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~ Let It Snow ~

Early this morning the strangest thing happened.  It snowed.  This is not too strange but pretty rare for us.  The strange thing is that it was thundering as the snow fell.  It was just weird!  The snow was pretty and all but it is really time for summer!  I don't enjoy cold weather at all and you add snow to the mix and the mess...I don't much like messes either!  I sure created a mess tonight though.  I got this grand idea to reorganize all my Arissa papers, envelopes, etc.  About 3 hours later I finished.  Looks great and all is cleaned up but it was one of those tasks that doing one thing led to another!  By the time I was done I was warmed up so I forgot about the cold snow ;o)  Now I'm all done and cold again!  Oh and I sliced my thumb with the box cutter!  Bummer.  Last box and there, I did it.  I knew I would.  You you think not to and then it happens!

Zoey loves to go outside.  So, this morning I let her use her judgement.  She took one step out and then jumped back in and would not go out at all!  Smart dog!  Here is a picture of her.  Dscn2141

~ Debby Duncan ~

I'm not sure how many of you know Debby Duncan (now Ketchersid).  She has been one of my dearest friends for all but the first two years of my life.  I had my hair cut today at the Bijou in Lubbock and then headed over to Frenship's AD office to take her to lunch.  We try to do this each month.  We chat back and forth on-line but it is still good to see her "in the flesh". 

A few weeks back she was not getting my emails and we were both panicked not knowing why & trying to figure it out.  She had their technology person on it, too!  Come to find out they changed their email address a while back and I just didn't recognize it.  Once I saw that and got it changed, our lines of communication are open again.

I have written on here before about her family, especially her mom, Marie Duncan.  Anyway, I promise Debby looks younger every time I see her!  Maybe one day she will show her age but her fountain of youth card must be good!

There are so many stories I could share about her...some might not be appropriate for a blog!  Not really, we were always good, almost! 

We use to play the Old Gray Ghost Won't Come Out Tonight in the Thomas Blvd. Park...

She ran through her back glass door because we were fighting and I stepped aside to not go in and she kept going...

We cleaned the trash by the corner house on 5th to get food at the Ranch House...

We bought Pall Mall cigarettes for her mom at the Ranch House...

We smoked a carton of her mom's Pall-Mall cigarettes one afternoon in her playhouse...needless to say we neither smoked again!

We played endless hours in the draw caverns...

She had felt penny loafers & my mom would not let me have any...

I discovered the songs, Popsicles, Icicles, Big Bad John and the Red Baron while at her house...

She jumped out of a pick-up after knocking it in gear and it ran over her foot...

I cut my thumb nail in half opening a hard plastic package in their kitchen and my thumb nail has never grown much since then...

Her parents played Canasta while we played Barbie's...

We always went to their cellar during tornado warnings...

We played bingo with her parents in downtown Plainview...

We visited Delmar's work at the pump place but not often...I wonder why ;o)

We played school...

We walked most places...

So many more memories that I could share & go on & on but...

It is time to get some rest.  After getting to sleep at 4:30 am this morning and getting up at 8:00 am...I'm a little tired!  Can't stay up as long as I use to.  It might have something to do with my age but I still think I'm in my 20s...that is until I look in the mirror or my children remind me of how bad my driving is and I shouldn't be on the road ;o) 

Have a warm Thursday!!!


~ Cold Weather ~

It suppose to get really cold this weekend.  Make some soup & enjoy your home!!!

Super Easy Tortilla Soup

Serves 4-6

(may add more or less of the following ingredients for personal taste and consistency)

2 cans chicken broth

2 cans cream of chicken soup

1 can Ro-tel diced Tomatoes

1 cup diced chicken

Salt and pepper if desired

6 corn tortillas cut in narrow strips

Grated cheese to garnish

Place top 5 ingredients in crock-pot or pan to heat.  Heat slowly until hot.  Pour in corn tortilla strips about 10 minutes before serving.  Garnish with cheese and serve.

