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~ Top Chef ~

Tonight is the finale of Top Chef.  I enjoy watching this show.  I like to see all the food combinations and hear all the cooking terms I have never heard of!  I don't like some of the language and I never like the conflict between the players.  I'm not sure if Ilan or Marcel will win.  I guess making it this far is a pretty great accomplishment.  Both these guys are pretty neat kids.  I'm thinking they both might have been sneaky on some things in the kitchen, but overall good cooks!  Very creative.  Both will find great success.  When I re-retire I think I might try some new dishes out on Clinton.  He doesn't like change very much.  I think he does like me to cook so, that will be a change he can live with! 


We just finished our Theta Delphin Study Club's cookbook.  I will give them to our members at our February meeting.  We began this journey in early fall so it has been a big deal!  They are by no means professional but they are our recipes and that is pretty cool!  Maybe I will try some of these recipes on Clinton!!!


What I do make really well is gravy.  My grandmother, Cranny, taught Janis, my cousin, and I how to make the best.  Of course, this was after we made gravy "meatloaf"!!!


A recipe that I love is Cranny's cornbread.  It is by far the best in the west.  I have her recipes that she cut out of the paper and saved through the years.  Pretty cool stuff!


I want a cream puff like my mother use to make me.  I think I'll call her & tell her so!!!


Good night...oh, check out my other blog at click on blogs. I'm thinking of things to write there...this blog will be the more personal one though...just for you my bestest of friends!


~ Blogs ~

I wrote my first blog for the Herald yesterday.  I'm not sure if it is posted on their site but here is the link:  Maybe soon you can see it somewhere on their site.  I'm not sure how that will work.  Now, I'm not sure what to write on it...  What IS a blog anyway?

Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Web site.  So, just what IS my personality?


A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger." Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog. And, I don't have any type of "technical" background!!!


A short form for weblog, a frequent and chronological publication of comments and thoughts on the web. They usually include philosophical reflections, opinions on the Internet and social or political issues.  Me, philisophical?  Reflective?  Opinions?  Why, yes, I do have an opinion for sure!  Social...absolutely not me, at all, 100%...Political...just do it right so we are protected!!!


What the best individual blogs tend to have in common is voice -- they are clearly written by human beings with genuine human passion.  A voice, yes, I have been blessed with this.  Passion, this is a must in order to serve.  Am I a human being though?  I often wonder.  I think I am more of an alien...maybe from the land of me Org from Nize!!!  Hee-Hee! 


Have a great Wednesday...

The god Woden, after whom 'Wednesday' was named. "Odin, the Wanderer" 1886 by Georg von Rosen (1843-1923)

The god Woden, after whom 'Wednesday' was named. "Odin, the Wanderer" 1886 by Georg von Rosen (1843-1923) from Wikipedia

~ Rock Formations ~

Today I had jury duty and finally at 2:30 they had to declare a mistrial because they could not sit a jury because everyone had personal issues with the type of case it was.  This is too bad.  Cost the tax payers lots & lots of money for this to happen.  Anyway, now I have to report back tomorrow morning again!  Bummer.


At work, Karen turned in her resignation and I knew it was coming.  How did I know?  I just had a feeling.  I'm happy for her though and wish her the best.  I know the changes will be good for everyone, but it will be a tough time for the chamber. New leader & assistant!


Then after work, on my way to get some files for mother at Wally World, I saw these huge ROCK formations.  Look at these pictures. These are, like the coolest thing.  We should advertise for these things as recreation.  Mountain climbers might want to give them a try!

Dscn0289 Dscn0288_1


Tonight was Chamber night at the Hutch.  I think there were about 50 chamber members there, all over the gym!  The Herald had their newsy mascot there and here are two of my favorite kids, Collin & DJ with your local paper! Dscn0295 Here is the Chamber "table" with poms & sign and several WBU students.

Dscn0292_1and then some great "all-out"fans!!!Dscn0294

~ Jury Duty ~

I have not been called for jury duty in about 20 years and now I have been.  The timing could not be worse.  With working for the chamber and all our changes and things I need to do is just a crazy time.  I can not get out of it either.  I am hoping I know whoever is involved.  That would be peachy-keen!  I think the hardest part is sitting there knowing I have a gazillion things to do.  But, no, I am sitting there trying to listen to why someone decided to do what they did.  Then, I have this fear... Imagine, the attorney is right in the middle of some big argument, the families from both sides are crying, the judge has this scowl on his face as he intently listens and my body says, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go...RIGHT NOW!  This would just be horrible.  I like being in control and sitting in a jury box takes that from me.  Like I have become the prisoner.  What did I do wrong?  Why do I have to go through such torture for someone who couldn't control themselves?  Because, If I have to go I will become uncontrollable, too!  We all of a sudden are both in a heap of trouble!  I just pray I get off with a bathroom break!!!  Think of me as you relax in your little office cubicle, spinning in your chair, eating munchies!  You say, well, you may not even get selected!  Why worry?  I say, why not worry?  Someone is going to lose in this or them.  I like my stories to all have happy endings so...they all lived happily ever after seems appropriate here!!!

