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China for lunch

Brain Dead or Just Plain Dumb...You Decide!

My brain just won't think tonight.  I have spent most of the afternoon deciding what we need on a new computer.  It just wears me out to make so many decisions about something that I have no understanding of!  This is like getting new carpet & having to move every piece of furniture & trying to put it all back in the exact same spot!  Not fun!!!  It makes me sick to think about all that will have to be done to get it transferred.  I'm hoping that we will have the help of family and friends!!!  Just be praying for my sanity!!!  I have several jobs pending has to go smoothly!!!


I got our lawn & garden area cleaned/organized and it sure looks nice!  Everything is right there ready to go!  I'm ready to enjoy the outdoors!  Not camping kind of enjoying but...being outside until I get hot and then coming in to cool off kind-of enjoying of the outdoors!!! ;o)  We are blessed, aren't we?


Look at these clouds that God shared with us this evening. 

Dscn1046   Dscn1045