~ Ready or Not ~

Ready or not it is that time of year where everyone spends too much and runs themselves ragged.  It is Christmastime!!!  I'm thinking that where we are today with the "holiday spirit" is not exactly where God would want us.  I'm guessing he isn't too happy with all this commercialism.  I'm debating putting up decorations.  One year we burned a single candle the entire season to remind us of Christ's birth.  It was a most reflective year.  I love the outdoor lights as a warm reminder of the light God provides for us each and every step of the way. Dscn2126 We no longer have a tree but lots of sit around things.  I had planned on hanging our ornaments all around our crown molding...we'll see.  I decided several years back that I would not stress during the time of year that is all about Jesus.  Wanted to share our Trinity rings hanging in our trees out front.  They are all three the same size but they appear different here.  I love to look out and see them.  As you get into the spirit of Christmas, take a deep breath and decide just what is important!

~ Zoey Belle Update ~

Zoey is staying with us this week.  Remember, we have no grandchildren only grand-pets!

Here are some pictures of her.  Zoey_belle_11_2006_006_1


Isn't she cute?  She has been good...just sleeps and plays.  She loves to go outside & go in the car.  She likes to perch on top of the sofa so she can see everything inside & out.  I think she misses her siblings!  It must seem really quite here compared to her house.  I know she will be excited to be home...until then, we will play!  Such a little angel. 

I'll share another special angel with mother.

Here she is:Mother_angel

Lorena Zoe Etter Dayton in her late 70s...if you can believe that!!!  She sure is an angel when things are going her way. I'm a little bit that way myself.  Not so much an angel though...maybe more a street sweeper or street gardner!  She does love to have a fun time and does!  I wish I was more like her in that area but I'm not...I'm socio-hermit...if that is a word! Ha!  My mother never meets a stranger but refuses to get her a computer.  We may break down and get her one soon...before she flies away!!!

~ Lazy Day ~

After getting into bed around 4 AM, I just did not too much today.  Chrissa & B left after lunch, heading back to Carrollton.  Zoey is staying with us (me) for a whole week.  What fun.  She has a new bed and a blankie and loves them both.  I stopped by Sullivan's and got 2 pots I had seen earlier.  Mark & Joe Ed were there doing some work, trying to get it ready for the new owners.  I think his business is good in Marble Falls.  We were going to go to Lubbock to watch Koltin play hockey but decided to stay here and listen to the Plainview game.  They won big.  Way to go Dogs!!!  It was a nice Thanksgiving weekend.  I loved having our kids close by if but for a short while.  I saw Andrew, one of the boys in our 2nd grade Sunday School at the Fieldhouse today at lunch.  He is such a sweetie!!!  I can tell I'm going to keep up with him as he grows up.  There are those that you just have that connection with, that you want to mentor, to enjoy all their successes.  There are probably 5 or 6 each class that are that way.  We love them all and do our best to share Christ with them.  We each have different ones that we connect with so, it works out!  Speaking of...tomorrow is Sunday, I think!  I'm so confused when we have these mid-week holidays!!!  I'll be at church so I'm hoping it is Sunday!!! ;o)

~ I Can't Sing ~

It is true. I can't sing! I was in choir in high school, both at church and school, and I can't read music or sing (very well). One time I was in the car with Clinton and singing with the radio & he let me know that I couldn't sing well. No one has ever asked me to sing a solo...other than the so low they can't hear me kind! That is okay though because I can sing praises & worship God and he thinks it is beautiful!!! I admire the gift of music in others. God blesses me through them. There are those that I can listen to all the time and every time I just think, wow, that is wonderful. Susan Browning is in this group. I have already "booked" her for my funeral. I have no other "big" events in my life here so I will just enjoy her when I have the opportunity to hear her here & then know that the 2 or 3 who attend my rejoicing day will be blessed by her God given voice! There are others in this group of blessed voices (to me) and I am so thankful that I have ears to hear their sweet praises! Happy Saturday!!!