~ Show ~

Today I enjoyed three shows! This morning my little Upward cheerleaders had their first game.  Here is their picture.  Dscn0218_edited1 Aren't they just the cutest girls?  They did so great today.  Even if they did get tired!  They were awesome!!!  Then this afternoon we watched the Queens & Pioneers play.  The Queens lost by 1 shot that was shot AFTER the buzzer according to the video.  Too bad!!!  The pioneers won and it was a fun game to watch.  During that time I went over to Hasting's to see our very own, PHS Class of 1999 grad, Ryan Holley perform.  I have added a Photo Album from the event in the sidebar.  It was a fun time to see him & so good to have him here.  I bought a Ryan Holley t-shirt from him on-line a while back and bought the first CD from the Plainview Hastings in support of him!  I wish him the very, very best.  What he said is so true.  He is following his dream and using the talent God has given him.  We are proud of him.  Maybe one day we can place the Ryan Holley star in front of the Fair Theatre with our other "put us on the map" stars!

~ Windows ~

Have you ever thought about what it might feel like to live without windows?  I know, for me personally, the few days we had of ice and snow where the sun didn't shine brought me way down.  Dscn2336This bird was enjoying the day though! 


I like light.  I think we need light.  Windows allow us that, even if it is but a little on a gloomy day!  Here is a picture I shot today that is really cool.  Dscn2341_1 It is looking out through a set of windows ~ as it rains.  I just love it!  The window allows us to bring the imagination in.  Like our eyes.  They are the window for us as humans.  They are such amazing creations!  When you think about how God created them it becomes overwhelming for us.  Not for him though.  Some people can see with their eyes but mentally they don't have a window that allows them the joy of understanding what they see.  This must be so difficult.  Today, look out a window, look deeply out the window.  What do you see?  I know God's beauty surrounds...he's looking after me!  He is you, too!  Happy weekend!

~ Volumen ~

Today the TV at the chamber was on a news station like CNN or CNBC and I saw something and pushed the volume key.  Karen said what did that say?  I think they misspelled volume.  Here it is:



What language do you think this is?  This is German & Spanish for volume.  Just strange it popped up like that.  I guess we never noticed it before.  It just looks like it is spelled wrong...I guess in reality it is!  It should say volume...this is America where the National language is English. 

~ A Great Picture ~

Dscn0197Here is a great picture from today.  I almost didn't get to share it with you because I lost my camera!!!  I started looking all around; in the car, in the where.  So, I drive down to the chamber, not there.  I'm now sick because I just got it and I really am loving it.  I get home and look in the car again, just not there.  I come in, sit down and there it is just sitting on top of a black notebook under the counter.  It is in a black case and with my bad eyes and my ease of going into a panic...I just missed it!!!  So, I'm happier now!  On another printer is going to printer heaven soon.  It has worked really hard this past year and is having a hard time getting things right these days.  Poor thing.  I feel like that some my rollers won't pick up the job in quay!  Or, I get things just a little wrong and have to straighten them out.  Mostly, I work like crazy trying to get done today everything that my mind thinks of all night long!!!  Have a great Thursday.

~ Duty Calls ~

Duty calls.  No, I don't mean I need to go to the restroom.  Why do we say restroom and bathroom when we want to go, you know?  Do we think that if we say restroom that people we think we are going there to rest and not, you know?  Or, when we say, I'm going to the bathroom, do we think they think, wow, that was a fast bath?  The English language is crazy like that...or is it just us out here in "Redneck" country?  Anyway, back to my duty calls topic!  Have you ever felt called to be an elected official?  Heck no, you say!  Tonight I attended the Plainview City Council meeting for the Plainview Chamber of Commerce and it reminded me of my time on the school board.  I loved doing school business and getting to know the staff and the children, I miss that.  Am I a politician? NO!  I absolutely hated running against anyone and having that feeling of causing conflict within the community.  I would say that it played a big factor in my decision not to run.  I did not feel led by God to run and that is how I try to live my his will.  Tonight at the city council meeting I watched some very dedicated folks, just like you and me, give their time because they love this city.  It is hard work to gather information and study it and try to do what is best.  You can't please everyone and everyone has an opinion.  I think what we must remember is that there is a "team" of individuals putting their thoughts, their ideas, their dreams on the table, within the law that governs them, and planning for us what they determine is best.  Certainly they want input and ideas from the community and I have never shared concerns or ideas with them or city employees that were not taken graciously & enthusiastically.  Do they always do what I suggest?  No, not always but often.  Lots of times I just need clarification or a better understanding...  I ask questions for myself & you should, too.  Get it from the "horses" mouth, as they say!  These individuals, whether, US Government, State, County or City officials work hard for us.  Duty has called them to a place of service and I appreciate them more because I took my "duty calls" and served.  I know their position is often frustrated by emotional citizens.  What makes it worth it is just that, citizens filled with emotion for this great city, our future and share it in a positive way.  Tonight, as we talked about working together, the Chamber moving forward and our City's Centennial Celebration, I sensed a real excitement from them and it felt nice to know this was one of those times where they knew why they were there, duty calls.  They deserve that!  They deserve our involvement, our ideas, our support, our respect.  We can agree to disagree and still work for what's best for others!  The problem comes when those who are not elected think they should be and throw stones at every turn.  Then, we spend way too much time dodging the stones and that takes away from getting the job done...either way, the populous we were elected to serve loses!  So, to wrap it up...duty has called our elected officials to the place where they are right now and if you think you can do a better job then I say, step up to the plate and let duty call you!!!  Until then, live by the Golden Rule, Do unto others as you would have done to you.  And, should you ever feel duty call and you are elected, I am hoping that you are treated in the same manner.  Life is way too short!!!