Elvis in the Clouds

Bo_cranny Here are the only grandparents I ever knew, Lucy May (Hopkins) & Hugh Robert Etter.  I can tell you that I learned almost all my "technical" skills from helping Bo, as we called him.  He lost his legs in a hunting accident and I was his legs lots of times because his "stumps" hurt.  I'll never forget how he taught me to drive a standard car.  Mine needed something done on it and so he brought a car to Gabriel's, where I worked, and left me the keys.  When I went out after work and got in it...I discovered it was a STANDARD!!!  I learned to drive one that very day!  Another time we were at the lake and in a panel van...a standard with a long stick shift and lots of gears and he told me to pull it right down to the waters edge.  Talk about scared!  I did it though.  Bo lost some of his fingers, too.  His disability never stopped him from doing a task.  He did plumbing, electrical, yard, all that stuff.  I remember him teaching me the right way to do so many things...  I think it was not so much doing it a particular way that stuck with me but that there is a right way to do every job.  Cranny, as we called my grandmother lived a very hard life.  My grandfather was a recovering alcoholic.  If you have ever dealt with this illness, you know her pain.  On top of that they had little money to start out on.  She was a courageous lady.  She made her life good.  It really is all about your faith and your attitude!  My grandmother was the very hardest working woman I have ever known.  I saw her carry things and load things for trips, cook, carry laundry to the laundry house outside until her death.  She never had anything that I would call a luxury...but she was full of beauty & grace & creativity.  My do it myself attitude comes from her.  I am thankful to God for allowing me my time I had with Cranny & Bo!!!  Who made a difference in your life?