~ A Little Turkey, How 'Bout You? ~

Yes, I had a little turkey today.  Not much, although it was very good.  I always think the trimmings are the best part of the meal.  Today was no exception.  Peggy always works so hard.  She is such a special mother-in-law!!!  Here she is after lunch taking in the conversation. Thanksgiving_2006_019

Let me tell you who gathered together at lunch for our Thanksgiving.  TC, Peggy, Clinton, Aaron, Chrissa, Brandon, Bert, Beverly, Brant, Brock, Donna, Bill, Chris, Kathy, Kasey & Koltin.  It is always a fun time and the relish tray is half eaten before we sit down to eat.  The deviled eggs are slightly less, too.  We celebrated Chrissa & B's birthdays today, too.  Thanksgiving_2006_018 Hers is the 25th & his the 28th.  It is good to celebrate it when everyone is gathered together. 

It was nice to see the kids, all of them.  They are growing up so quickly!  Chris is nearly as tall as me and he is only 8! Thanksgiving_2006_012 Here he is playing a game of basketball with Aaron. Our two redheads!!! 

Koltin is getting so mature and is still big into hockey.  Here is his model pose.  Thanksgiving_2006_010

Kasey is all teen girl and a pretty one, too!  Just check this out. Thanksgiving_2006_016_1


Thanksgiving_2006_027Then there are our two bestest nephews, Brock & Brant!  Brock is a student at PHS and Brant is a student at UT.  They are looking forward to their days at High Plains Concrete!  Graduating & getting their degree so they can one day run the family business.  They say they aren't but they haven't realized all it has to offer them.  The grass always looks greener on the other side, but is it really?


So, after lunch we headed home.  Aaron stopped by for his deviled eggs that I kept back for him.  Chrissa & Brandon headed to Floydada to spend the evening with his dad's family.  I headed to mother's to do some odd jobs for her while she was in Lubbock.  Finished around 6:00 tonight.  I had to go to Wal-Mart to get some molly screws and then I picked up Clinton and he helped fix the timer on her lights, get down the table & chairs from the attic and give moral support on getting her tree in.  I thought it was heavy & he would need to carry it in, but it was very light so, I carried it.  We three then headed to the new I-Hop.  We shared a short stack and just visited.  A perfect day.  Oh, except for Donna making fun of my blog!  Everyone had a good laugh about me writing about what I had at Starbuck's!  I told her she missed the point of the blog.  But, the pumpkin spice latte is very good!  We all laughed and that was fun!  A nice day with family.

~ Autographed Art Piece ~

Good day before Thanksgiving 2006!  Chrissa & B should be here any moment, woo-hoo!  Haven't seen them in a while.  This morning I was in Lubbock by 7:30 am.  Not for a big sale but to get an unexpected piece of art.  Here is a picture. 11_21_06_001 It is autographed by the artists that created it, Seth & Mack.  Doesn't stand up alone but should look nice sitting around.  The price tag, I'm sure, is hefty.  Most pieces like this are.  I had 3 choices in what I brought home...a cast for 4-6 weeks, surgery the first of the year or this lovely thing...  What a thing to be thankful for, but I am!!!  Wishing you all a day full of really special blessings tomorrow!!!  As I continue to end my e-mails...I'll end today's His hands, Phyllis!

~ Junior Literacy ~

The one area of working with literacy that I really miss is working with the junior literacy.  I had the great and awesome blessing of seeing many grow into wonderful young adults.  For instance, Patrick & Todd.  Just look what they have done this week...Todd_1 

Make their mothers all proud and everything!  Seems I rubbed off on them some, bah-hum-bug!!!  Actually, these guys are fun, smart, and great kids.  Can't wait to see all they become.

Well, I'm in the midst of computer woes!  I love computers but not the problems that arise from time to time.  I downloaded IE7 and now my HP Director won't open.  Can they just leave each other alone during the install process?  Instead, they grab one little byte and off they run with it, messing things up!  Then, my "store" freezes when I try to place an order.  NO, it isn't God looking out for Clinton's wallet and stopping things.  I can order all over but no, not the netstamps I need!  CrAZy!

I have been pretty busy with Arissa Designs.  God has been good.  I need to get my Christmas cards done soon.  Maybe in the next week or so!  Please pray for our church and what wonderful things God has in store for us.  I am excited to see doors open and the joy of our Father walk through.

Enjoy your pre-turkey day tomorrow.  Fast all day so you can eat like a pig the next day...something wrong with this picture!!!