragon, that is!  She is such a sweet person and I kindof like Richard, too.  It is amazing how much we have in common yet, we are like night & day.  She lives in the country & I'm a city girl, she is sweet as can be and I'm not always, she is always so upbeat & I am not so much...  God has blessed me with her friendship.

Brain Dead or Just Plain Dumb...You Decide!

My brain just won't think tonight.  I have spent most of the afternoon deciding what we need on a new computer.  It just wears me out to make so many decisions about something that I have no understanding of!  This is like getting new carpet & having to move every piece of furniture & trying to put it all back in the exact same spot!  Not fun!!!  It makes me sick to think about all that will have to be done to get it transferred.  I'm hoping that we will have the help of family and friends!!!  Just be praying for my sanity!!!  I have several jobs pending has to go smoothly!!!


I got our lawn & garden area cleaned/organized and it sure looks nice!  Everything is right there ready to go!  I'm ready to enjoy the outdoors!  Not camping kind of enjoying but...being outside until I get hot and then coming in to cool off kind-of enjoying of the outdoors!!! ;o)  We are blessed, aren't we?


Look at these clouds that God shared with us this evening. 

Dscn1046   Dscn1045

Revelation, the movie...

In our study of Revelation I am thinking that I won't be able to watch it if it comes out in a movie!  The wrath of God is great.  He is an awesome God and he takes Satan out...but, many do not believe and they lose out on such a rich blessing!  If you study Revelation you will see what I mean.  I am only grasping but a small glimpse and it is very powerful-gruesome & awesome-holy...WOW!!!


It talks about one who is arrogant & blasphemes...could this be one Donald Trump?  I know he must be a nice person and all this attitude is for TV but...did you watch the Apprentice the other week when one of the girls blasphemed (to speak irreverently of God or sacred things) God's Word?  I was stunned.  I like the competive nature of the business world and for the most part enjoy the assignments on the Apprentice.  Maybe it is on TV more than I see. I only watch a select few shows so I may be way behind on this.


So, if they were to do Revelation, the movie...would you go see it?

Elvis in the Clouds


Maybe his nose is a little long but, it certainly looks like Elvis!!!  Look at that hair!  Here are a few more shots I took this evening after our rain last night. 



Here is a part of the new Hike & Bike Trail!!!



Here is the East draw after the rain...



This is the Broadway bridge, the draw and the Hike & Bike Trail...a cool shot!!!

Bo_cranny Here are the only grandparents I ever knew, Lucy May (Hopkins) & Hugh Robert Etter.  I can tell you that I learned almost all my "technical" skills from helping Bo, as we called him.  He lost his legs in a hunting accident and I was his legs lots of times because his "stumps" hurt.  I'll never forget how he taught me to drive a standard car.  Mine needed something done on it and so he brought a car to Gabriel's, where I worked, and left me the keys.  When I went out after work and got in it...I discovered it was a STANDARD!!!  I learned to drive one that very day!  Another time we were at the lake and in a panel van...a standard with a long stick shift and lots of gears and he told me to pull it right down to the waters edge.  Talk about scared!  I did it though.  Bo lost some of his fingers, too.  His disability never stopped him from doing a task.  He did plumbing, electrical, yard, all that stuff.  I remember him teaching me the right way to do so many things...  I think it was not so much doing it a particular way that stuck with me but that there is a right way to do every job.  Cranny, as we called my grandmother lived a very hard life.  My grandfather was a recovering alcoholic.  If you have ever dealt with this illness, you know her pain.  On top of that they had little money to start out on.  She was a courageous lady.  She made her life good.  It really is all about your faith and your attitude!  My grandmother was the very hardest working woman I have ever known.  I saw her carry things and load things for trips, cook, carry laundry to the laundry house outside until her death.  She never had anything that I would call a luxury...but she was full of beauty & grace & creativity.  My do it myself attitude comes from her.  I am thankful to God for allowing me my time I had with Cranny & Bo!!!  Who made a difference in your life?

This morning I went to the First Baptist Church's ~ Women of Worship ~ Brunch.  Each table has a table host and I sat at Cindy Olson's table.   I just love her faith!  There were so many there that they had to bring in a couple of extra tables.  The Ladies Ensemble provided our music and they are so blessed to have a voice to share!  Janie Hart provided our devotional time.  She shared several things regarding growing in our faith but, I want to share a few things that stood out to me from her talk.  She asked us if we really wanted wisdom.  That to gain wisdom we had to go through situations that are very difficult at times.  She laughingly talked about maybe God is providing advanced in school, only for believers.  It made me think about all those I know who are in these "classes" know the ones who have gone through extremely difficult situations and handled them in a manner that glorifies God?  They gained wisdom!  We heard some wonderful scriptures that led us to know that the Word is our strength.  As believers we understand that we in the ultimate war...between God and Satan, here on earth and in our lives.

Blanket Another thing she talked about was being covered by a blanket of grace when we go through trials/valleys.  You could just see what she described as an actual blanket of believers that God gathers together, knitted by him, and how he lays it over us when we suffer. I decided to draw my blanket for you..with Jesus Christ as my center.  The initials are of those who have been there for me during difficult times in my my blanket of grace.  It was a wonderful time of growth.


Today there was a bad accident on 5th right under the overpass at I-27.  A long time volunteer for the Plainview Chamber was seriously injured in it and air lifted to Lubbock to the hospital there.  Pray for her.  Pray for the others in the accident.  I do not know who they are but one is in serious condition.

Pray for Dimas, our friend from the Spanish radio station here.  He was in a serious accident a week or so ago & ended up having internal bleeding & a broken pelvis.  They have done surgery on him and he has a rehab stint ahead of him.  I know, knowing him, that he is extremely frustrated but thankful to his God for being alive!!!

Let's count our blessings this wet weekend!!!

Basketball for Relay

Tonight some Hotshot players took on us so called Celebs in a fun fund-raiser for the Herald's Relay for Life team.  My new name needs to be Fallin' Phyllis because I took out at least 3 tonight!  Reid, one of our 2nd grade Sunday School kids, I ran over & he was playing for our team.  We both turned at the same time for the ball.  I tried to grab him so he wouldn't hit his head.  He was ok.  I'm glad.  The Hotshots are just that...good players!  Plainview does have talent.  They are pretty intense, too.  They don't quite know what to do with silly old people who are clueless about what's going on!  Anyway, it was fun.  I loaded my pictures in a photo album in the sidebar.  Love those cheerleaders!!!